What's the point of screaming if no one gives a damn?
I took happiness by dragging a blade across my skin, it made me feel relief...

Self harm.
Little Mary doing it.
I was about to do much more.


3. Eat out your feelings

As I step down the stairs in the morning my hips ache from where the knife rubbed back and forth on them. But I try to forget it because I know that my parents will ask questions. Lots of them.
"Mary, breakfasts on the table!"My mother called.
"Mum, I'm not hungry."
"Get here you little Madame and eat what the good lord gave you!"my mother screeches.
"Mum no!" I'm heading out the door when her hand grabs the collar of my shirt, and she drags me to the table. She pulls me into the old oak chair and forces me to stay seated.
"Eat. Now."
So I pick up piece of toast- it's practically dripping in butter, and the trout of swallowing it makes me want to hunch up on the floor. But I manage one bite and it actually isn't too bad. So I pick up another Hal and eat it up aswell.
"Good girl,"my mother praises me like a dog,"see you later!"
As I pick up my bag and head out of the house and onto my mile long walk to school I start to feel my food churning inside my stomach. It was far to rich for my stomach. Eventually I couldn't hold it back any longer and was sick by the side of the bin on the high street.
"Slag!" A girl shouted from the other side of the road, whilst people walking along the pavement stared at me like I was vermin.
So I open my bags side pocket, grabbed the razor and held it in my hand for the rest of the journey.
Somehow it comforted me.

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