Heaven Reach

Luna went to heaven at the age of thirteen but was sent down to earth because she was half alive. They counted her as a fallen angel. Luna had to find her grave to survive or to die!


1. How!

Sirens? That's for me. I can here the voices saying may name. Saying I'll be alright. I want to open my eyes but they are forced shut like they have been glued. The words aren't coming out either! It's like they have dried out. What happened? How? I now can feel and hear my mothers sweet voice. Maybe those ambulance men aren't telling lies. I will be alright. Now I'm getting lifted out of the van. I like all the attention but I wish I could see mother. She has been by herself since I was four. Father died when I was young and vowed to him and me that she would never ever see anyone again. I'm an only child, so I have to be okay. Now they are attaching me to wires and other things.

My name is Luna Acres and I'm thirteen. I don't like school and I'm meant to go there tomorrow. However just because it gets me a day off being here I know mother isn't coping. I feel her wet tears on my pale skin. Her grip is tight on my hand and she is shaking. Then, "beeeeeeeeeep!" What's that? Doors are slamming and voices calling. "What's happening, is she okay? What's going on!?" My mother was screaming while they were telling her that she should leave. How dare they tell my mother, my own mother, to leave! I could tell she was still there because you can hear her great big sobs from a mile away. Doctors and nurses are moving wires and then. Two cold things are now pressed against my chest, a shock has shot through me and I can feel my body shake. Again and again they are sending those nasty shocks through me but suddenly a doctor said "She's gone. I'm so sorry, for your lost." Well that's not true! I'm still here and alive. I feel my mother crying her poor heart out on a lie.

I still tried to move and speak. My mother has already said her goodbyes and now I'm sitting here with a big sheet over me. Everything has suddenly gone tingly and I feel like I'm floating. My eyes are flickering and they are open! I can see and I am floating. I am going to look down, haaagh! It's me! I'm lying there, you can see a wisp of my hair but I'm up here! I can move but I can't move my body down there. Am I, DEAD? Questions are filling my head ever since the accident.

My accident happened when I was walking home from school. I thought I heard a voice behind me calling my name and to get out of the way. It was all in a second and I didn't understand. Then BANG! I was down, I got hit by a car. My head was very sore and so was my side. I now know who the voice was. It would of been my crush Liam. He is quite tall with shoulder length hazel hair, blue eyes and a really pleasing smile.

Anyway that's not the point I'm here and also down there. Hang on, What's that flapping? Another of one of my questions to be answered. Then I decide to look round behind me. I have great feathery white wings. I'm an angel! So I am dead. So how do I get to heaven? Is that not where all angels go? I'm going to fly up. Flap, Flap, you need to flap your wings to fly. I'm flapping and flying, if mother could see me now. I just considered flying out the window to find her but I suddenly disappeared into whiteness! Now I can feel something soft and fluffy on my feet. Also now I can see a light. I'm in heaven! I'm in heaven!

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