Seventeen Souls

Dead bodies, living souls. Dead escape, living hunt. Dead smiles, living feelings. Dead head, living dreams. Who will first let go?


3. chapter 3: aunt Pira

I entered the little house and ended up directly in the kitchen. Smoke was coming from the oven in the middle of the room, and escaping through a hole in the straw roof. The familiar sent of corn pancakes filled my nostrils, and I immediately searched for them.

"What brings you here, my child?" Aunt Pira said from behind me. She actually was Father's aunt, but everyone called her like that. I turned around.

"Aunt Pira!" I shouted, lit up, and ran into her old arms. She smiled and embraced me. "I have something really important to ask you"

She immediately lost her smile and pulled back to look me in the eyes. Her's were hazelnut brown, and they seemed pretty concerned about what I had to say. She was always concerned about me, and that was the main reason why I loved her (her amazing cooking, her beautiful talismans and her mystical stories about our family also made me want to visit her everyday).

Aunt Pira Took up her long midnight  blue dress and quickly went to sit down on her old wooden rocking chair, that squeaked as soon as she started rocking in it. The little leather bags filled with powders, herbs and ointments rattled against the tiny tools, all attached to her wide leather belt. "Come here, my child. It's about tomorrow isn't it?" I nodded, and she breathed in sharply. "I knew it. I felt the intense worry from your mother"

Did I forget to tell you that Aunt Pira had the ability of sensing other's feelings? Sometimes it could be helpful, sometimes useless, sometimes really annoying. "Can you please tell me what's going on? On the way here, everyone looked at me like I was some sort of baby animal on it's way to the slaughterhouse. It's so disturbing. And Mother didn't tell me anything at all."

"This is a long story my child. But you need to hear it, otherwise I'm afraid you won't be alive at dawn tomorrow."




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