Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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2. The Luna of the Time-Shifter Pack

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The Luna of the Time-Shifter Pack

-3 days -10 Months old-


I pondered near the doorstep of the white brick mansion, shuffling my weight from side to side as I stared at the doorbell accusingly like it had done something wrong; a strange feeling turning around in the pit of my stomach making me think twice.

Seriously, what is wrong with me today?

I wake up this morning a total and utter grump and on my way to work run into some random dude on the street, spilling my early morning caffeine fix for the day all over my frickin' brand new blouse! Then after quickly running back to my flat to get a new top to wear for the day, I get to my part-time work at the local library half an hour late for the third time this week alone due to unforeseen circumstances and get fired! Then I also go ahead and get myself fired from my café job later in the afternoon too!

And now I'm nervous wreck about meeting my best friend's baby?

Cheers life, you must have been high when deciding to create me.

Biting my lip, I reached up on my tiptoes to press the doorbell (curse those bloody werewolves and their 'tall' genes and every thing in their damn homes being so abnormally high up) and with a sharp shrill cry the doorbell rang out announcing my presence.

I stuck my hands in the pockets of my hoody and shuffled a little more on the spot just thinking about how my day couldn't get any worse.

Then it started to rain.

And definitely not the drizzly kind you normally get when you're waiting at the bus stop for your bus.

No. The torrential kind.

The dark thunderous clouds above rumbled as the fresh patter of rain started to drop soundlessly onto the already sodden ground and thick forest surrounding the mansion.

I lifted my hand up to the sky and flipped it off with my hand and fingers posited in the correct position to do so.

The sound of someone snapping on a twig in the forest behind me had me whirling around on the spot to see who had followed me. Stupid automatic reactions.

But I saw nothing but the dark shadowed entrance to the thick forest.

It must have been an animal. I thought to myself, so I turned back around to the door and reached up to the doorbell again to start frantically pressing it continuously and bashing on the door with my other hand to get the attention of the people inside.

I heard the muffled cries of many irritated were's as I pressed my ear to the door to see if my technique of attacking the doorbell and door with my hands was achieving the desired effect.

And it was.

"I'm coming! I'm coming! There really is no need for such a racket; we all have super hearing you know so its not like we can't hear you! " A muffled cry echoed through the wood of the door from the inside before the door suddenly swung open; nearly slamming right into my face, but thankfully at last minute I took a step back and avoided the black eye that seemed to have my name on it.

"Shoot you nearly knocked me unconscious there you cow!" I whimpered, regaining my balance and dramatically lifting a hand up to my head to try and sooth the sudden aching.

I dropped the hand from my face and let my eyes get accustomed to the new light shinning in through the doorway and then finally focusing in on the figure standing there.

A dangerously tall, (at least five foot nine) dark haired woman stood there, her dark emerald eyes glaring at me through two sets of long feather like lashes as she lifted her head up and sniffed the air her nostrils flaring as she cringed at the new smell. "Kai?" She exclaimed.

"Who else would it be you ninkinpoop?" I said the sarcasm ringing in my voice. "And did you- did you just sniff me?"

"Urmmm... yes?" The side of her cupid bow mouth quirking upwards.

"And flinch at my smell?" I frowned at her now partially alarmed face.

" course not..." She mumbled and the sound of rain splattered in the background.

"Liar." I said through gritted teeth.

She sighed her head hanging low, "Well, it's not my fault if we as werewolves are genetically put off humans because of their smell, is it? It's an automatic reaction for us, and it's kind of your entire race's fault in the first place for hunting us down back in the 1800's anyway. Us werewolves still haven't forgiven most of your kind yet. Especially the elders."

"Cass, you know though that I'd never betray you." I looked at her seriously.

"Yeah I know. Sorry." She bit her lip, her pastel blue eyes shimmering in the light. "Well I guess half of the reason was that I'm just surprised that's all."

"Why would you be surprised? I told you I'd be coming to see you and your new babe the day before yesterday on the phone in New Hampton."

Her smile curled up at the edges and revealing a set of gleaming award winning pearly nashers with ever so slightly pointed incisors on the top row, just proving that even though she is pretty shy normally, she can be deadly if needs be.

