One less lonely girl

A girl called Abigail who has 2 friends obsessed with justin bieber, but she hates him. Or is that just for now? Is it her that's meant to be Justin's ollg?


3. Am I really going to do this?

Abis POV:

I sang the first verse and chorus for justin and scooter in the end. It was so awkward, Justin's face was just staring at me, even when I finished, he wasn't saying a word until..

Justin; wow.
Me; hah, thanks.
Justin; that was so good! About singing with me on my tour, would you like to? You've definitely got the place if you want it!!

It was such a hard decision. I wouldn't see my family&friends or a whole year, would I be able to cope? I didn't even like justin bieber that much..

I decided I was going to try and get out of it.

Me; um I don't think so, sorry.
Scooter; what why?!

Justin looked to the floor upset.

Me; I don't think I'd be able to, not being able to see my friends and my mum, she's a single mother and I'm all she's got, if I asked her shed probably say no, she would just miss me too much.

Scooter; she can always come down and watch! Give her a call please? The worst she could say is no!

The worst she could say was yes. Justin looked up at me smiling hoping I would call her.

Me; I don't have any credit, sor-
Justin; use my phone!


Me; thanks.

I dialled my mums number and it rang. At first I didn't think she'd answer but she did.

Mum; hello who's this?

Me; hi mum it's abi.

Justin&scooter; put her on speaker!

They said that the same time, that was freaky.. 

Me; okay..

Mum; who's that?

Me; it's a long story.. Right, so today justin bieber came to my school today and done a concert at lunch. As he sand his song ollg, a man he worked with-

Scooter; I'm his manager haha

Me; yeah, okay.. His 'manager' asked me to be the ollg and so I went up on stage with justin blah blah blah..

I looked up at justin and for some reason he looked hurt that I said blah blah blah as if I didn't care.
I carried on anyway.

Me; and at the end of the concert they asked me to sing for them, and want me to tour with justin to sing a duet with him on his believe tour.

There was silence waiting for my mums answer.
Please say no, please say no...

Justin's POV:
After abi had explained (and left out the ollg bit) which sorta upset me, we was waiting for her mums reply.

Abis mum; omg that's amazing!! Yes I want you to go!!

I had a huge smile on my face an I shouted 'THANK YOU ABIS MOM'

Abi; hah, okay thanks mom, see you later.

She said it quite bluntly to her mum. Was she annoyed she said yes? Abi then hung up.

Me; omg abi this is amazing, you're going to tour with me! You're such an amazing singer, so glad to be able to sing with you!!

Abi; hah, not really. Thanks I guess.

Me; can I get your number? So we can arrange things for the tour and that? 

I smirked after and she laughed.

Abi; haha, only if its for arrangements only.

She smiled and we gave each other our phone numbers.

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