Seventeen Souls

Dead bodies, living souls. Dead escape, living hunt. Dead smiles, living feelings. Dead head, living dreams. Who will first let go?


5. chapter 4: soul of my soul

How could one get so nervous about one single day? I didn't manage to get one hour of sleep that night. And I most certainly regretted it the next day. Mother hadn't shown up since our argument, so Calee woke me up. And if you think she did it in friendly way in order to lighten up my mood this crucial day, you are wrong.

I went up and headed for the chest where I kept my clothes, and chose a fresh flannel shirt, a red tinted pair of leather-trousers, my black leather boots and a tight, red, sleeveless, button-up leather jacket that ended just under my chest. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that A high ponytail would do. I attached my long, wavy, auburn hair with a black leather string. Yes, I liked leather.

I breathed in sharply, trying to calm down. Mother suddenly walked into my room. She had a sad look on her face, but still forced herself to smile. She probably thought the same thing as everybody: "poor little Kim, she's a victim of her destiny, she's going to die and there's nothing she can do about it".

"I am truly sorry I didn't tell you anything, Kamali. I was so anxious about this day approaching." She said, walking towards me, helping me putting up my hair.

"That's alright, Mother" I said with a sigh, not bothering to correct her about my name.

"Anyway I wanted to share what I know with you, before you meet Benjamin and get started with The Travel. And I need to tell you something."

Great, one more story. "I'm listening..."

"I've never told you how I met your father. You know he was a Hunter, right? Well, he wasn't just a regular Hunter, he was the future Hunter-Chieftain. We met on The Travel, and crazily enough, we fell in love. William abandoned his position for me, making his brother the Hunter-Chieftain. Ellian is your father's nephew."

This shocked me. So that Ellian and I were like family? Not closely related, but anyway. It's not like he was my brother. "Wow." Was all I managed to say.

"Yes, indeed."

"So.. Apart from that... Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Why, yes, of course! Be aware of all the creatures you could possibly encounter!"

"What sorts of creatures are out there?"

"Well you should know that! What were you doing this whole year? Trolls are the most vicious. They kill for pleasure. The wolves are not alike the ones you find around the village, not at all. They would do anything to get a bite of your flesh. The Elves are not always reliable. They can be helpful, but when you betray them, they'll manage to find out the most horrible way for you to die, and will not hesitate to do it.

"Don't ever get away from your partner. Don't get lost. The first thing you should do is build a shelter and do the charm for the protection shield. You know how to do it right? " she told me with hopeful eyes.

"Uh.. Yes, of course, unite the four elements and chant the building words. Don't worry I remember everything."

"Right, and don't forget wood, and food. Always sleep with your sword near you. It senses a danger when it's near you and gets hot. Bring your ...."

And she started tossing different things in my bag, listing everything I might need, because "you never know". At last, she was done, and I needed to go to the meeting point, but nope, she still had to put a protective spell on me. I tried to memorize the words, "you never know"!

Soul of my soul, source of my love,

Go protected from the evil above.

May this barrier protect you

From any harm a creature could do.

Fire, Earth, Water and Air,

Shelter the one that will be my heir.

Shelter bone and flesh, soul and spirit,

And may the gods agree with it.

After saying my goodbyes to my family and dearest friend, Mira, I walked off to the meeting point.

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