mini horan

this book is about a little girl (well to niall anyways) whos called scarlet horan she's actually 15 enjoy


4. OH MY GOD wait wait what happend

"WAIT"Niall yelled after her,"we're going to the pool we want to know if you will come with us?"Niall pleaded

"okay sure whatever"Scarlet replied all the way up the stairs now

"bye"Hazza mumbled soon after that Scarlet came down stairs wearing a pair of spiked shorts and a vest top with a bikini underneath 

"Okay lets gooooo"Louis yelled running out the door they all chased after him


Scarlet took of her shorts and vest and quickly climbed into the water she did a few laps and then decided to have some fun by going under water and dragging Niall down and so she did Niall was freaking out to many scary movies(-_-)  Scarlet burst out laughing under water and had to come up to breath she could see the boys frozen with shock on their faces 

"well that was fun"Scarlet said sniggering  

"NOT funny Scar"Niall said pissed off

"it so was"Liam said

"well i'm done here"she said whilst getting out of the pool she herd a bunch of murmurs behind her

 "umm Scar what are they"Niall asked shit she had forgot about her tattoos

"what the tattoos on me"she replied with a bit  of anoyence in her voice

"yeah turn around please"Niall asked she turned around they all gasped he had to have more than 10 on her body


7 blue paws (back)

wolf (back)

scull and cross bones(back hip)

death pattern(right foot)

full moon(belly button)


tribal(left shoulder)

vines(right arm all the way up)

guitar(back right side)

Rottweiler(left foot)

grim reaper(back left side)


hope you enjoyed my list of tattoos that i want after i turn 18 also i forgot to mention that she dyed her hair midnight blue(also what i want joke i want electric blue with black tips) byyyyyyeeeee

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