One More Night

Lately in Dawn's life, things have been... Traumatic to say the least. First her parents die, not in a car crash but suicide. She has no idea why though. Then the next day her friends start disappearing one by one until there's hardly any left. What's been happening? Why is everyone dying? What's wrong with the town?


8. Chapter Six 1/3

The final bell of the day rang and I couldn't wait to get home. I packed up my books and jumped out of my seat, running out of the class to catch up with Rosa. 


"Rosa!" I yell, pushing past the hoardes of students. I see Rosa turn around and walk up to me.


"Hey. Dawn, can I ask you something?" Rosa says, walking alongside me. 


"Sure. What is it?" I ask, curious. 


"Can I come around to your house tonight? It's just that... I want to see if what you're claiming is true." 


"Ok then... Come on, there's my mum's car. I'll tell her that you're coming to my place."


*Sorry this is short and boring. This is just 1/3 of Chapter Six though..


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