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Ella is the daughter of the worlds biggest music manger, William Johnson and the pop star model Liz Johnson! because her parents are so famous she's been neglected by them and lived her whole life with revolving nanny's, each one lasting no more than a year. she only has one real best friend named Samantha who she meets through both of their famous fathers. getting their amazing star looks from their mothers Ella and Sam both become Victoria's Secret Angels. But after one show can 5 famous boys change their lives forever? and if so, is it for the better or the worse?


2. the past doesnt define your future

Chapter 2:

I sank down in the bath smelling the mint it relaxing myself. Cathy poked her head in the door


"Ms Johnson?"


"Knock next time please Cathy you always just walk in like it’s nobody’s business." I replied rolling my eyes.


"Yes sorry Ms Johnson" she says with a nod "Mr. Anderson is on the phone he would like to speak with you" she added her Irish accent sounding stronger than ever.


"Shit" I mumbled. It’s never good if Mr. Anderson calls you. And it's even worse considering that I decided to skip the show rehearsals all together. I sighed put the phone on speaker and sank down lower in the tub as Cathy shut the door.


"Hey Sir sorry for missing rehearsals I didn't feel good" hoping he didn't know I was lying


"Really Elle?" He asked disbelief filling his tone. "Because I got the paper this morning and what do I find on page 9?”Elle Johnson spotted leaving another mystery man's house" “he recites with a news anchor voice. I giggle at the sound of his voice through the phone.


"Elle this is no laughing matter, I can't have one of my top models sleeping around and doing pot! People look up to you, kids look up to you! You really want to see a bunch of 13 year olds smoking pot and sleeping around?" She said in one large breath 


"No sir bu-"


"We already have fucking 16 and pregnant we don't need you to make it any more popular" he interrupted me a sound of disgust filling his tone


"Ok Mr Anderson I promise to be good" I say with a smile. He looks like your average old guy, short with gray hair, a bit on the cubby side but he can pull together one amazing show.

"Don't be late tomorrow…… oh and don’t forget your only 19 you have a long life ahead of you " he warned

"I won't thanks for caring about me Mr. Anderson" I say hanging up the phone he’s just like a dad to me he’s been here for me since I was 12. Apparently I had model potential, even though at 12 I was 5’1 and 225 pounds. I suffered from bulimia since then and still do. The worst part is after I lost almost 100 pounds and grew 7 inches I started making more friends and boys seemed interested in me, and that brought down my self esteem even lower. I’ve tried getting help from my mom and all she had to say was that if I actually had an eating disorder I wouldn’t be able model because I’d be too self conscious to get on stage. Great parenting right? I sigh and climb out of the tub and throw on a white tank top and some Star Wars boxers then curl up in a ball in my bed. Pulling the covers up to my neck I snuggle my teddy bear my grandfather gave me when I was younger. I glance at my phone then update my twitter:


"So excited for the big show tomorrow! What a privlige to be in it and meet One Direction! Thanks to @theanderson for this opportunity! Can't thank you enough! And congrats to @Zaynmalik1d on his engagement!!"


I plug my phone in for the night and roll over and thought about the guy I thought I had loved Zach Thompson. We were the mini it couple.  I was 17 and he was 19. He was charming, sweet and a badass hottie. In my opinion you bad boys are the best.  Zach did drugs and got me hooked on them, most of all he was a smooth talker and gorgeous. He was tall almost 6’4 with dark brown hair and a lean figure with coral blue eyes that would make any girl melt. And I thought he loved me but I was all for money. I start recalling what he and his friends had done to me that night… I shudder then drift off to sleep praying that I won’t mess up the show tomorrow.



  Zach pulled me into his arms kissing my nose like he always did putting one hand on the small of my back and the other on the back of my neck as if trying to pull me closer than I already was. Zach slowly pulls his mouth away from mine.