Damn you good-looking werewolves.

"Nah, I just wasn't expecting you to actually have the decency for a change to ring the bell before entering or may I say 'barging' into my abode without permission. Which normally is the case." She grinned.

Dramatically I slapped my head with the inside of my palm before sighing, "Oh dang. I knew I was missing doing something today, which was probably why it felt so damn weird standing at the your front door just now."

She laughed, her voice still mesmerizingly perfect even though her laugh consisted mostly of loud uncontrollable snorts. "What's sup your butt today?" She giggle snorted and started to lean on the doorframe.

"I. Got. Fired." I growled inhumanly at her.

"What? Seriously?" She said her snorts coming to an end and her crossing her arms disapprovingly across her bust. "What did you do this time?"

"Don't look at me like that." I scowled at her, pulling the hood of my hoody up around my face as the wind decided to sweep some of the falling rain into the open porch that I was currently standing in. "It's not my fault! The cow deserved it! She called me a slut, I freaking slut Cass."

I ushered to my outfit with my hands, "Do I look like a freaking slut to you?" I glanced down to look at my outfit, which I suddenly realized was exactly what I proclaimed it wasn't, me still being in my grimy old work clothes from the café I worked in. My work skirt barely covering my butt and the top under my hoody practically see-through.

I sighed, looking back up at Cass. "On second thought, don't answer that." I said looking at her mouth opening and closing like a fish as she was on the verge of saying something that I probably didn't want to hear. "Well it's hardly my fault the boss is a pervert and forces us to wear this stupid little skirts and I will also not be held responsible for simply glancing in her boyfriend's direction once!"

She cocked one eyebrow at me, as demanding silently 'what else?'

"And I may have 'accidently' slipped and dropped the contents of a chocolate milkshake on her dress..." I turned my face away from her in shame staring into the forest and pelting rain away from her face, my cheeks flushing.


"Yeah I know the dry cleaning bill for it was really gunna be a bummer for a spoilt little rich girl like her." I replied sarcastically.

I turned my face back to her and instead of seeing the disappointment reflecting in her eyes like I thought I would see, I saw a slight hint of amusement in them. "Since when did you become such a damn cow?" She grinned.

"Since you stole my frigging boyfriend!" I decided to yell out.

My excuse of a lifetime; but also something that I'd already gotten over eons ago.

"Hu-hum? He was my mate! And it was 7 years ago, get over it!" She fake argued back.

"So...? He still withholds his hot status in my mind." I grinned, knowing I was now winding her up. "Urmmmm... those abs..." I pretended to daydream about them.

Cass's eyes flickered back from green to black as she fought for control. And once finally she'd gained it she yelled, "Kai! What the hell? You know my wolf doesn't like it when you talk about our mate like that."

"Oops." I grinned.

A sigh escaped from her mouth. "So what are you going to do about it then?"

"Well- recently I have been devising this plan to get back at the bitch who stole my uber hot boyfriend back in eleventh grade, by befriending her and..."

She didn't look very impressed when she interrupted saying, "The job Kai. The job."

I bit my lip, realizing I probably was due a reality check soon. "Oh yeah. Well it was only temporary anyways, while I'm still bringing up my profile as a dancer."

"You really have no sense of responsibility or anything do you? I feel really sorry for your kids if you ever have any."

"Says you!" I said raising my eyebrows, "You're the one whom got yourself banged up with the Alpha's kid at 23 and unlike you at least I've actually owned at least one damned job in my damned life!"

"Hay! Being a Luna is very hard, I let you know."

"Yeah right -all you do is sit on your backside all damn day." I yelled at her.

"Not true!"

"So true!"

"Not true!"

"So true!"

"Can you kids please stop bickering! You're disturbing the everyone!" A voice sounded behind Cassidy as we turned our heads to see who had disturbed our heated debate.

A tall (God, why are they all so tall?) fifty year old woman came out from behind Cass, her lightly wrinkled face stretched into a firm frown and her sandy blond hair with light streaks of grey, tied into a neat sophisticated bun on the back of her head. She had on a very professional looking grey suit on which looked the kind of expensive that meant you wouldn't wear it to just anywhere.

