Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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9. The lady has finally gone barmy.


AUTHORS NOTE: Be warned- I touch upon (SPOILER) the subject of bullying here. So if you are sensitive to that subject- best to avoid this chapter. I don’t go too wild with it but I’m taking a definite anti-bullying approach. I am not trying to offend anyone. Thanks for reading!

All votes, comments and reads are greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


CHAPTER 8- The lady has finally gone barmy.

(11 weeks, 3 days- 13 years old)


1 week, 5 days later…


“Why is he staring at you like that?” A bulging eyed, spotty faced kid questioned from the bench in front of me.

His Rockdell high school shirt hung loosely to his wobbly composition, years of nonstop fast food binging hanging in loops around his cheekbones. He looked exactly like Ryker should have looked- loose and dangerously hormonal- his eyes sliding down to the tip of the v-neck of my shirt. Gross.

I ground my teeth together- it was almost as if I’d accidently stepped through some kind of secret time travelling portal and landed myself back in 2008. I glanced down at my shirt- untucked as usual, my skirt several inches up above my knee caps and flowing blond hair skimming my elbows, not tied up in a proper Ashbluff school of academics style. A wry smile cursed my cheekbones.

I glanced up at the boy- the bottom of his tie barely covered his top button.

Ha, time for some fun.

“Because he’s my mate.” I pouted and rolled an arm around a blinking Ryker. I felt him stiffen under my outstretched arm.

“No he isn’t- he can’t be.” The boy rolled up his nose in disgust and Ryker lightly growled at him. I turned my head to glance at Ryker whose lanky arms hung by his sides in fists. His face was knotted in fury. Was he really that repulsed by my touch? “You’re like quadruple his age- duh.”

That was the last straw. I was sooo going to teach that boy a lesson.

I ran my fingers through Ryker’s hair, making him shiver as I smelt the hollow of his throat. Gone was the smell of freshly fallen rain and husky birch wood- replaced with something else I couldn’t quite describe. “Hmm… yummy…” I pretended to fake bite him, my teeth grazing his throbbing vein. He leapt back in his seat in surprise.

“What the hell Kai?!” His eyes had darkened ever so slightly.

“Ewww! That’s disgusting. Stop. Stop it now.” The spotty boy shrunk back into his seat. They say that the claiming (biting of a werewolf’s neck) is an impossibly intimate thing to watch.

“Ryker baby? What’s wrong?” I tilted my head to the side and pouted in an artificial ‘sad’ kind of way.

His mouth opened and closed like a fish. “Umm… nothing.”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong.” The boy snapped looking back forth between us in horror. “You’re sick. That’s what you are.”

I sat dumb struck waiting for some kind of territorial response from Ryker- an Alpha’s response to such a degrading comment from a mere pack member. A growl, a handful of prickly claws, a commanding stare, a tap on the knuckles or just something! No reaction whatsoever. He stared at the peeling wallpaper above the kid’s head as if in a trance.

“You’re a human.” He spat the word out. “And he’s well- I don’t know what the hell he is but it’s not natural and shouldn’t be Alpha. You together-” He tapped his fingers on the edge of the bench. “is just plain weird. It would never work.”

It would never work.

I felt my bones crunch and tummy churn in anguish. “You complete and utter-”

“Luna Hendred…” A tall prim lady with a long suede green coat suddenly tottered in from the glass panelled room we’d all been sat opposite for god knows how long with bright red lips. “Aaah.” Her sea green eyes fixed on me.

I quickly yanked my arm out away from Ryker. He let out an irritated grunt. So now he was responding huh?

“You’re not our Luna.” Her lips fastened together.

“No, I don’t believe I am.” I clucked my tongue up against my front teeth to preoccupy my thoughts so I didn’t screech at her about leaving us out here for the last three quarters of an hour. I scowled at her ‘shocked’ face- it was quite evident that she knew that it wasn’t Cass out here. No one would dare keep a Luna waiting. Especially with Ember’s infamous rep.

God knows how much work I must be missing now. Dale was going to murder me. I was only supposed to take a ‘short’ (in other words an hour) lunch break. 

“Where is she then?” The woman lapsed back into the sneer she’d been restraining. “She hasn’t been answering my phone messages.”

“She’s otherwise… detained.” I bit my tongue.

