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Give me the boy you want, stuff about you and what you want to happen and where you want it


2. Nia for Louis

   Nia's POV.

1:00 Christmas Eve, and I have to get Louis a present. I'm thinking about getting together with the boys and getting him a man cave. Then I will surprise him and tell him the big news! Knock knock! I walk down stairs and open the door to the boys, well every one except Louis. Nia: Hi, The boys: Hey, Nia: so I was thinking we all get together and get Louis a man cave as a b-day present. Niall: Ya that would be awesome. Guys? All: Ya sure. Nia: ok let's get started. We have to be done by 7. All:ok.   ~~~~~~~6 hours later~~~~~~~~~     Hey Boo bear. Hey gorgeous. I put a blind fold over his eyes.        Louis's POV.

  I was standing there looking at a picture of me and Nia, She is so beautiful. Sigh. Nia walks in and says Hi boo bear. I love when she calls me that. Hey Gorgeous I reply. Then she places a blind fold over my eyes. What the... Shhh. It's just a blind fold she says, me and the guys have planned you something for your birthday. She walks me some where and takes the blind fold off. Surprise! They yell. My jaw drops to the floor. It's a man cave Niall says. I go and start looking around and play with the fooseball table. Louis, Nia says? Ya I'm... I'm pregnant! I just stood in  shock. Then her face turned sad, so I yelled I'm gonna be a daddy! I hugged her and thought for a second and thought it is now or never so I got on one knee and pulled out the ring from my pocket. She gasped and I said Nia will you marry me! She smiled and said yes and hugged me and kissed me.     

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