Unless you were Ally. The ex-Luna of the 'Time-Shifter' pack and also Cassidy's mate, Avery's mother.

In which case, you'd wear it everywhere.

She folded her arms slowly as she scowled at Cassidy a hint of dark amusement though flaring in the back of her eyes.

"Well are you going to let the poor girl in or what?" Ally asked.

Wow. Well, that was probably the first and last time that she is ever going to remotely refer to me in anything close to positive even if it was only to call me; 'the poor girl'. Which Ally probably meant in the literal sense of me being poor. Because I was.

A hint of confusion passed over Cassidy's face before a sudden realization seemed to soften her features. "Oh, yeah sorry..." She mumbled, embarrassed in front of her new 'in-law' as her cheeks flushed bright red and her face darted back between myself and Ally.

Then suddenly her long slim but incredibly strong arms grabbed hold of my shoulders pulling me into her home. Then attaching themselves around my shoulders they pulled me up into a massive bear hug that had me wincing for breath and my toes barely scaling the ground.

"Please.... don't... kill me...I'm.... not.... ready to... die... quite yet..." I winced and she quickly pulled back and set me down on my feet again.

Stupid werewolves and their super strength.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to- I'm just so happy to see you and you know being a werewolf and all, you tend to forget your own strength when it comes to humans." She spluttered, her voice all over the place and her eyes glancing back to look at Ally, almost afraid. Which made me confused. What reason could Cass have to be scared of Ally? I mean, she's a right witch (not literally) some times, but she's harmless physically.

Frowning I changed the subject, "Yeah right, you just miss me catering for your demanding hormonal needs by doing things like getting you lots of giant packets of cheese puffs and and cleaning and fetching and carrying for you 24/7 while you damned mate is nowhere to be seen." I grumbled rubbing my sore ribs.

Her face stretched out into a guilty grin, "Yeah well I did offer for you to come and live in the pack house with us all, but you refused..."

"What? Stuck in a crowded house full of hungry and sometimes angry dogs? No thank you."

"Hey we're not dogs! I..."

"Baby's crying." Ally suddenly appeared at Cass's side interrupting her and making Cassidy flinch at Ally's sudden closeness. Hell, it's hard not to flinch at that face.

"Yeah, I'm just about to..." Cassidy yet again didn't get to finish her sentence as Ally with another of her famous scowls exited the entrance with a dramatic swoosh.

A small crooked smile swept across my face.

"Still getting used to the 'in laws' I see."

A crooked but half-hearted smile entered her face too. "Yeah something like that." She fidgeted looking at her nails. "Anyways, do you wanna see him or what?"

"Who?" I asked absentmindedly, while closing the door behind me so that the rain couldn't get in any more.

"My baby! That was the point of you being here!"

"Urmmm yeah I guess... But I have to warn you I really am no good with kids..." I said fidgeting and curling a strand of blond hair around my finger.

A real smile, not one of those 'fake' ones she'd just been giving me, appeared on her face as she excitedly grabbed my hand and she started to pull me down the hallway and through a series of passage ways, through a modern astonishingly white looking kitchen and up a set of stairs up to the grand suite on the top floor, where the Alpha and his mate lived. "You're telling me!" She chuckled when we got to her huge but neatly fashioned bedroom with cream walls and a huge double bed centred in the middle of it all. "I remember when Cara let you hold her babe last year and he accidently weed all over you and you went totally and utterly crazy, because your ruined dress was Gucci."

Cara was one of the other female mother werewolves in the pack, and also the supposed 'good influence' for Cassidy to follow, according to Ally.

Ally had been trying to force Cassidy to take her on as her 'new best friend' for the past three years to try and replace me, who was apparently not 'good enough' for her pack. Not that I was officially actually a member of her bloody precious pack as I was human.

"The stupid baby didn't even have any nappies on! No stupid nappies! It was practically like Cara was trying to tempt fate by handing her baby to me to hold while she 'went to the bathroom'! What kind of sad excuse it that?"

"I don't think its Cara's fault..." Ally mumbled, dropping my hand and grabbing something from her dresser, while we were in here.

"Yeah it friggin' is! She seriously is out to get me!" I yelled not caring who heard me as Cass after finding what she wanted from her dresser, reached up to grab my hand and carried on dragging me onwards to wherever we were meant to be going.

