the field and you (NOT CONTINUING)

Sapphire is tired of her moms and dads constant beatings so she takes a walk not knowing where the trail was taking her she follows it that was until she found the field,the field with the tree that could change her life she grabs the rope and knife that was beside it and starts getting ready for suicide when all of sudden someone shouts... READ TO FIND OUT MORE

Dun dun dun what could this story possibly be about read to find out I will not disappoint you.

~squishy-bear (aka) ashlynn


3. This is my life

sapphires P.O.V

 I screamed in pain as I prepare myself to be hit again. I know that if I try to get up it'll be worse for me and my father. Sometimes I wonder if he really loved me from the beginning, he says he does when I know he doesn't. He makes me take my clothes off and touch him. I've tried to refuse but that lead to nothing but hurt and pain. "What about your mother?" I bet you're all wondering well she sits back and enjoys the view of my father abusing me. Other times she comes and joins in with my father, encouraging him to make me do these things I hate to do. I've finally decided that enough is enough. I grabbed the bag sitting under my bed, walked to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and some rope, don't ask why there's rope in the kitchen, and brought it back to my room and put it in the bag along with my notebook and a pencil, admiring the work I have created. Little did I know this would not be the last time I saw it.



should I continue writing? :) let me know what you think. I know it was short but I want your opinions first before I continue.



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