One More Night

Lately in Dawn's life, things have been... Traumatic to say the least. First her parents die, not in a car crash but suicide. She has no idea why though. Then the next day her friends start disappearing one by one until there's hardly any left. What's been happening? Why is everyone dying? What's wrong with the town?


1. Prologue

I have to be quiet. He might find me. He's killed everyone else but somehow I manage to stay out of his path. All my friends I once had, "disappeared".  As in never coming back . My family, dead. no matter how much I wish and pray, my prayers never get answered. I don't have any one left, he's killed them all. Just a few weeks ago, we were all living our normal lives. But then he moved into town, that's when everyone disappeared or fled town to get away from him. Why does he want to kill us? What have we done to him? 


*This is a very short prologue to this story but meh. This isn't a fanfic, I've decided to try and write an original story! Please tell me if you like it and want me to keep writing!

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