"Remember last Christmas? Huh? I'm pretty sure she was the one who greased the underside of the big plate with the turkey on it so I'd drop it as I walked to the table!"

"Come on, she's not that bad... Oh and look we're here." She said pulling us to a stop outside a small door at the side of her master bedroom.

"You're far too nice you know. I think we need to toughen you up girl." I frowned as I let my hand slide out of Cass's and I turned to see the doorway to what looked like a nursery, the sticky on letters r, y, k, e and r again stuck onto the door at funny disjointed angles that were obviously stuck on by a drunk idiot. Or perhaps just an idiot with no artistic flair whatsoever.

Cass saw me staring at the door and she smiled staring at them too, as if she was remembering something.

"Avery did this room up after I told him I was expecting." She lifted a hand up to the letters and traced the criss-crossed pattern of the 'k' thoughtfully. "I came home after a day of spa which he'd insisted on and there it was, all painted up and it was beautiful." She sighed happily.

"You know you've already told me this a million times before." I raised an eyebrow.

"So...?" She grinned.

I raised my eyebrows even higher at her before pushing open the door and stepping in to Ryker's huge nursery.

Stepping in, a sudden smell hit my nostrils nearly making me reel over backwards from the power of it.

But it wasn't the kind of smell you'd expect from a nursery; like the smell of rotting nappies and baby powder. No, it definitely wasn't.

The strong smell of freshly fallen rain and husky birch wood entered my nostrils and I can honestly say it was probably the best smell I have ever, ever encountered with ever before.

"God, Cass! What did you spray in this room! You're giving me an asthma attack and I'm not even asthmatic!" I bent over coughing and clutching at my throat.

Cass gave we a weird look out of the corner of her eye and ignored my crazed asthma attack and instead dashed towards the small wooden light green cot at the back of the room.

She reached in and pulled out a rather large package of bundles. Holding the large crying bundle of material to her chest protectively she carried it over to where I stood dumbstruck just staring at her.

Cass is a mum. Cass is a mother. At 23. Wow. The realization actually properly dawned upon me as she crossed the room. And it was a seriously scary realization.

Did that mean I was an aunt now? Dear God, I hope they don't make me his Godmother! The responsibility may be to great for my weak willed soul to handle.

Cass gently with her fingers parted the soft muslin from around the baby to reveal a pair of piercing blue eyes that snatched up to meet my eyes.

His bright blue iris' stared into my own light grey ones, making me shiver.

His pupils dilated, retracted and then dilated again, swallowing up his entire iris so it was just one big dark florescent black circle in the middle of his eye. Creepy or what?

The breath caught in my throat. And the whole world seemed to grow silent in that moment.

The bundle came alive as it pushed back the blankets from around himself, revealing a head covered in dark tousled hair which he must of inherited from Cass as Avery's was quite the opposite with a full head of light golden locks. Ryker's small little body practically radiated power and his skin was aglow and bright in the shadow of the dark room, with all the glow in the dark stickers glowing above us.

But there was something wrong with this picture.

I mean other than mythical creatures being involved.

Because this boy could not possibly be Avery and Cass's child.

No. This child was definitely not a newborn child by the looks of its already fast progressing muscles, size, weight, full head of hair and already characteristic features.

No. This child had to be about 10 months old and Cass had only given birth four, five days ago.


My wide eyes flickered up from the piercing eyes of the small boy to that of his supposed mother's, whom after seeing my startled expression sighed.

"What...?" I barely got out before Cass interrupted me.

"We don't know how or why." Cassidy smiled sadly. "It just happened. The birth was normal enough, it was only later did we begin to realise something was wrong."

"But how could he age so fast? I mean... I know you are all mythical creatures and all, but even for werewolf standards this is off." I whispered under my breath.

"We'll figure it out. We have to." She bit her lip worriedly, "Besides, for what we know, it might suddenly stop and he'll then start aging normally like the rest of us again."

"Maybe..." I flickered my eyes back to the boy, who was still staring at me with wide eyes, his blue eyes still pitch black. "Is it normal for him to have black eyes?" I whispered.

