mini horan

this book is about a little girl (well to niall anyways) whos called scarlet horan she's actually 15 enjoy


6. well this is awkward....

"you like them hazza"Scarlet teased

"kinda...."he mumbled

"WHAT"Niall burst out

"well this is awkward"Zayn said(see what i did >.<)

"hey lets go get some nan-"Liam started saying 

"NANDO'S"Niall screamed Scarlet had all ready walked out.

Soon after that Scarlet came down stairs wearing a blue dress and black converce and her hair up in a neat bun

"LEGGO"Niall screamed and ran  to the car with the others trailing behind

-at nandos-

"we'll all have a diet coke please"Niall ordered

"but i'll have a water"Scarlet said

"Okay your orders will be here soon"the waitress said "she's a slut" she mumbled whist walking away

"well your a slut too"Scarlet mumbled after she had lost ear shot

"so tell us your story of the tattoo's"Zayn plead

"well it started soon after mum and 'dad' had divorced he always got drunk after work and one time when i was sleeping he picked me up drunk obviously put me in the car and drove to a tattoo parlor and got me tattooed many times that happened until 

you rescued me"she finished pulling Niall into a hug  

"I'm glad i did"Niall said to her but then they saw flashes of light

"Crap its the paparazzi"Zayn whispered to everyone

"lets get out of here"Scarlet suggested and they did going out back then they got flooded by girls they climbed into the van

"Guys where's Scarlet"Liam asked followed by a scream


mwhahahahahahahahahahahaha cliff hanger you will have to wait peoples and i got over 100 reads on mackenzie's story(yes my name is mackenzie but i didn't do it out of vanity) i know 100 isn't a big number but hey! its 100 byeeeeeeeeeeeeee P.S this is my last one direction movella :( you'll all be sad now joke its only because i've changed ALOT now so yeah bye:/

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