 “I have a surprise for you so close your eyes” I respond with a smile and close my eyes. I expect a necklace as I heard him move behind me, I smile wider knowing that its going to be perfect. I start visioning what it looks like. Probably pink diamonds on it somewhere Zach always said I looked best in pink; My eyes snap open to the feeling a cloth getting shoved into my mouth and tied behind my head. I spin around and see Zach holding a gun to my stomach,

“Sorry babe” he says with an evil smirk.  My eyes widen and I slowly back away shaking my head. Zach grabs my arm pulling me back to him. Still holding my arm he pushed towards an old looking building with big scary looking men lining the walls. After he closes the door to the small secluded room he takes the cloth out of my mouth


“Well babe it’s like this you know how I said I’m trying to get out of the gang? I'm not, I'm actually getting deeper and deeper into this and it’s no prank your rich and me and my buddys are in desperate need for some money.” He says un-tying my hands and re-tying them to the bed

“Wh-wh-what? I thought you liked me? Why didn’t you ask for money I would have gave you some. Why are you tying me to the bed?”

“Oh silly, you thought I liked you? Young and naïve I guess. You see I saw you walking and thought hey she would be a great fuck but then I realized that your rich and if I pretend to fall for you then I might be able to get in on that action. And I need about 3 million dollars Do you have that in your bank account?”

“No….. I just use my credit card and mom and dad pay it off….” I say more tears welling up in my eyes each tear making me realize just how scarred I was.

 “That’s what I thought” he says looking angrier than before making the knots around my wrists. “Now would you consider calling someone to bring that much money over here? And extra million if you don’t want nudes of you all over the internet” he says grinning with a evil smirk. “When the fuck did you get pictures of me naked? Hell no I'm not calling anybody!”

“I didn’t think you would.” He says with a slightly disappointed smirk “looks like we’re taking the hard way” before I had time to question him he had ripped my clothing off and was in shreds on the floor beside me “Now listen Elle, since you’ve decided to be stubborn and not call the safe word is “I’ll call” so if you give say it these boys and they will leave you alone” he says getting up and walking over to the door

“Wait what do you mean?”I say not understanding what he means.

“oh my god Elle, it’s easy to tell you never went to school, these guys are going fill their needs with you so when you give in say “I’ll call” and we will leave you alone.” He says slamming the door behind him. Screams escaped my mouth. Guy after guy came in and tortured me, threatening to kill me if I screamed. I gave in finally screaming to Zach. Zach barged back in pulling the guy up off me then untying one of my hands handing me a phone

“One call and one call only” he says sitting on the bed crossing his arms. Good thing I had the phone number memorized.




“Hello?” Mr Anderson’s amazing voice rang through my ears, sounding tired.

  “Mr. Anderson please you have to help me” I said

“Elle? What’s wrong at 3 in the morning?” he responded. I less than 5 minutes I had told Mr. Anderson what was going on and what I needed to happen and he was on his way. Zach grabbed the phone back and calling in about 7 guys with big ass guns to stand around me. Zach looked at me retying my hand to the bed “Now he just has to hand over the money and then you and him will go free but if a word of this is said to the police you both will be hunt down and killed understand?” I nodded slowly feeling light headed. Soon Mr. Anderson was throwing the bag of money at Zach and we were speeding away in his car him stroking my hair and inspecting my injuries. A cut open lip black eyes bruises and hand marks all over my body. Then he started shaking me roughly and saying my name reputably.

**end of Nightmare**

I woke up to cathy shaking me and tears streaming out of my eyes.

“You were screaming so loud I thought someone had broken in” Cathy said worry filling her eyes “was it the memory again” she wondered.  Cathy is Mr. Andersons oldest daughter so she knew about everything that had happened.

“yes but Cathy what would you have done if there had been a robber?” I said giggling Cathy was 5 foot nothing and light as a feather. Cathy shrugged looking back “I brought that in case” I glanced to find my dad’s autographed baseball bat he had given me. I laughed and sat up a bit “can you make me some tea while I call Sam?”

“sure thing, any particular flavor?” she asked picking up the bat and stopping in the door awaiting my answer

“Peppermint please” I answer grabbing the phone that was beside my bed. I punch in Sam’s number shrugging off the memory and hitting call.



Sorry I know it’s really long :$ 

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