Simon's Niece

Believe it or not, Simon Cowell has a niece. It's funny though, she doesn't want anything to do with One Direction. She doesn't want to talk to them, see them, or even be in the same room as them! But after nearly two years of her scampering up to her room when they come over, Simon has had enough. So he arranges a meeting with One Direction and commands his niece, Kelsey, to join. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship, a blissful romance, or pure hatred? One thing's for sure, there will be a lot of drama!


5. Dinner

Niall's POV

I was estatic! Maybe now she'll open up to us and we can get to know her. The real Kelsey.

Kelsey's POV

I was devistated. I feel like I had let Maya down. I promised her I would keep the money safe, and look at what happened. But hey, I really didn't think this situation would occur. But I still broke my promise. God, why am I so stupid? I hate myself so much right now.

We had all climbed into the car. I looked in the side mirror to see a monster looking back at me. My mascara was ruined, so my face was also. My tear stained Forever 21 shirt was disgusting, and my hair, oh God, my hair. It looked as if a rat had died in it. I put on my beanie. Maybe that would help. Harry smiled at me, and I frowned back. Great, I'll probably have to see these boys everyday. They'll ruin everything, like they always do.

We finally arrived back at his flat. I quickly took Maya's hand and we entered together. I lead her up to the west wing, and into my room. We must have spent the next hour fixing ourselves, and we would have taken longer if it wasn't for Zayn's yelling "Dinner's ready!" Oh great, they're still here. So we climbed down the stairs and through the southern part of the mansion. It took us at least five minutes to get to the kitchen, I would have prefered it to take longer, but I was hungry. Finally we arrived, and Uncle Simon pointed at the two seats left, one in the middle of Zayn and Liam and one in the middle of Harry and Louis. Poor Niall was next to Simon. I picked the Zayn and Liam seat, since they were less talkative. Maya gave me a knowing look, and I smirked back at her. Once we were seated, Uncle Si handed out plates of mashed potatoes and steak. This was my favorite meal as a child, and Simon smiled and winked at me. But then something weird happened, my appetite vanished. It actually pained me to look at it.

It was 10 minutes in, and I still haven't started. I didn't even pick up my fork. Everyone else was happily munching away and having light conversation. But most of it was "Oh, Simon. This is so good", and "Wow, how do you make this?" Even Maya was talking to Niall. He laughed at anything she said. She smiled at the thought of her being funny. It made me mad. Sure, Maya was funny. Hell, she could make you laugh so hard chocolate milk came out of your nose. That wasn't the problem. The problem was Niall. He laughed at anything, but Maya didn't know that. He was probably making her believe she was halarius. Maybe she would say it infront of everyone and embarrass herself when they didn't have a clue what she was talking about. I would have to talk to her about it later.

Zayn's POV

I couldn't help but notice that Kelsey wasn't eating. Maybe she didn't like it? No, even Simon was looked worried. And he wouldn't make it if she didn't like it. Me, I was happily munching on my "special chicken." Everyone would steal a glance at her plate when she wasn't looking. Truth is, we love her. Even if she hates us. She apart of our family. And she's just going to have to accept that. Maybe her moving in is for the better. Maybe we'll get to see the real Kelsey.

When we're all finished, we get up. Kelsey got up and calmly went and scraped her untouched food into the trashcan. Everyone stared at her behind her back and we shot eachother sad glances. Why ws she not eating?

Kelsey's POV

I knew they were looking at me while I was throwing away my food. I could feel it. Once I was finished I quickly turned around and put my dish in the sink. The boys, including my uncle, rapidly looked away. How pathetic. Maya jut stood there shocked, like a vampire just sucked her blood. I calmly walked upstairs. I heard them whispering about me. I didn't care, i just want to sleep.

I just finished changing into my pajamas when there was a knock at my door.

"Hey open up." Uncle Simon's voice rang through the door.


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