If im louder whould you see me?


1. 1

I could could feel the bass of the music vibrating in my feet through the floor. I pushed through the crowd of people,consrantly looking back to see if the curly haired guy was still following me. All of a sudden i came to a hault. A tall blonde guy stood in front of me. He looked down at me. His dark blue gaze met mine. "Steady there darling" he said in a raspy irish accent. "I..im sorry,i didnt" "Its okay" he spoke softly. "Im Niall and you are?" My whole body froze as i stood vowering under his large frame. "Well?" he nudged "Oh sorry....im Lucy" "Well Lucy,where are you going?" he smirked. My mind raced as i tried to think of any excuse i could. "I..iwas going to the toilet" "Here?" he questioned. "Um yea...is that a problem?" "No i just thought maybe you would like to go somewhere cleaner ,y'know more hygienic?" "I really dont mind , i was just going to the toilet and then leaving anyway." "Why dont you come back to mind , i only live round the corner , you can go to the toilet there andbthen i can walk you home after?" "No...im fine" i snapped I could see his jawline tightening. "No i insist" he said harshly. "Okay....fine i'll go." "Okay , just have to go and tell my mate im going...wait here." he demanded. Niall took of through the thick groups of alcohol influenced people scattered aroundbthe club. I could see his blonde quiff swerving through the huge crowd. He suddenly came to a stop. I could still see him in his simple white t-shirt and navy blue jeans. He was standing infront of the tall curly haired guy. My heart stopped. I quikly made a break for the door. I kept looking back to seebif Niall was following but he was nowhere to be found. I finally came to the club door. NIiall slammed into it preventing me from leaving. "Where do you think your going Lucy?" Once again i was breathless towards his raspy irish accent. "You was taking to long and i was getting hot so i thought i better wait outside for you." "Okay that better be all you was doing and not trying to get away from me?" "No i wasn't can webjust go....please?" He grabbed my arm and pulled me through the door and out into the starless night. We was walking for about five minutes with plenty of failed attempts to start a convosation about me andbmy life. We stayed in scilence untill we stopped ouside a huge building. "Is this where you live?" "Yea this is it , im on the top" "Right at the top...like a pent house?" "I guess you could call it that..yea" he half grinned. He opened the door to the towering building. "The elevator is out of order so we have to take the stairs" We started the long hike up ten flights of stairs. Finally we got there. "Do you still need the toilet?" "Umm no im fine , i think im just gonna go home now but thanks" "Well why dont you come in anyway? "No..i must go home" "C'mon i wont hurt you i promise and i keep my promises".....
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