“Doing what?”

“Important stuff a woman like you wouldn’t understand.” I glowered. “Important pack related, life or death stuff.”

“Oh. I see.” She drew herself to her full height- she would of filled the doorframe up if it weren’t for the specially werewolf friendly designed layout of the room. Everything was three times the height, or width it would be if it were human sized. “So you’re…?”

“Kai.” I yanked out my provisional licence from my back pocket and offered to her, she declined it with a sniff. I’d never actually managed to pass my driving test, even after 7 years of learning. “I’m his godmother and the Luna’s private confidant.”

I drew up and stalked over to where she was standing. I barely graced her shoulder blade- and she wasn’t even wearing heels. Damn.

Ryker sighed, making it out that it was a massive deal to inch himself out of the stool and slaughter over to where we were standing. I blinked when he beckoned a good couple of inches over my heel encased self. Though he wasn’t quite as tall as the fully-grown werewolf opposite, he was well on the way.

“Alpha.” She bowed her head down in respect. I raised my eyebrows at Ryker but he just shrugged in turn and moodily threw himself into the room and onto a chair in front of the imposing head teacher’s desk.

The lady fell in step behind him, letting the door swing back into my face without even a glance. Cow! I helplessly yanked at the stuck door that had the entrails of gum inched around its edges- a school prank. Shame it didn’t work on werewolves with the supernatural strength. Just us petty humans.

The spotty faced boy snorted at me and shoved a handful of skittles into his gob. It was weird to think that he, of all people, would turn out to be one of those hot mouth salivating werewolf babes in just a couple of years.

I finally managed to get the door open. The room that my eyes took in stole my breath away. It was an odd shape for an office, stretching down and along the curved corridor with long arched lime green panels and big glass windows that you could see the edge of the woods from.

Very chic, very modern. But I guess that’s something to do with the pack recently coming into a lot of money after taking over the pack just north of here.

Ryker looked vaguely amused from his chair, his lips curving ever so slightly up. He certainly hadn’t helped me. Idiot. He’d gotten really grumpy and vindictive in his old age- preferring to reside for hours on end in his room, ignoring the world and glaring at me endlessly like it was my fault he was cursed.

His amusement didn’t last long as a scowl etched back over his features.

I slunk down into the wooden chair next to Ryker’s- the one that was actually meant for the students- the punishment chair, hard on your backbone forcing you to sit up straight whilst Ryker’s chair (the parent’s) was issued with padded cushions. The green coat lady didn’t say anything at this odd arrangement.

As she sat down on her chair she instructed a hand out to greet mine. I reluctantly shook it back. She had a nice, firm grip. Much like Ally’s. The sign of a strong wolf.

“Hello Ms…?”

“Repetto.” I pulled my hand back.

“Hello Ms Repetto.” She pulled back into her seat and narrowed her eyes. “I’m Mrs Oyler, headmaster of Rockdell Highschool.”

“Yeah.” I nodded to the name sign positioned proudly at the front of her desk. “I guess you are.”

“As you are just the messenger here I think we’ll just get straight to the point.” She drew a finger across a stack of papers on her desk, a strand of light coloured hair escaping from her tightly knotted bun. “Ryker- Alpha Ryker has been…” She tilted her head thoughtfully, “…somewhat struggling to cope with the concept of his role in this school. This probably, as you soon will realise- if we don’t treat it soon- will extend out into the confines of his extracurricular activities.”

Ryker slumped further back into his seat.

I tried to hide a smile. Like father, like son. “What’s he been doing? Shoving loo roll down the toilets? Whoopee cushions on teacher’s chairs? Talking in class?” I looked sideways at Ryker- his eyes bored into the side of my face. I edged ever so slightly away from his gaze. “Or has he stepped up a notch? Missed class? Not handed in his homework in time? Failed a grammar test?”

Mrs Oyler’s brows drew together as she clasped her hands on the desk. “No. Not exactly.” She took a side-glance at Ryker. “Alpha Ryker has been the perfect student- almost too perfect. His grades are immaculate, he’s been moved up many grades and he’s always polite to the teachers…”

“So why the hell am I here then huh?” I growled out.

