Daddy's Little One

Little Isabelle Horan Just Loves Her Life! Having People Always Around You Is Joyful To The Little 4 Year Old.Everyone Just Loves Isabelle.Isabelle Is Always Traveling Though... Join Isabelle, Niall, And Maaike On Their Epic Adventure.


4. Lila Part 3

Isabelle's P.O.V

I don't know if that dream was a sign or something but part 1 came true.. Lila is my sister. I always wanted a sister but not the phony type. "Isabelle getting ready Mum said we are going to the carnival!" MUM?! SHE IS NOT BRITISH! "YOU ARE NOT BRITISH ,LILA!" I screamed and Daddy came up to help me get dress I picked out the cutest clothes.

Isabelle's Outfit :

Lila's Outfit : ( Dad gave Lila his IPod just for your info)

"Mum when did I get that outfit?" I said scanning what Lila wore. What is it Independence Day? "While you were at Uncle Haz's flat we took Lila shopping." Mum explained. That explains it...

* France's Carnival*

Lila's P.O.V

"Like my outfit Iz?" I asked Isabelle. "Sure..But don't call me Iz." 

"Okay..." I replied. I'm also happy this carnival has wifi in the shops. That's great not most places would have that.We walked to a shop and sat down while Mum and Dad ordered us ice cream. I decided I should get to know Isabelle more. Until Isabelle's facetime rung. Isabelle quickly answered and a face a appeared.I decided to listen...

( I : Isabelle A: Alora)

I: Hey Alora 

A: Hey Izzy 

I : I heard they will put her up for adoption.

A: Yeah I will miss her even if I never met her.

I: I have though and she che- 

-End Because I Ran Out-

I ran away they can't put me up for adoption. What did I do wrong? I grabbed my IPod and scurried away they through the crowds.I ran and ran until I came to a street. I can't cross a street myself... A blue van with tinted windows came to a halt in front of me. "I'm trying to find my puppy help?" "Um I would love to help!" I know I was in a bad mood but it's a puppy!

I was pushed into the van in the trunk. Is this good? I saw a few girls and boys.....Oh no..What did you do Lila.

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