Over Again


Bethany has moved to America to get away from the boys but little does she know they will be around a lot more than she hoped.


2. Give Me Love

I ran till I got to my car. I was four months pregnant I shouldn't be running. I mentally scolded myself. I wasn't showing much yet but I think it’s just because I'm quite skinny. I can't wait to start showing. I unlocked the car and sat inside. I turned on the radio I needed a distraction. The song Save You by Simple Plan came on. I loved this song. I pulled down the sun visor as the sun was in my eyes. There was the picture. My sonogram picture. I only had 2 copies the other copy was with my mum. Sonograms were expensive but Rachel's parents cover the costs. I gazed up at the picture of my baby. I didn't hear the car door open.

"Bethany" His husky voice said. He sounded sad and shocked.

"What?" I said my voice broke.

"Why didn't you tell me" He sounded hoarse.

"I couldn't" I shrugged.

"Is that it?" He said pointing to the picture.

"Yeah that's it" I sighed handing him the picture. He had red circles around his eyes and just looked broken.

"How far along are you?" He asked gazing down at the picture.

"About 18 weeks. I'm going for my sex scan next week" I said dryly.

"You’re gonna find out?" He smiled slightly.

"Yeah so I can decorate the room" I shrugged again.

"Will you tell me what it is?" He smiled even more.

"Yes Harry he is your child after all" I smiled weakly.

"I think it’s a boy" I smiled putting my hand on my small bump.

"Really" he smiled widely

"Yeah he's a monster by the way" I laughed.

"Bethany please give me one more chance and we could be a real family with Darcy and little bump" He pleaded.

"I don't think that's a good idea" I sighed. I knew this was coming.

"Please Bethany I'm actually begging here" he said. His frown returned.

"Babe please" he pouted. Yes Harry Styles actually pouted!

"No Harry don't you see that it’s a terrible idea" I sighed.

"Can I feel your bump?" He asked shyly changing the subject.

"Sure" I said rolling my eyes. He carefully placed his hand onto my swollen stomach. I had avoided tight clothes so no-one could see my almost big bump.

"Have you thought of names?" He asked looking at my bump.

"Yeah if it’s a boy he will be called Edward Jamie Lyon and if it’s a girl its Emily Susan Lyon" I smiled at the name Emily. I missed her so much. Darcy is beginning to think I'm her mother and it hurts that Emily won't get to see her grow up.

"Why not Styles? “Harry said with his mouth wide open.

"My baby" I shrugged.

"Half mine and Darcy is a Styles too" he frowned.

"I really don't care" I shrugged.

"I think Emily Styles or Edward Styles sound better" Harry sighed.

"Harry I'm sorry but I'm going to be the one to say this but it needs to be said. YOU JUST CHEATED ON ME" I screamed the last bit. I had never been cheated on until today. I was only 19 I didn't need this! By the time I will be 20 ill have two children. I sighed at myself.

"I didn't mean too" he whispered.

'How could you not mean too?" I laughed coldly.

"You were the one who said we were on a break" he whispered again.

"Oh so this has happened more than once" I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Yes" he put his head down.

"Get out now" I hissed. And he left just like that.. I cried. I just sat there and cried for about 5 minutes before someone tapped my window.

"Come on let me drive you home" He smiled.

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