Daddy's Little One

Little Isabelle Horan Just Loves Her Life! Having People Always Around You Is Joyful To The Little 4 Year Old.Everyone Just Loves Isabelle.Isabelle Is Always Traveling Though... Join Isabelle, Niall, And Maaike On Their Epic Adventure.


3. Lila Part 2 ( Short Chapter)

Lila's P.O.V

My p-p-parents were ADOPTING ANOTHER CHILD! "Maaike we should legally adopt Lila" The man said to the lady who I guess was Maaike. "Niall but we just found her at the park and barely know what happened with her parents.That's like kidnapping  her Niall" She replied. The man nodded and told a lady something then she took me. My parents were holding another girl.

She smiled. I screamed "MOM!" I'm not British. Her head swung to me and so did my Dads'.Their eyes widened as they saw me. Maaike and Niall turned to me. Isabelle was in the middle of them.My parents quickly left with the girl behind them. "I TOLD YOU THEY NEVER LOVED ME!" I screamed in Maaike and Niall's face.They stood there shocked. Isabelle hugged me and told me everything will be alright. Whatever I pushed her to the ground making her whimper in pain. The lady said something to the other lady behind the desk.  I was taken away and when I looked at Isabelle for help she just looked in another direction...

Isabelle's P.O.V

I turned from her and just walked." Isabelle." My Dad called. "Little Izzy. Izzy Little Dizzy." He called again.I looked up at him and he asked me something. "Would you like a sister?" ""MUM IS PEG- PEG UH PEG NET?" I stammered. I'm not good with that word so much I think it's pegnet. "No hun and it's pregnant. Not pegnet" He laughed. "ANYWAY YES I THINK!" "Okay good tomorrow you can go to Uncle Harry's flat." See what they don't know is Harry is always kissing another girl when I'm around..

*Uncle Harry's*

"Uncle Haz?" I whispered. I'm pretty quite around here. "Uncle??" I whispered louder. "UNCLE!" I screamed. "Where is he?" I saw a note on the counter. I CAN'T READ!

The note: ' Isabelle I lef out 2 go 2 da store 4 ice cram. Muc luv fro Uncle Haz'

GOOD JOB UNCLE HAZ! He made things readable for me.Yea can't spell. But why would he leave me here alone. I searched in my backpack for Luvey! I clutched onto my red teddy. It's getting late I'm supposed to be spending a night here. Well I guess I should take a bath. I walked into the bathroom and ran some warm water. I sat in while it was running and I tried to grab the handle but it wouldn't turn. I tried again and soon my world went black.

Lila's P.O.V

I smiled. I'm already out of the adoption center and with a new family. The Horans this is going to be exciting. I'm home and in my new room I share with Isabelle. I heard crying and saw my new Mom. ( I'M NOT BRITISH) "We have to go over there." She cried. Adventure here I come! Dad grabbed my hand and we arrived at the hospital. I saw 5 boys an  their eyes on me. They gave my 'parents' looks. And they gave them glares back. My eyes were scanning the room until I saw Isabelle with wires all over here. 

Her eyes started to open and my eyes started to shut.. Well good night..

Isabelle's P.O.V

I screamed and covered my mouth. I looked around and saw myself in bed in Uncle Haz's flat. So I didn't really drown and Haz never left. Lila isn't my sister...


Sorry for such short chapters people will try to update more often I have a few movellas soon to come out and need awesome writers to co author... kik: Amaya_Payne  Email: Twitter: @Official_Amaya 



A Life With 5 Boys

I Love You ( Harry Styles Fan Fic)


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