“Miss Repetto- language please.” She sighed. “No. That’s the problem. He’s perhaps too good. He’s not- per say- very… very… confident in dealing with the older kids.” Long nails poised, “With his condition, we can all make allowances for him, but he struggles to cope with his Alpha role.”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“In short- he’s being bullied.”

“Bullied?” I asked, mouth open.

“Yes. Bullied.” She glanced over to Ryker who sank even lower into the depths of the cushions on his chair. His piercing gaze bored into Mrs Oyler’s desk like he was trying to seer lazer beams through it with his eyes. “Ryker honey, would you please talk to Miss Repetto about it, if you won’t talk to me?”

Ryker grunted and shook his head.

Bullied? An Alpha being bullied? It was unheard of. It threatened the system- if people thought that an alpha could be intimidated and controlled then there would be an uprising. Mrs Oyler’s face crumpled up in worry.

“Do you quite understand the depths of what this might mean in the werewolf community Kai?” She shook a strand of russet hair that had crept out of her up do out of her eyes.

“Yes. I do ‘get it’.” I crunched my fillings together.

“Good.” She shuffled through a couple of sheets on her desk.

“Hey,” I awkwardly stretched a hand out towards Ryker, only to be rejected, his electric fingers brushing mine away- like swotting a fly, “what’s up bud? You know you can tell me anything right?”

“I’m not being bullied.” He glowered, shrugging. “I’m just swimming in uncharted territory. Getting my footing right. Those dimwits won’t know what’s hit them soon enough.”

“Right…” I dug the heels of my palms into my too tight bootleg ‘professional’ trousers.

What had he been having to deal with? Mental violence?

Insults thrown at him on a day-to-day basis? The memories of my old vindictive ways hung allusively in the air. I had been one of those bullies- the insults, articulated and polished to perfection poised on the tip of my tongue to lasso around innocent victims scampering on by in the corridor.

A lump formed in my throat. What a bitch.

‘Why don’t you just scamper on back to KFC fat ass.’

‘You’re proof that God has a sense of humour idiot.’

‘My god- what the hell have you done to your face?’

‘You do know that makeup is never going to cover youknow- that.”

Or was it worse? Did they attack him physically? A little shove here and little elbow there? Did they take advantage of his frail manner and sarcastic ways?

It wasn’t natural… he was meant to be the strong one.

He was meant to be the Alpha. I pictured Avery in loose jeans hung around his waist- his cocky smile and the cigarette he had gnashed between his teeth as he hung me to his side like an accessory whilst surveying the corridors. His cool, confident ways as he high fived Sam, his Beta and glowered at the newbies to keep them in check.

That was what an Alpha was meant to be. Ryker- well, he was just well Ryker.

He was cursed.

“Kai?” A voice brought me blinking out of my daze. My eyes rolled around in their sockets. “Miss Repetto, are you listening to me? It is vital that you listen to me.”

“Yes. Sorry.” I muttered under my breath. Ryker’s eyes were still stuck to the desk.

“Ryker needs to attend defence lessons. Something to improve his mobility. His confidence.” She skewered the report in front of herself with her eyes restlessly, licking her fingers and tugging out another page from under. “You dance do you not, Miss Repetto?”

How’d she know about that? “Yes, I do but I-”

“You can offer the boy lessons?” She dropped her head to the side.

Ryker suddenly pulled back up in his seat, distraught. “No. No way.” He hissed under his breath. “There is no way in hell- I am dancing.”

“Language.” Mrs Oyler uttered.

“I’ll be laughing stock.” He threw his hands through his hair ashamedly. “Laughing stock. The fool.”

I tugged a face as well. Dancing with Ryker? He had two left feet. I wouldn’t be able to cope with the constant bruises. “I’ve unofficially retired from my dancing career.” I blundered. “I have no where to practice and I have a new job…”

“I’m sure you’ll find the time.” She quipped.


“Why the hell didn’t you tell me what was going on Ryker?” I yelled at him, (after arriving back from the high school, Dale had begrudgingly given me the day off) throwing my coat onto one of the many peg hooks arranged onto the side of the corridor in the pack house.

Each of them were named (not that I paid any attention to whose I was flinging my coat onto) like they do in nursery for the little toddlers with little pictures of buses and trains above them. Minus the little pictures of course. I almost smiled- almost.

