An Expedition

It was cold. She was wearing her off-the-shoulder gray sweater, black skinny jeans that were ripped, adn her TOMS. Thiugh she should be wearing shoes move thick, knowing she was in a cave.
SHE is on an expedition. The expedition that chooses her life for the next four years, maybe more. She might like her outcome; she might not.

This will be the expedition of a lifetime.


1. Chapter 1-No One's Point of Views

"So mom, school's basically out.  We have a few more months left.  I was thinkning about applying to colleges soon," Haven said to her mom, in a questioning tone.


"No.  I've told you a million times before.  We can't afford it.  Not with my financial problems' right now." Her mom responded, shrugging her shoulders lazily.


"But mom, I can get a scholarship for softball or soccer by the end of the school year!  I have two more games of soccer left and they're the big ones!  Sport coaches from anywhere and everywhere are going to be there.  Mom, I am the best player on the team, everyone has said it before.  Coach Proper and Coach Stevens know I will get recruieted!  Mom, you just have to give me a chance.  Please," Haven stated, voice fading away at the end, sounding like she was losing her voice.


Haven's mother is really nice, but if you talk about things she's told you before will not happen, you're just pushing your luck.  She took all of her heart not to give in.  Haven knows she's in financial debt with the bank she works at.  She's trying to help her mom with it, too.  She started babysitting the neighbors' kids when they went out.  10$ an hour was the rate they wanted to give.  She had no problem wdith that.  She has saved a little over 150.00$.  But her mom wamts to deala with it herself.  She appreciates Haven for trying to help, don't get me wrong.  She doesn't want this to happen to Haven because she knows she is responsible with her money.  She told her to put the money she saved in her piggy bank and save up.


"Honey, I will let you do whatever and if you get a scholarship, you can go.  But, if you don't get recruited, I don't want to hear about it.  I believe in you,  I do.  But things don't go the way we we plan for them to." Her mom replied, getting out three forks, three knives and three plates.  She only got out two cups because she knows Haven and Zayn, Haven's guest for tonight's dinner and best friend, like to use cups instead of the can.


"Thank you, mom.  I'm going to go call Zayn and makae sure he's still sleeping over today." Haven thanked, hugging her mom softly then running upstairs.



The three of them finished eating soon after the food was set on the table.  After they ate, Haven's mom made them stay at the table for five minutes to digest the food a little bit, like she always did.

After they cleared their plates and set them in the dishwasher, Zayn and haven set upstairs to brush their teeth and put on their pajamas.

As usual, Zayn let haven go first.  She changed into this: Green V-Neck and white sweatpants.  She always had the drawstring tightened because her waist was so petite.


Five minutes later, Zayn changed and brushed his teeth with his toothbrush he had in her bathroom.  He changed into a white v-neck and black sweatpants.


After they were done changing, they both took a seat on her posh bean bag chair.  It was big enough to fit both of them.


"Zayn, I have to tell you something please?"  Haven asked, getting up and pacing and biting her nails, something she does when she is nervous.


"Anything you want.  Shoot!" He replied.


"I--Um--I--Zayn." Haven stuttered, not knowing how to tell him, wondering if she should just chicken out or tell him.  But she can't chicken out because once Zayn knows she has to tell gim something, he'll get it out of her.  Just give it five minutes, maybe less.


"Come on, Hav.  You can tell me anything.  You know that.  Just come out and say it, Haven." He cooed, wiping her cheek with his thumb.  A gesture that showed his affection for her, a gesture that she loved. 


Haven walked over to her full size mattress with a lighthouse besspread and plopped down, playing with her fingers; something she also does when she's nervous.


"Tell me, Haven!  I know it's important to you, the way you're acting!  The last time you were acting like this was when Sam broke your heart, sorry.  Also, when you were in love with Ryan, and he cheated on you, sorry again.  So just, please, please tell me, Haven.  I am begging you!" Zayn started to raise his voice a little bit, which frightened Haven; she flinched.  He usually never raised his voice at Haven.  Not if, unless he was extremely mad at someone.


"I'm in love with you Zayn!" She yelled standing up. "I'm in love with you," she whispered.


"Y-You love m-me?  As in Sam love?" He asked, gently.


"No.  I love you more than I have ever loved Sam."


"How long have you known you loved me?" Zayn asked, silently moving towards Haven.


"About a few years?" She whispered loudenough so he could hear her.


"How long is a few, Haven? Two?  Three?  FIve?" He asked, not daring to stop walking, keeping steady pace.


"Four." She lied.  She's loved him ever since he moved in next door.  he doesn't live next to her now; he moved on the other side of town when he was 8.  His mom and Haven's mom kept in touch and set up their "playdates" with each other.  Then when they both got phones, the first message they sent was 'Hey,' to each other.


"You're lying, Haven.  Stop lying." He said, inching closer and closer.  He was enjoying this, onnly because he felt the same way and she didn't know that. Yet.  A magical three letter word.  Yet.


"Five." She answered, starting to move closer to him aswell as he was to her.


"Still lying.  Come on, Haven.  THINK." He said, stopping because him and haven were face-to-face.


"Since you moved in next door," Haven whispered just before Zayn crashed his lips to hers.


After Zayn broke the kiss after what it seemed like forever, they were both smiling.


"What was that for?" Haven asked.


"It was the way of saying 'I love you, too."



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