mini horan

this book is about a little girl (well to niall anyways) whos called scarlet horan she's actually 15 enjoy


7. Why her....

Scarlet let out an ear piercing scream many comments came from the 'fans' such as 

"your such a slut"

"you deserve to die" ect...

"SCARLET"all of the boys screamed at once her scream faded away Niall ran out all of the fans backed away whilst Niall held Scarlet in his arms

"i'll call 999"Liam said 'calmly' 

soon after that they were sat in the hospital waiting room

"Mr.Horan"The doctor asked

"Yes?"Niall replied

"I have some bad news your sister has very damaged vocal cords so she will never talk again i'm so sorry Mr.Horan also she is awake now"the doctor said all the boys got up and went into her room Scarlet looked up glee crossed her eyes Niall saw a electronic device in Scarlet's hand she typed something in

"Hey guys" the device said (if i say Scarlet tell me off in the comments)

"Hey Scar"Niall stuttered 

"Are you okay"the device said

"yeah i am"Niall replied

"umm i have something to tell you guys"the device said.....



ANOTHER cliffhanger sorry i keep on doing that i just need to think about what happens next bye

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