Simon's Niece

Believe it or not, Simon Cowell has a niece. It's funny though, she doesn't want anything to do with One Direction. She doesn't want to talk to them, see them, or even be in the same room as them! But after nearly two years of her scampering up to her room when they come over, Simon has had enough. So he arranges a meeting with One Direction and commands his niece, Kelsey, to join. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship, a blissful romance, or pure hatred? One thing's for sure, there will be a lot of drama!


6. The Truth

Maya's POV

Simon went up to talk to kelsey, so it was just me and the boys. They're really funny, I don't know why Kel hates them so much. We were just sittig on the couch, talking about nothing. I wasn;t really into the coversation, I was too worried about Kel. She should've eaten. It's not like her, plus that was her favorite meal. Liam must've seen me looking up towards the stairs because he came up to me and sat down.

"I'm worried about her, too." he said. I turned to look at him. He really shouldn't say anything. He doesn't even know her! Why do they always act like they love her? They don't even know her favorite color. It's strange, but they don't even seem to care that she hates them.

Kelsey's POV

Simon and I sat on my bed talking.

"Kel, why didn't you eat anything?" he asked, concerned. If I answered truthfully, he surely wouldn't believe me. But I decided to try.

"I wasn't hungry." I answered, inocence in my voice. He looked dissapointed. He was expecting something else.

"Look, Kelsey. I know you don't like the boys, but you don't have to stop eating. And lie? Where's the Kelsey we used to know?" With that he stormed out of the room leaving me surprized. This is exactly why I was mad at him. He cared over the littelest things. He was wrong! As he slammed the door I started quietly sobbing. I hate him! He doesn't get anything right, and he overreacts. This is why I was mad at him.


Zach wanted to have a party and I was okay with it. He said it was just going to be a small paty, with a few people. So I said I would spend the night at Uncle Simon's and tell him I was lonely. When I got to his flat, I told him and slept over. In the morning, I agreed to let him drive me home. When we reached my house, it was horrible. It turns out there was alchohal and many drunk people. There was over 400 people there the previous night. Boy, was Uncle Simon mad.

                                                   Flashback over

A/N: Sorry, this is all for today. I have a paper due in two days. Byee!!

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