Selena's Twin Sister

Lauren Hope Gomez, the twin sister of Selena Marie Gomez. She's the oppisite of her twin. She sings but doesn't act. She's been through a tough heartbreak but she didn't expect to find love again. She's been on a few dates with guys, but none of them became serious. That was until her twin sisters boyfriend, Justin Drew Bieber starts to fall for her.

Lauren has a love/hate relationship with him. A lot of things can happen in a second. Fights, arguments between all three of them. Will it cause a relationship between Justin and Lauren or will Justin stay with Selena? Both of them have secrets that Lauren doesn't even know.

Lauren Hope Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. She's a model and she's more fiesty than her twin Selena is.

Selena Marie Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair and dark beon eyes. Sing,dance and act and oppisite of her twin Lauren.

Justin Drew Bieber
19 years old, honey brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. Sing,dance and act and in love with Lauren


2. I'm done

-Lauren's P.O.V.-

I let out a low sigh and looked out the window. We've been in the car for the past.....25-35 minutes with constant arguing from Justin and Selena. Even Jazzy is covering her ears over.

"Just take me home" "Why are you getting so worked up over all this for?" "I said take me home" I heard Selena yell. I have no clue what's gone on what's so ever. I heard Justin sigh.

"Everything alright? Because the way I see this is that you two keep arguing over the same damn thing over and over again" "Why don't you tell her Justin?" Tell me what? I thought to myself.

"You know how we're going on holiday right?" "Yeah, it's you,me and Selena" "I actually um....booked the holiday just and Selena.....only" I just nodded my head.

This is typical of Justin. No wonder Selena was having a go at him. Ever since we were kids, me and Selena always do things like how sister's do. If she isn't there or even if I ain't with her, we sort of go in a panic. With what Justin just said has made things awkard between me and him now. I just shook my head and looked down. I don't want to stay mad at him but telling me that we're going on holiday and now he's comes out with "It's only for me and Selena" is just a damn excuse. We finally arrived at the ice cream shop. I got out first and went to Jazzy's side and got her out. I walked to the ice cream shop. I could hear my name being called, but I honestly don't care about them at the moment.

"What ice cream do you want?" I said as I looked at Jazzy.

"Strawberry" "That's one Strawberry and for you?" The cashier said as he looked at me.

"I'll have Chocolate" I saw the cashier nod his head.

"And that comes to.....$3 please" I handed him 5 and told him to keep the change. I gave Jazzy her's and I got mine. I walked out the ice cream shop and still not caring about my name being called. I didn't get into Justin's car, I just walked. I put Jazzy down and I held her hand while she ate her ice cream the same as I did.

"LAUREN HOLD UP" I kept on walking. I know Justin's calling my name, but I don't want to talk to him. Me and Jazzy walked through the park. I turned round and saw Justin not there.

"Why is Bieber running after us?" I shrugged.

"I have no clue Jazzy" "Is it something to do with the holiday?" I let out a sigh as I nodded my head.

"Why won't Bieber let you go with him and Selena?" "He's just wants to spend some "romatic time" with her. Like he does everyday. He just doesn't want me there seeming I might ruin their "fun" " "You won't ruin their "fun". That's just Bieber" I nodded my head. We arrived at my house. I got my key out my pocket and remembered I need to get my damn car.

"I need to go and get my car from the studio" I picked up Jazzy and put her on the side of my hip. We walked back to the studio which tool about 20 minutes {walking} When we arrived, I got out my car keys and opened the car door. I felt my phone vibrate. I picked it up and answered it.

"Hello?" "Lauren, stop walking away would you" "Justin, I don't have time for your shit or your excuses. You go on holiday with Selena and forget about me" "It's not like that" "When what is it like then? You want more romatic time with her is that right? Is that why you don't want me to go or the fact that I might run your fun? I'm done. Bye" "Don't han-" I hung up the phone before Justin could say anything.

I put Jazzy in the car before I got in. I drove off back off to my house. I don't even know if Justin and Selena are gonna be there, but I don't want to hear excuses. I'm done.

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