One less lonely girl

A girl called Abigail who has 2 friends obsessed with justin bieber, but she hates him. Or is that just for now? Is it her that's meant to be Justin's ollg?


2. Decisions decisions

*1hour later* 

Justin's POV:
I've just finished the show, still upset about my ollg could she be so blunt with me as if she didn't care? As soon as I walk off stage I see scooter..

Scooter; just the dude I wanna see! Amazing show!!

Me; I didn't seem to think so..what's up?

Scooter; you have to come with me, I might of found a girl for you to duet with for fall while we're on tour! She's an amazing singer!

Me; no way! Show me her!

So we walk backstage and I see the ollg. Omg, I bet she doesn't want to be here.

Abis POV:

I spot scooter and justin coming my way, finally. I should've walked off when I had the chance.

Scooter; abi, you two have already met on stage but here's justin. I thought he might want to speak to you about something he wants to do on tour!

Justin smiled at me, so I look away at the floor.

Justin; um hey abi, I've heard you're a really good singer, so I was wondering could you sing for me a little bit of my song fall, if you know it?

Me; why?

Justin; it's a big decision for you, but I need a beautiful girl who can sing to duet with me on my new tour to sing fall with me, and you might be the one.

Does that just mean he called me beautiful? Woaaaaah, I'm so confused.

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