"Hmmmm?" She frowned and pulled him around so his face was facing her, and he sat on her hip staring unblinkingly at her. She squinted staring into the boy's eyes before shaking her head and saying, "What are you talking about? His eyes are blue like Avery's."

"Hmmm... maybe I'm just going crazy." I mumbled incoherently, as Cassidy shifted the boy back around on her hip again so he was facing me again.

His pupils trained back on me again dilated again, turning back into pooling black circles of darkness.

Hmmm... maybe it was just another werewolf thing...

Ryker's little arms stretched out towards me and his fingers frantically tried grabbing the air around him, like he was searching for something.

Shocked, I took a step back but as I did so, Ryker began crying and the sounds of his wailing began to fill the air.

"Crap. Here we go again." She breathed heavily and then lifting him up in the air and cooing to him said, "Looks like someone needs their nappies changing!"

She scampered off to the other side of the room, all the while Ryker's screams deafening all around as he clawed at the air around him trying to escape.

Placing the wailing child on the top of some kind of green (everything seemed to be under a weird green coloured scheme here) nappy changing table and Cass at the speed of light whisked him out of his stinky undergarments and into a new fresh pair. The stinky pair she throw into the small 'green' bin under the table.

Once she was done, Ryker still hadn't decided to stop his crazy wailing and continued clawing at the air.

Cassidy did everything she could to calm him down.

She rocked him back and forth in his muslin blankets, tried whispering sweet nothings into his ears, tried placing him back in his cot and putting relaxing music on the speakers around the place and even tried handing him toys to play with. But nothing could seem to stop him.

"Seriously, what is wrong with your kid? He's mental!" I yelled over Ryker's wails, kicking at one of the abandoned toys left on the ground.

Cassidy turned to scowl at me. "Its not my fault he gets like this." She scowled.

"What, so does he do this on a regular basis then?" I asked folding my arms and scowling back.

"Sometimes yes."

"And nothing can stop him?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." She sighed, trying to place him back into his cot and lifting a hand to soothe her flustered face. "Once it took us seven hours to shut him up. And God knows I love him and all, but I just wish he would calm down just once so I could get a sleep." I stared at her face, only just beginning to recognise the bags beginning to form under the eyes.

"What about Avery?"

"Avery's.... busy..." She sighed. " know with pack stuff. And personally I just think its growth pains, cos' the poor little dude is growing so fast and all..."

"I really have missed a lot haven't I?" I half smiled. Referring to the last five days I hadn't seen her due to having to do extra shifts here and there to cover the bills for my flat.

"Yes. But you're here now." She sighed but smiled happily back at me.

I looked back over to the cot to see Ryker now thumberling to get out of it, his legs and arms chaotically twisted in the bars trying to lift himself out.

Clever kid.

"Can I...?" I asked unsure as to why I wanted to so badly.

Her face reflected the shock I felt myself. "Urmm... yeah sure... if you want to?" She lifted the last note of her last word, making it sound like a question.

I stepped slowly over to the cot, my feet taking their time as I locked eyes with Ryker again.

Then the wailing stopped.

Just like that.

His arms shot out as to ask me to take him up in his arms and I did so leaning towards his cot and wrapping my arms around him.

When my skin touched his, a light burning sensation prickled at my skin, forming goose bumps and Ryker buried his head into my neck, wrapping his arms and legs around me in a vice grip.

And one thing for was for sure was that he wasn't going to let me go anytime soon.

"Wow. I have never seen anyone calm him down that fast before." A shocked voice sounded behind me, bringing me back to reality.


"Yeah. I guess he just wanted a hug then?" I turned around and smiled sheepishly at her.

"From you?" Cassidy looked like she was holding back laughter. I scowled.

"Yeah. I can give seriously good hugs you know."

Her red face burst out in a fit of loud insensitive snorts. Not very attractive at all.

"What?" I growled.

"I guess I just never pictured my worst enemy from back in high school ever hugging her ex-boyfriend's and mine's kid after she swore vengeance on me at the year eleven prom after me and Avery were pronounced prom king and queen." She rambled aloud, not making much sense.

God, was she high or something? Was the baby powder going to her head? Did someone secretly drug it? I wouldn't be surprised if either Cara or Ally had done it. Bitches.

