The life of Polly

Polly Heather is an ordinary 13 year old Victorian girl from the country. Her family expects very much of her in the future and never listen to her ambitions. Will Polly do as her family says and stay away from the wonders of the travelling circus or will she spread her wings and embark on a journey that will change both her life and everyone she knows.


1. prologue

The name's Polly Heather. Remember the name and remember my story. From a very young age Mother has wrote my future for me. Told me what to do and what not to do. I wish I could make the decisions, my brother and sister Mable and Ezra can so why not me? They might all be older but I am wiser and I know that they are wrong when they say I will not achieve anything in life if I make my own decisions about my future. All this changed as you will find out so hold on tight and listen to the story of me, Polly Heather.

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