He ignored me soundlessly whilst stepping around me and down into the entertainment room, which was to our left across from the kitchen. I stalked around the corner towards his retreating figure.

“Come back here right now.” I glowered. “I’m not done with you yet.”

My fingers caught onto the edge of his muddy shirt, tearing it. I gasped at what it revealed below.

Long viscous darkening yellow purple bruises had formed beneath the thin layer of skin that stretched over his feeble muscles. They glowed almost like the fluorescent stars in his baby room, making my stomach shaking violently. I felt like throwing up and hugging him into oblivion at the same time.

I lifted a hand up to his skin, my mouth agape. “What have they been doing to you Ryker?” His skin shocked me- hot and sizzling like a blistering barbeque.

“Get off of me.” He flinched under my touch, yanking away. He bent his knees reaching down for the remote control for the TV and flipping the channel over so he could tune in the PS4. The screen flashed up, bright and luminous lighting up the otherwise dark room. “Oh look at that.” He replied sarcastically. “Isaac’s online- big surprise.”

He fell down onto the floor crossing his legs, not bothered about the lack of light in the room. His pupils widened as to take in as much light as possible. “You joining in…?” He nodded towards the spare controller for the PS3.

I reached down at yanked the controller out of his hands, turning the TV off.

“Hey!” He suddenly barked. His eyes darkening. Not that you could easily tell, his pupils already inches wide in the centre of his eyeballs. “What do you think you’re doing? Not cool man.”

“First of all- I’m not a man.” I pulling my fingers up listing, “Second of all- you’re going to tell me how you got those bruises and thirdly, we’re going to go confront them.”

“No. I think you’ll find we’re not.” He fiddled with the controller, a score board illuminating the room. Second to top, one below Isaac- JUSTICEDOOM87 sat proudly grinning- an artificial caricature with long flowing dark hair, arched metal shield and bulging muscles from his position on the screen.

He mocked how my insides hurt so badly. Why was life throwing me this? Of all people? Was it my penance, for all my bad acts in the past? I know I wasn’t the nicest of people- I’m still not but…

…I was trying to change. For Ryker.

“I’ve almost beaten him. Almost.” Ryker muttered.

“What? Why won’t you be confronting them?” I tilted my head to the side, ignoring his progress on the scoreboard. “Scared of some little baby wolfies?” I let out an artificial laugh.

“I’m not scared of them.” He growled out. His finger hovering above the big play button- to start a new game. He looked like he was struggling with something. Something he couldn’t understand. “I’m just playing the game.”


Suddenly he was up on his feat, his fists bunched at his sides. Inches away. “I’d be careful what you say to me Kai.” He hissed. “You might not like the answer.”

I tugged down the edge of his shirt and the front- he had bruises there too. They rippled under my touch. He caught my wrist in his grasp.

“I just want to understand Ryker.” My eyes felt sore. No- I wasn’t going to cry. “I want to help.”

He let go of my wrist, it fell to my side. I felt his breath on my face. We were close. Too close.

He nodded and closed his eyes tightly swaying back and forth. “It wasn’t them.” He gritted his teeth. “It was never them. These bruises…” He pulled his shirt off- ripping it with his fists. I was quick to squeeze my eyes together. “They’re apart of my curse.” I felt his breath on my nose. “You can open your eyes Kai. It’s alright.”

He briefly raised his forehead to mine, leaning against me for a couple of seconds. It was weird to think his twitching, hormone producing, electrically stimulated brain was only a handful of bone and flesh away from my own.

It was soon over. I opened my eyes.

Glancing down at the dips and dives of his rib bones I flinched- dear god he was so skinny even though he ate too much. Bruises nearly ornamented every inch of his skin. It took all I had not to race away from his Frankenstein’s creature physique.

“What?” I stepped back, but he caught onto the edge of my wrist holding me still.

“I’m growing so fast that my body can’t handle it Kai.” He looked into my eyes- his vibrant blue eyes scorching beneath the surface. “This- these bruises… they’re the symptoms of something bigger than you or I can understand.”

I glanced down at his hand around mine- his nails were ridiculously long curling around and grazing my palms. His hair, I noticed, had inched past his shoulders by now even though Cass had cut it only a couple of days ago.

“How do we stop it?” I swallowed.

“We can’t.”