"Damn you." I gritted my teeth as Cass was practically rolling on the ground in a ball of laughter.

"No thank you." A new voice entered the room, all husky and powerful. Causing Cassidy to stopping rolling around laughing and come to an abrupt silence. She suddenly stood tall, her ears taking in the sound of the newcomer.


Just as perfect as always...

...And so not my type.

His blond hair curled around his face and he stood tall and six foot eight towering above us all as he slaughtered in. It's just a good thing they have tall ceilings here.

He literally stood above us like a big tall tanned wall of muscle as he wrapped an arm tightly around Cassidy's waist all the time staring at her like they were the only ones in the room. Forgetting about me and Ryker.


He used the leverage from the arm he had around her waist to pull her into his torso and began to lightly place kisses down her throat intimately.

So intimately that I had to turn away in embarrassment.

Because even if I hate the fact that Avery isn't always there for Cass, I still can't deny the fact that he loves her. Unconditionally. And he only isn't always there for her because of his work, which is helping protect her too.

I knew that from the minute they'd met back in high school, when Avery had his arm loosely wrapped around my waist as I was randomly chatting to him about how we were going to raise our status as a couple even further before prom so we'd get chosen for prom king and queen, that he loved her and not me.

He hadn't even been listening to what I was saying. He'd always been kind of distant to me and even more so on the day that she arrived. Never fully paying attention to me.

What a seriously crappy boyfriend. I mean we'd never even kissed either, as he'd always found a way to escape before I could lay one on him.

He'd even told me we were freaking mates back then. We weren't. It turns out the only reason he'd thought that I was (which we found out later once we'd gone to see a witch about it) was because I was his real mate's 'destined' best friend.

What serious crap.

I'd hated her. Because in the middle of me talking about prom, he had sucked in one deep breath of fresh air and his eyes tuned midnight black in colour and then he'd let go of me and went up to her and in one fowl swoop, scooped her up into his arms and whispered something into her ear to which she nodded.

And then he proceeded to growl and bite into the creamy skin of her neck.

Claiming her as his own.

And abandoning me.

So I guess you could understand why I'd acted the way I did with Cassidy at first. Because even though my heart wasn't broken because I knew deep down that I didn't love him that way, I still felt hurt and rejected.

Cassidy had turned up that day and turned my life upside down. Initially at first I thought she'd ruined it, but now I can look back and see that she didn't ruin it, but rather saved me from a life of lies.

Coming back to the present, I cleared my throat as the two proceeded to suck each other's faces off in a moment of passion.

Cassidy was the first to pull back from the kiss, her eyes flickering back to me as still vaguely remembering that I was still in the room for the first time, only to then Avery suddenly grabbing her face again to pull her back into their kiss, his eyes glinting black. He pushed her back on the wardrobe on the side of the room and began kissing down her neck.

"Seriously gross guys!" I yelled at them, rocking Ryker in my arms. "I mean come on. You are snogging in front of your best friend and your son."

Cassidy was more persistent this time, as she pulled back and shoved on Avery's chest as to say 'that's enough'. I let out a breath of relief as Avery's eyes flickered back to crystal blue again.

"Phew! For a minute then, I thought you'd be on the floor in front of me, doing the dirty deed in front of my own poor innocent eyes..."

Cassidy proceeded to blush at my comment, her face flushing bright red but Avery stood proudly in front, with his arm still wrapped securely around her waist.

"Come on. We all know you're definitely not the innocent party in this room." Avery broadly smiled.

"Are you inferring I'm a slut?" I fake scowled at him.

"God no. Why would I ever do that princess?" He mocked me.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I see you've made a new friend?" Avery commented.

"Yup." I said popping the 'p'.

Cass turned to Avery and said, "She actually managed to get him to stop y'know?"

"What?" Avery seemed shocked.

"Yes that's right you cow." I grinned lob sided at him playfully. "You guys seriously owe me."

Avery stroked his chin with his spare hand thoughtfully, "How about you stay for dinner?"

I took one glance down at the small little guy that was still clinging onto me as if I would vanish any second and said, "Well, it doesn't look like I'm going anyway right now does it?"

Avery and Cass grinned in reply.


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