Simon's Niece

Believe it or not, Simon Cowell has a niece. It's funny though, she doesn't want anything to do with One Direction. She doesn't want to talk to them, see them, or even be in the same room as them! But after nearly two years of her scampering up to her room when they come over, Simon has had enough. So he arranges a meeting with One Direction and commands his niece, Kelsey, to join. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship, a blissful romance, or pure hatred? One thing's for sure, there will be a lot of drama!


1. Me




Let's recap, shall we? My uncle is Simon Cowell. yes, the Simon Cowell, don't go fangirling in the corner. It honestly sucks. Do you want to know why? One Direction, that's why. Those idiots ruin everything. Uncle Simon is all like "Come on, Kelsey. I know you'll love them once you give them a chance." But I won't have it. They're just some stuck-up boyband who thinks they can get whatever they want by snapping their fingers. They think they're all that. But you know what, they're not.

Uncle Si has been begging me to meet them for about two years. He probably just wants publicity. Don't worry, I managed not to look at them, talk to them, or be in the same room as them. If I did, one of their heads would be smashed in the brightly colored mansion walls. When they're at the mansion, I go up to my room. Yes, I have a room in my uncles mansion. I have a whole wing, in fact. The west wing, with a beautiful balcony. You can see a nice park with a huge lake from it. I usually lock myself on it when the boys are over. I can still hear them calling and banging on my door, but it's much more muffled. I basically live at his flat now, because my parents are never home. They're magazine owners, so they travel around the world selling their magazine and hiring new paps. Ever hear of Tiger Beat? Well, yeah. They own that. Poor celebrities.

Here's more about myself. I have dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. I'm average in height, and I'm cheerleader skinny. It's awesome, because I don't even have to work out or diet. I live with my parents and my brother Zach, who's 21 and still refuses to get a job. I'm moving out soon with my best friend Maya, which I've known since second grade. I've saved up a lot from working at Starbucks and my mom still gives me money for no reaseon. Uncle Si says we can move in with him, but we refused. Where's the freedom? And plus, those crap nuggets could show up at any time. He said "Ok, but remember, the west wing will always be yours."

Uncle Simon and I have a special relationship. He never gave Zach any room to live at his house. He always has to crash on the couch. It's weird because we have four guest bedrooms. But when I ask he's like "We don't have much room for low-life, lazy bums." And then we both laugh and head up to bed. I have to admit, he's more like my father. We've been fishing, shopping, and we talked out all of my problems. My real dad was just never there to do any of those things.

But right now I pissed at him. However, that's for a bit later. Let's talk about my brother, although there's not much to say. He hangs out in his room all day. As much as I hate to say it, I don't know much about him. He has blonde hair, but it's always covered up with jet black dye. We don't really talk, but sometimes I sit and watch him play videogames. It's strange, but that's how we're connected. He likes Call of Duty, Godzilla, and he'd must have beaten Bully 5 times. It's fun to watch him and think of our earlier memories. There wasn't many, since I lived with Uncle Simon when my parents were gone. He lived with some other uncle. When we were 18 we moved back in my parents house. We had missed 14 years of eachother's lives. It's hard to pick up where we left off, don't you think? His friends are sometimes over, but their mean. Even more reason to go to Uncle Simons house.

But as you read in the first sentence of the last paragraph, I'm mad at him. So I'm stuck living with my brother. For now.


A/N: NO HATE!! I love 1D with my heart and soul. I'm just trying this out. If you really don't like it, email me at or kik me at quinn_hayes_01 and tell me why. Luv Ya!! <3

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