One More Night

Lately in Dawn's life, things have been... Traumatic to say the least. First her parents die, not in a car crash but suicide. She has no idea why though. Then the next day her friends start disappearing one by one until there's hardly any left. What's been happening? Why is everyone dying? What's wrong with the town?


2. Chapter One

It was just a normal day for me. Wake up, get dressed and go to school. I guess my brain was so used to it, it was set in a sort of autopilot mode. At least i thought it was going to be a normal day. 


I ran downstairs and grabbed my toast from the table, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I did so. My eyes glanced over to the clock where I realised i was going to be late if my mum didn't drop me off. I usually get up early for the bus but this morning it didn't show up. Or maybe it did and i wasn't paying attention.


"Mum! Can I get a ride to school?" I yelled through to my mum who was in the kitchen making breakfast for my little sister. I peek my head around the door and she looks around to me.


"Fine. Just this once though Dawn. Tomorrow get up earlier!" She sighs, setting my sister's breakfast on the table and grabbing her keys. She motions for me to go out to the car and wait so I do. I open the door and walk down the pathway. I notice a moving van parked outside the house just across from mine.


"Better not be some loser." I murmer to myself and then immediately regret it as I see the man walking up our drive. Our eyes meet and I quickly turn my head away. From the corner of my eye I see my mum closing the door and walking down to meet me. She loves meeting the new neighbours and when I say meet, I really mean finding out every little thing about them.


"Ahh! You must be our new neighbour!" Mum says, smiling and holding her hand out for the man to shake. I see him consider it and then reluctantly shake it.


"Dawn, say hi at least." My mum says, a hint of annoyance in her voice. I plead for her to hurry up and take me to school and after a while, she gives in. The man sat in silence as I pleaded, never opening his mouth to say anything. 


*Sorry this took so long... I'm busy with school work right now. 


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