What's the point of screaming if no one gives a damn?
I took happiness by dragging a blade across my skin, it made me feel relief...

Self harm.
Little Mary doing it.
I was about to do much more.


8. How to save a life

I'm outside the "Jandhu chemists" with the prescription in my hand. I feel like the entire world has exploded and I'm the only one left standing. Or I'm a fish I'm a tank and everyone is stood gawking at me- judging me, laughing at me. Either way, I feel alone. I suppose the pills... The could possibly help me.
When I step in, I notice the room is empty so I won't have to wait. I give the woman at the desk my prescription and she scurries off, leaving me browsing. I buy some plasters, I'm running out, and some scar cream and oil.  It costs more than I expect and I know that I won't be able to go out for a coffee this week or buy the new book I wanted. Oh well, this is more important.
To feed my cravings. 
She comes back with my tablets and I say thank you, quietly, then leave. Then I realise I don't have another money for the bus. Damn, I spent it all int the chemists. It's a long walk home.
I set off when suddenly I feel triggered. The next thing I know I'm sat on the floor, rocking, crying, shaking, all because I don't have my blade. 
I notice I'm sat on the bridge... I want to jump.
I stand up, wearily. I wonder, if I will scream. But there again, why scream if no one gives a damn. No one cares for me. 
I'm about to climb over the railings, end my life when a boy comes past me on a bike. He stops infront of me and pulls me down.
"Stop. I'm here, I'm here. Don't. Your fine. Your fine," he says as I cry into his shoulder.
I wonder if he knows.
That I wanted to end my life more than anything.

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