What's the point of screaming if no one gives a damn?
I took happiness by dragging a blade across my skin, it made me feel relief...

Self harm.
Little Mary doing it.
I was about to do much more.


5. Maxine

Stars whirred around my head. If I felt dizzy before then that was nothing. I felt like I was being sucked into a vortex, and it was spinning, spinning so very fast. Eventually I opened my eyes and my world was finally looking normal- if a bit oddly coloured. A girl was stood by the sinks talking to the school paramedic.
"I just don't know what happened!"she cried," one moment I was talking to her and then... Then.... this!"
"Calm down, she's fine, your fine... I'm so sure about the toilet door though! I think I'll take Mary to the hospital of a routine check over-"
"NO, I'm fine."I said as I jumped up. 
"Okay okay! Well you two girls come with me, and I'll leave you in my office to have a little chat whilst I talk to the hospital about any symptoms I should look out for- okay?"
"Sure,"the girl said.
"Fine with me," I said.
So we trudged to her office occasionally glimpsing at each over. When we arrived the nurse gave us a drink and then left.
The moment the door closed the girl started talking.
"So what's your name then?"
"What year are you in?"
"Year 10"
"Me too! I'm Maxine!" She exclaimed
"Maxine... Thank you..."

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