Selena's Twin Sister

Lauren Hope Gomez, the twin sister of Selena Marie Gomez. She's the oppisite of her twin. She sings but doesn't act. She's been through a tough heartbreak but she didn't expect to find love again. She's been on a few dates with guys, but none of them became serious. That was until her twin sisters boyfriend, Justin Drew Bieber starts to fall for her.

Lauren has a love/hate relationship with him. A lot of things can happen in a second. Fights, arguments between all three of them. Will it cause a relationship between Justin and Lauren or will Justin stay with Selena? Both of them have secrets that Lauren doesn't even know.

Lauren Hope Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. She's a model and she's more fiesty than her twin Selena is.

Selena Marie Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair and dark beon eyes. Sing,dance and act and oppisite of her twin Lauren.

Justin Drew Bieber
19 years old, honey brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. Sing,dance and act and in love with Lauren


3. Tears and Starbucks

-Justin's P.O.V.-

Why won't she pick up her phone? I'm at my house and Selena is with me, worried I might add.

"She's never been like this before" "What do you mean?" "Seeming you said to her the holiday was gonna be for all of us" "I said that cause I didn't want to upset her" "Why would you do that to MY sister for?" I just shrugged. It was gonna do it as a holiday for all of us, until the man said that it was only booked for 2 people. I heard the door open. Me and Selena turned round before she gasped. Oh no.

"IT WAS A FUCKING LIE THEN? IT WAS ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE FOR YOU AND SELENA?" She had tears coming out her eyes. I felt so bad now.

"I was gonna tell you" "I'm sure you were Justin. I'm so sure on that. All it is about is you and Selena. I ain't even involved in anything you do anymore" Now I felt really bad. I saw her shake her head at me. Tears coming out her brown eyes.

"I didn't even know you felt like that" I heard her scoff.

"You never did. When I made plans for all of us to go out, you would make up a damn excuse just to hang round with my sister" "That's cause she's my girlfriend" "And I'm her twin sister. You know what, go on your holiday. Forget all about me. I don't give a shit anymore" I saw her open the door. I was gonna stop her, but I couldn't. I heard the door slam. I heard Selena sigh. I sat down and put my head in my hands. I just shook my head. I felt my own eyes began to well up. I felt my cheeks getting wet. I shook my head and looked down.

"I-I don't know what I've done" "Give her some time. She'll get round" "I hope"

-Lauren's P.O.V.-

I sat on the sofa in my house. I'm so fucking pissed off at him right now. I heard my phone beep. I looked and saw a text from Ryan.

Hey Lauren, long time no talk. Wondering if you want to come to Starbucks with me and Chaz. Text back if you want to meet and if you do, then just come along-Ryan

I smiled. Might as well get out the house for a while.

Hey Ry and I know right? It's been a while and sure I'm willing to come. Miss not seeing you and Chaz. I'll be there in about 10 minutes-Lauren

I got up from the sofa, grabbed my coat and Jazzy is with Pattie. I walked out and began to walk to Starbucks. I don't need to waste my tears. It isn't my fault. It's Justin's fault and a bit of Selena's seeming she knew about it but didn't tell me. I'm her twin sister. Well, I'm more fiesty so yeah. When I arrived at Starbucks, I saw Ryan and Chaz, waiting for me. I smiled and walked up to them and hugged them.

"Long time no see" "I know, it's been ages" Chaz nodded his head. We all walked in that was until I saw Justin and Selena. I kept my head down. I don't want no drama, I'm just here to spend time with Ryan and Chaz. We ordered our drinks and sat down. I was hoping Justin and Selena wouldn't come over and....they did.

"Hey bro, nice to see you again" "Same" They both did a bro hug before Justin did the same with Chaz. It was silent, until Ryan spoke up.

"How come it's silent?" "Who knows" I said, before Justin and Selena looked at me, before they put their heads down. Typical. My phone beeped. I saw a incoming call from Scooter. I raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me" I got up and walked out before I answered it.

"Hey Scooter" "Hey Lauren, I was wondering when do you want to come and record a song?" I bit my lip down. I've got a modelling career and now a music career?

"Umm I don't know and I didn't really know" "I'm guessing Justin never told you?" "Told me what?" "About your music career and he said that he recorded a song for you" "Are you sure it isn't for Selena? Cause it could be" "No, he said it was for you....I'm gonna have a talk with him later about this then. Thanks Lauren bye" "Bye" I hung up the phone and ran my fingers through my hair. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked back inside.

"Everything alright?" I heard Selena say and I just nodded my head.

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