Seventeen Souls

Dead bodies, living souls. Dead escape, living hunt. Dead smiles, living feelings. Dead head, living dreams. Who will first let go?


2. chapter 2: the fear

The Village was so alive today. Wich was quite unusual as women were always out saving souls (gosh I can't wait for turning seventeen so that I can finnally get out of here!). And then men were always busy with their proffession (legislating, hunting for food, making bows and crossbows and swords, selling food at the market, etc...) . 

I arrived at our house from the market. Mother sat in her bronze throne, looking majestic in her long, flowing white dress, along with a belt made of tiny, braided silver chains. And, of course, her crown in white gold, decorated with sapphires. And her blonde hair shined so much in the afternoon sun, it seemed golden.  And then there was me with my white flannel  shirt, under a sleeveless, tight, black leather vest, and my tight leather trousers. And to top it off, my outworn black boots and messy braid of auburn hair. 

"Kamali, you're beautiful. I don't think you get to hear that too often." Mother said, turning away from her Adviser, Calee. Sometimes I felt like she was totally controlling her. Calee is one of the few persons in the village that I just couldn't stand.

"Mother! Stop reading my mind!" I really hated it when she did it. "It's called privacy, and I'm in desperate need it since she uses half of my room" I snapped at Calee, who just gave me a death glare. 

"She doesn't have a choice, Kamali, you know it."

"Stop calling me that in front of people. It's Kim"

"I gave you this name for a reason. It means-"

"I know what it means. Spirit protector? In Rhodesian?"

"Yes. You also know that when you think of me I can't control it. I'm forced to read your mind. It's a gift but also a burden, sweetie."

"Whatever....It didn't come here for arguing anyway. Why is everyone staying in the village today? It has never been this way." I asked, crossing my arms over my chest, eager for an answer.

"Oh, yes it has sweetie. And why? You should know that. What day is it tomorrow?" she said like it was the most serious and exciting thing ever.

"My birthday, why? What's so special. I know what I'll get anyway. A bow from father, a book from you and some talisman from aunt Pira." I said waiting for an explanation.

But she was falling silent. She became almost as white as her dress. "Your Father didn't tell you, did he?" she whispered.

"Tell me what? He just told me the usual. You know, 'good morning', 'get dressed' 'bye' and 'goodnight'".

"Oh no. This is not good. No, no, no!" She mumbled to herslef whil getting up and heading to the door.

"Mom, what is it? What's with my birthday? What should dad had told me?!"

"I knew he wouldn't be able to. I knew it I should have done it myself." she walked passed me still mumbling, head down.


She turned around and looked at me in the eyes. Her lagoon blue eyes full of tears and mine, equally as blue, full of fear of what she was going to say. "You are not ready for this" She said, cupping my face in her hands, stroking my cheek with her thumb. "I love you, sweetie, remember that"

"I love you too mother, but tell me what's going on!"

She bit her bottom lip, preventing herself from saying what she wanted to say. She mumbled something about that she had to go, turned away and ran out. At that point I already knew what to do, it was almost obvious











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