Simon's Niece

Believe it or not, Simon Cowell has a niece. It's funny though, she doesn't want anything to do with One Direction. She doesn't want to talk to them, see them, or even be in the same room as them! But after nearly two years of her scampering up to her room when they come over, Simon has had enough. So he arranges a meeting with One Direction and commands his niece, Kelsey, to join. Will this be the start of a beautiful friendship, a blissful romance, or pure hatred? One thing's for sure, there will be a lot of drama!


2. Brothers suck

~It's been two years since he has been managing One Direction. It is now present day.~

I was rudly woken up by a loud banging downstairs. Must be Zach, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes for a second, but opened them when realization hit. I was in my other room, in Simon's flat. Why was I here? I could've sworn that I didn't make up with him. I got up out of bed and went to my enormus walk-in closet. As I opened it, I glanced around for today's outfit. When I finally found it, I headed towards the hanging mirror. I saw a bump on my head. It was small, but noticable. Then I instintaly remembered.


I was sitting on the couch watching Zach play Call of Duty. He was on a winning streak of 55 kills. That was one of his personal bests. Suddenly my phone rang. The voice of Ed Sheeran startled him, which made him get shot. All of that work, for nothing. He glared at me, his eyes full of pure hatred. It scared me, so I was swiftly repeting "I'm s-sorry, I'm s-sorry."

He continued to glare and with anger evident in his voice, he snarled "Oh, you're gonna be sorry, very, very, sorry." He stood up and slapped me right across the face. I felt my face heat up as I backed away. I kept muttering "I'm s-sorry", this time more desperatly. Then all hell broke loose. "Shut up!" he yelled as he kicked me in the stomach. I fell to the floor with a thump. I had trouble breathing, and my muscles were weak. "That's what you get for being so stupid!" He screamed in my face.

Then I heard Uncle Simon's voice fill the room. "Open this door now Zach, leave her alone you jackass!" I don't think I've heard him use that voice before. It was scary, I would do what he said right away. Zach didn't listen to the pounding on the door. "Get up, now." Was all I heard before I completely blacked out.

                                                             Flashback over

I finished getting ready and headed downstairs. I though I would thank Uncle Simon, because after all, he had saved my life. But when I got downstairs, it wasn't just Simon who was there. They were there too. Silence flooded the room as I walked in. I just wanted to leave. I grabbed Uncle Si's hand and lead him out o the kitchen. This was between me and him. But before I could speak he did. "Are you alright?" he asked. Then I just broke down. he embraced me and I cried in his arms. "Sh, he's gone now. They took him to jail." Was I happy? Yes. Was I sad? Yes. But I just wanted to talk to Maya. So I excused myself back to the kitchen. All I wanted to do was grab a banana, but we all know life is never that easy.

I tried to stroll in without notice, but of course I didn't. I had five pairs of eyes on me, and I'm sure my make-up was running. "Good morning." Liam started, unsure of what to do. "Good morning" I answered, unenthusiastically. They all stared at me in fake awe until Louis spoke up. "Oh my God, she can talk!" They all erupted in laughter. Why were they laughing at me? It was NOT ok. I shoved past Harry and got a banana. He made a loud omph but that's about it. I left with nothing else said. I just wanted to see Maya.



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