They Don't Know About Us

Delilah otherwise known as Dee, has been with John for the past three years. But, last year something changed. Hes been acting like a jerk, and does nothing for himself. Dee thought what they had was love, but what happens when they break up and she meets Louis Tomlinson?


2. Chapter 2-Crazy

Louis' POV   
*1 Week Later*

I had to find Dee, i just had to. I would have to find a way and soon, or else i would go crazy. 'Think Louis! THINK! hmmmm, lets see she said she was a fan.... i wonder if she has a Twitter?' I get up off of my bed and run to my laptop, i quickly log on my Twitter and search Dee first, trust there was a lot, and also a lot were following me, second I search Delilah; and there were even more. I scroll through my followers all 8,164,456 of them. About 200 of them had Dee or Delilah in there name, one profile caught my eye. It was her picture with another guy, I felt a twinge of jealously, 'That must be John.....'

"Louis get down here!" I close my laptop and walk down stairs.

"Yes Harry?" I say 

"Louis whats wrong?" He says. "Did you and Eleanor get into a fight?" I don't answer him.

"Wanna tell me what happened?" He says.

"No. I just want to go up to my room and get on Twitter. I know it looks like I'm moping but I'm not, OK? you don't need to worry." I walk back upstairs and open my laptop again and look at Dee's profile, her last tweet was about 10 minutes ago it said: Just broke up with John yesterday....:*(. It also said it was tweeted around London. I run down stairs and scream,

"Haz! Get up now!" He was sitting on the couch watching the TV.

"What? Why Whats wrong?!" He says.

"Nothing! But if Paul asks I'm at the park!" And with that said I run out the door with out another word. Leaving Harry dumbfounded.

Delilah's POV

"Dee, he isn't worth your tears," My friend, Isabel said.

"But I loved him" I whimpered.  

"You may have but, i don't think he loved you." My phone beeped indicating I got a notification on Twitter. 1 New Follower! It read. I click on it, and it takes me to my Twitter.

"Isabel, do you know who followed me?" I say.

"No who?"

"Louis Tomlinson...." 

"Why aren't you fan-girling?""I'm sad......Do you know why he followed me?" I start talking again before she could answer. "Because we met after the fight, and we started talking and he kissed me. And don't ask if I'm going to fan-girl 'cause I'm not. Do you want to go to the store- get some chick-flicks and ice-cream?" Isabel looked at me and grinned. 

"Ah, ice-cream and chick-flicks the only true way to get over a break-up." We get up off of my bed and leave.

**Skipping boring car ride**

"Oh! Oh! This one!" Isabel screamed and pointed at the freezer. I laugh and nod my head, then my phone beeped, i looked at my Twitter and i had gotten a message from Louis, it read: I cant stop thinking about you, but i need to know- did the kiss mean anything to you? I sighed and replied: It meant more than id liked it to...I'm sorry but i just cant even think to be with another guy... i hope you understand... Isabel was too busy picking out ice-cream flavors to notice i had been on my phone. We currently had Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough  and Chocolate.

"OK I think we have enough..Lets go look at movies." I say. She turns the cart around and then we see- John.

"DEE?!" He said. 

"What do you want?" I snap.

"I..Well....I  was just coming to the store to get some food. 'Cause you know that's why they made stores....." 
Suddenly a girl comes up and says, "John are you ready to go?" She looks at me than asks, "Who's this?"

"A friend." I look at Isabel shocked, did he really just say we were friends?

"Um, John, last time I checked as of like one week ago,we were ex's, not friends. Who's this?" I say coldly. The girl looked at me and said. "Um, I think you need some mental help, John and I have been going out for the past year. And last week he proposed." Isabel looked at John at started to scream,

"How could you cheat her?! She LOVED you! And you broke her heart! Girls aren't toys! You cant just play with their hearts till they they're all used up and then just leave them on the shelf and wait for somebody else to fix them!" Guilt spread across his face. Isabel  grabbed the cart and stomped away, I followed right after her once I grabbed some more ice-cream. This was just crazy!

Louis POV

I couldn't find Dee so I sent her a tweet: I cant stop thinking about you, but i need to know- did the kiss mean anything to you? I waited for a reply, wondering if and when she would. I got my answer quicker than expected. It meant more than id liked it to... Im sorry but i just cant even think to be with another guy... i hope you understand...I get up off the park bench I was sitting at. And go home I knew I had gone crazy 'cause I was pretty sure I had fallen in love, with a girl I hardly knew. And I also knew I had crazy because I knew if I didn't find her I would just....I don't know. But i need to know how she feels about me.

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