One More Night

Lately in Dawn's life, things have been... Traumatic to say the least. First her parents die, not in a car crash but suicide. She has no idea why though. Then the next day her friends start disappearing one by one until there's hardly any left. What's been happening? Why is everyone dying? What's wrong with the town?


7. Chapter Five

We all arrived at our next class which just happened to be Maths. On top of that, our teacher despises me and makes me sit at the very back by myself. Oh I love that class... You can sense the sarcasm as I talk can't you?


"Everyone take out your textbooks and open to page 115 and work up to page 125. I have a meeting to attend to so I'm trusting you to work quietly and get on with your work." Ms. Amherst says, walking out the room and down the hallway. Her high heels were clacking along the corridor which was a dead giveaway for when she was still in earshot so we all had our heads down, working on the equations that were on the page in front of us.


"Dawn! Come here!" Rosa whispers patting the empty chair next to her, telling me to sit down. I dart over to the seat and bring my jotter, just in case the teacher came back. Can't take a chance can I?


"What is it?" I ask, setting my jotter down and placing my pencil on the open page. Rosa sighs and says "I believe you." What? What does she mean by that?


"I mean I believe you about what you said this morning. I believe that it was that guy who attacked that kid." She must be kidding. 


"How can you? I thought it was a load of rubbish. Remember?" I say. 


"Well I think it's true." Rosa says, defending her case. Maybe she's been put up to this by my other friends..?


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