the field and you (NOT CONTINUING)

Sapphire is tired of her moms and dads constant beatings so she takes a walk not knowing where the trail was taking her she follows it that was until she found the field,the field with the tree that could change her life she grabs the rope and knife that was beside it and starts getting ready for suicide when all of sudden someone shouts... READ TO FIND OUT MORE

Dun dun dun what could this story possibly be about read to find out I will not disappoint you.

~squishy-bear (aka) ashlynn


4. Time to end. OR NAH?


Sapphires P.O.V

I walk down the familiar path to the big Ash tree, in the middle of the meadow, that I seem to go to more often then you would think I do. As I walk I think of all the people who would be much more happy when I'm gone.

My mother and father, they never loved me. They probably only had me so that they would have someone to torture. That is until I kill myself. Surprisingly they hadn't killed the first time I tried to run away. I'll never forget that mistake

I was going to do it. I was going to run away. Get away from the monsters I call my parents. I have everything packed, the little of it that I have, the plan is set. Once they go to sleep tonight I will jump out the window and run. I don't know where all I know is I'm going to get as far away as possible from those two. OK. I heard their door shut, let's go Sapphire you got this. The window creaked as I opened it. I froze, heard no movement from the other room, and continued through with the plan. Even though my room was on the second story I knew I could make it. As I had did track when I was younger, I jumped.

I guess I had lost my touch whereas I get jolts of pain whenever I run for to long.

I landed wrong and screamed. Oh no. I saw the light flip on in their room, then mine. I heard their footsteps as they ran outside over to where I was.

I know what you're thinking why didn't you run. I was stupid and selfish. Only worried about my ankle.

I'm in for it now.

I will tell you right now that was probably the worst beating I've had in a while. Anyways, I'm just going to stop the suffering and end it. Here and now. I wrap the rope around the branch and sit down. I take in my surroundings and decided to draw one last illustration before everything is ended. I grab my notebook and pencil and start to sketch the trees, the tall grass, everything. After I put the book and pencil back I took out the knife. A few last cuts to just feel something, anything. One, for what my father put me through. Two, all the times my mother would do nothing. Three, for all the bullying at school. One last one, for how many time I didn't feel loved. I made the last one a bit deeper than the rest because I was getting teary-eyed also, because of all the emotions building up inside me; anger, sadness, confusion, and hurt. This is it. I can end it now. I stepped onto the rock beneath the tree and looped the rope. Do I want to end it though? I pulled the rope over my head and, around my neck. Yes I do. I'm tired of the suffering, the pain. I was about to step off the rock when I hear someone scream,

"Don't do it! It's not worth it! I can help you!"



How is it? I'm trying my best, really I am. Sorry it's short and crappy I'll try to lengthen it a bit next chapter whenever that's gonna be anyways keep me updated on what you think.

Love You All




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