Selena's Twin Sister

Lauren Hope Gomez, the twin sister of Selena Marie Gomez. She's the oppisite of her twin. She sings but doesn't act. She's been through a tough heartbreak but she didn't expect to find love again. She's been on a few dates with guys, but none of them became serious. That was until her twin sisters boyfriend, Justin Drew Bieber starts to fall for her.

Lauren has a love/hate relationship with him. A lot of things can happen in a second. Fights, arguments between all three of them. Will it cause a relationship between Justin and Lauren or will Justin stay with Selena? Both of them have secrets that Lauren doesn't even know.

Lauren Hope Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. She's a model and she's more fiesty than her twin Selena is.

Selena Marie Gomez
20 years old, dark brown hair and dark beon eyes. Sing,dance and act and oppisite of her twin Lauren.

Justin Drew Bieber
19 years old, honey brown hair and brown/hazel eyes. Sing,dance and act and in love with Lauren


4. Arguments/The Truth

-Lauren's P.O.V.-

"Why didn't you tell me about the music career?" I yelled at Justin. I was so mad now. Ryan and Chaz where there and Selena had to go to the studio.

"I'm sorry if I didn't tell you" "Sorry? You should have told me. First the holiday and now this" I put my hands on my face and let out a sigh. It's only 4:30PM and this has got to be the 3rd argument I've had with Justin today. I sat down and let out another sigh.

"Why do you keep telling Lauren that she can't go here and there?" I heard Ryan say as he looked at Justin. For some reason, Justin's lip trembled a bit....he better have a good explanation about that.

"Umm.....well....I......" I saw him scrach the back of his head, but he never continuted.

"Well?" "Well the reason is that......I like to spend time with Selena cause she's my girlfriend but I also like to spend time with Lauren when Selena's in the studio" "To be honest, whenever Lauren is with you and Selena, you tend to walk slower" "How do I?" "You do. If you don't want me to hang round with you, tell me then. I'll gladly go and hang round with Ryan and Chaz. I'm sick of you telling me lies all the damn time. I ain't like Selena. If you want me to act more like her, then tell me" I got up and walked up the stairs before I slammed the door. I felt my eyes getting watery. I sat down on the bed before I layed on my stomach and burried my face in the pillow and let the tears fall. If he wants me to be more like Selena, then fine, I will.

-Justin's P.O.V.-

I let out a sigh and Ryan and Chaz were looking at me.

"Do you seriously want (YN) to act more like Selena?" I stayed quiet. To be honest, I don't want her to act like her twin. Lauren is a lot more fiesty than Selena is and I like Lauren like that. I don't know why I argue with her for though....maybe cause I like her more then I do with Selena....what am I saying? I love I love Lauren....What is wrong with me?

"I love Lauren more than I do with Selena" I heard Ryan and Chaz gasp. I slapped my forehead after what I just said.

"Woah dude, did you just say...." "I love Lauren" "Do you really?" "Yes I do. That's why I didn't want her to come on holiday with me and Selena" The last time I saw Lauren in a bikini.....I got hard. I wanted her. I didn't tell her seeming I didn't really know how she was going to react. I don't want Lauren to change and be more like Selena, seeming like I said, I like it when Lauren's fiesty. When she's fiesty, I get turned on

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