Daddy's Little One

Little Isabelle Horan Just Loves Her Life! Having People Always Around You Is Joyful To The Little 4 Year Old.Everyone Just Loves Isabelle.Isabelle Is Always Traveling Though... Join Isabelle, Niall, And Maaike On Their Epic Adventure.


2. Lila

Isabelle's P.O.V

[ 1 Week Later ]

This has been the worst week ever! I miss Ireland and Alora. She is my best friend , yes she may be  19 but she is my bestie. I don't really have friends. It's hard making friends when you are Niall Horans' daughter. People will try to use you. "Mummy can you take me to the park?" I asked. "Come on honey." Mum said picking me up. I can be such a baby sometimes. As soon as we got to the park I ran over to the swings. I looked around the whole park I then saw a girl who looked my age. I got off the swing and slowly walked over to her. "Hi" I smiled at her. She said nothing. " I'm Isabelle what's your name?" 

"Lila" She simply said. "What's the matter?" I asked. " I cant find my mummy and Daddy." She frowned.  I ran to my parents and told them. "Honey do you know where they went?" My mum asked Lila. "They said they were coming back and left me here.After I heard my dad chuckle." Lila said. "My parents don't love me." Lila broke into tears. "Yes they do." My Daddy said comforting her like the gentleman my daddy is. "Then why did they say that and hit me every night?" Lila asked. "Honey do you have anywhere to sleep?" My mummy asked being kind. "Yes ,this cold bench." Lila said sniffling. " Stay with us" I smiled. Mummy and Daddy agreed. Lila smiled and grabbed my Dads' hand. I smiled at the thought of having a sister. Once we were home I sat down and grabbed my IPad. Technically mum brought it for me for educational games ,but Dad knows it's Temple Run and more on here.

Lila was wearing my pink shirt with pajama shorts. She was wearing a white tee and white flip flops at first. "Lila wanna play?" I asked. " No." Lila replied. At least it's Friday.. GAMES ALL NIGHT! I really wanna become friends with Lila. But it's not working.

*The Next Day*

Isabelle's P.O.V

I yawned as I brushed my blonde hair out my face. I turned to see Lila in the spare bed across from me. "Morning Lila" I smiled. She turned. I walked out and tugged on Mums' pants. "Yes Isabelle?" She asked scooping me up to her high level. "What's wrong with Lila?" 

"Well honey. We are sending her to foster care." Mum said. "What care?" I asked clearly confused. "A place where children go when something happens to their parents." Daddy explain and mum nodded her head. "I'm gonna miss Lila." I said. That's why she is sad. She will find a family I know it.....

Lila's P.O.V

I'm going to foster care! I'm not a happy camper. I just want a family who actually loves me. I'm 4 but know  a lot about why my parents left me at that park. They told  me I was a mistake. I horrible mistake. I mever spoke to Isabelle because she has a family and I'm very envious of that. Whenever I see her I just start to feel that way. So I know if I speak to her I just might blow.The car came to a stop. The man who took me and the lady walked me into the place. It said "Rainbow Foster Care" . This might be nice. When I walked in I couldn't believe what I saw... How could they?!?...



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