Daddy's Little One

Little Isabelle Horan Just Loves Her Life! Having People Always Around You Is Joyful To The Little 4 Year Old.Everyone Just Loves Isabelle.Isabelle Is Always Traveling Though... Join Isabelle, Niall, And Maaike On Their Epic Adventure.


1. France

A/N: Love niall is in MY NEW MOVELLA as Maaike Horan. AloraLinnea is sort of Introduced but will be in the story more often.. ENJOY 

Isabelle's P.O.V

"Isabelle wake up." My mom shook me awake. "Why??" I whined. "Time for a trip. " "No ,mum!" "Yes now wake up."

My mum dressed me in my favorite spicy pink dress. I brushed my teeth and my long blonde hair.I grabbed my leather jacket that ends at the very end of my ribs. I smiled at myself as I looked at my appearance. I walked downstairs to see orange juice in my cup and a banana.

I barely have time for a full breakfast. "Morning my little one. " My dad scooped me up.

Did I mention my name is Isabelle Horan as in Niall Horan is my dad.My mums' name is Maaike Horan. I love them so much.

"Dad what is the trip for this month?" It's usually a month. "France"

"Where is that?"

"In Europe." I have no idea what Europe is.

"Time to go" Mum chirped. I walked out to see the boys and girls. I ran and hugged each of them. We all piled into the car.

"Izzy sit on Daddys' lap" Mum said motioning me to go sit. I did as told and watched everything go past. Goodbye Ireland. 


Isabelle's P.O.V

I yawned and got out of bed. I looked out my window and saw a beautiful site of France.

"Isabelle breakfast!" I heard my name be called.

"Coming I yelled back. I hurried and ate. After I ran straight for mums' phone. I dialed my cousins' number ,Alora. 

Alora : Hi Aunt Maaike

Me: It's Isabelle

Alora: Oh What's up Izzy Tizzy?


Alora: Cool

Me: Aren't you in France for a month?? LIKE MEE

Alora : No just left too but I can see you when you go back to Ireland.

Me : Oh...Byee Alora. 


I changed into my purple tank top and basket ball shorts. "Mummy and Daddy!" I yelled. Mum and Dad came running in. Mum braided my hair and dad helped me with my teeth. I was then tucked in.

"Daddy please sing to me. Mum you too." I pleaded. They nodded and sung to me. I soon fell asleep. 


Profile : Name : Isabelle Rosa Horan

Age: 4

Birthday: June 1 , 2008

Hair Color : Blonde

Eye Color : Blue

----- ( Isabelle Is On The Cover)


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