mini horan

this book is about a little girl (well to niall anyways) whos called scarlet horan she's actually 15 enjoy


3. help me please?

Scarlet sat on her bed skyping her brother Niall,yes the Niall Horan from One Direction "You okay scar?" Niall asked 

"Yeah i'm fine, I can't wait to get out of here"Scarlet replied

"SCARLET GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Scarlet's dad yelled angrily

"Bye Niall see you tonight" Scarlet said

"You little slut come here now" Scarlet's dad said obviously pissed off

"Yes master"Scarlet said hopping off here bed

"You aren't going to talk anymore and just to make sure i'm sowing your mouth shut" her dad smirked

"No master please don't i won't talk anymore just ple-"she got cut off in the middle of her sentence because her dad had knocked her out


"Scarlet wake up,wake up" Scarlet heard a voice say quietly she opened her eyes to see a very happy Niall "mimml"she tried to say Niall but she remembered her mouth had been sown shut Scarlet started to cry 

"scar whats wrong?"he asked in a comforting voice

"mur murth" she stammered pointing to her mouth

"Oh"Niall said taking the tape  off her mouth 

"Oh my god Scar i'm so sorry"Niall started to cry too

"Get some sleep we're going to Doncaster"Niall said sweetly 


"Well she can't stay here Niall even you know that" a voice said

"Well were can sh-"Niall got cut off by a small groan from Scarlet her lips were open she felt a rush of glee wash over her her eyes shot open as she quickly got up to feel her lips

"SCAR"Niall yelled as he ran over to her

"Niall I've missed you so much"she said back 

"Well I'll go and get the others"a brown haired boy said whilst  Scarlet and Niall still hugging but not to soon after than they felt more people join she started to laugh

"well you sir's are very warm"Scarlet chuckled

"Thank you" four boys chorused

"Scarlet this is Liam aka:Daddy Direction Zayn aka: DJ Malik  Harry aka: Hazza and Louis aka: Boo Bear and vice versa if that works"Niall said

"hi..."Scarlet said

"hi we're One direction"all of them chorused including Niall

"well i'm going to take a shower anyone want to come?" she asked

"Me,me,me and me"Har-Hazza said

"I was joking Hazza" she joked half way up the stairs 



Hey guys umm how was that good enough okay thats just the first chapter and the second chapter some secrets shall be reviled BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA see ya soon

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