I pounded on the door with my knuckles using all my strength. Barely denting its surface beneath my crazed approach. I took care to notice that they’d managed to repair it since I was last here- and Avery had nearly destroyed it in his wake.

I felt weak.

“Open this damn door now!” I screamed angrily. If I couldn’t use my strength, I’d use my voice.

The door suddenly whipped open, a thin knobbly floured face appearing at the entrance way. Mrs Alice Nee.

“Aaaah.” Her lips lapsed into a smile- I felt my insides bubble in anger at her calm response. “I was wondering when you’d finally make an entrance.”

I barged in, clipping her shoulder aggressively before running through flour doused house (no doubt she’d been attempting to cook- the smell of burning tickling my nose hairs) to a bookstand placed to the side of the living room against the staircase.

I grabbed at a few books- David Walliams’ gangsta granny staring at me gleefully, a few mythology books, The Kite Runner, the Highway code and many others throwing them to the ground repeatedly.

They weren’t what I was looking for. My arms ached as I sieved through book titles fiercely.

“You won’t find anything there.” She crossed her arms over her pinny and raised her eyebrows. She looked ridiculous- her red hair angled up in different directions and a large striped cupcake fastened onto her front. Not witchy like at all. “Why don’t we all just take a nice deep breath and relax? Do you want a nice cup of tea?”

“No I fucking well don’t want a nice old cup of tea, witch.” I replied, throwing a bunch of books on the floor all at once.

“Sheesh. Calm down. I was only offering.” She wandered over the couch and sat down. “Take a seat with me.”

“No.” I glanced down at one book in my hand- the title read ‘How to deal with a teenager for dummies’ and snorted. How very domesticized of her. Not at all witchy like. I threw it to the ground and began to fumble through the titles again.

“I think you’ll find you do want to. NOW.” Her withered eyes bored into my back as I felt myself, not at all of own my free will, feet seamlessly gliding over to her depositing my body onto the couch.

“Now- isn’t that better?”

I opened my mouth to release a hand full of swear words into the atmosphere but the words caught in my throat- almost making me choke.

“We will not be having any of that now will we?” She smiled, brushing the sheen of flour off her overalls and onto the floor. How messy. “Now- I’m guessing this is about Ryker.”

“Well yes- of course but-”

“You want to know more about his curse?” She interrupted.

“Yes. I do. I want to know where you’re getting all this stupid bullshit about him stopping growing at 16 when he first transforms into his wolf from. I want to properly stop his curse and save him.”

“Well,” she paused, “you most certainly wouldn’t have found out any of that in a mere book.” She lifted her hand to the table- a cup of tea mysteriously materialising in her hand, bringing it up to her lips for a quick sip. “Ryker- well he’s definitely the strangest case I’ve ever come across. What is he now? 10? 11 years old…?”

“13. He’ll probably have aged to 14 in the next couple of days.”

“Aaah. That’s quite an awkward age. You’ll have you hands full soon enough trying to deal with that.” Her face spaced out for a second. “You should take that book you know- the one you so helplessly threw onto the floor.” I blinked and it appeared in her hands. “It could be useful.” She placed it on my lap. “But the worse bit I bet for you will be the late teens.” She raised her eyebrows. “Don’t Alpha’s go all haywire and power hungry at that age?”

“I don’t know- I…”

“You dated Avery at that age, didn’t you not?”

“Well I…”

“Try to use that as your guidelines for this predicament.” She sipped her tea again. “Don’t blame him for his actions. It’s in his nature- you can’t blame him.”

“Where’s Isaac?” I asked my breath all rushing out. I didn’t need him spying on us and then reporting back my anxiety to Ryker.

She lifted her eyebrows up almost mockingly. “At school. It’s barely midday sweetie.” Her eyebrows folded over. “At least I hope he is, but you never know with these teenage delinquents huh? Ryker and Isaac must now be in the same class now right? They’re both approaching the same age.” She squinted off into the distance. “It must look really funny once Ryker’s turned 48 and him and Isaac are still the best of friends…”

“Aha!” I glowered at her dazed expression. “So you admit that he’s not going to stop when he hits sixteen?”

“Of course. A curse is a curse for a reason.” She looked at me in confusion. Mouth parted, eyebrows lowered.

“So you admit to lying to Cass and Avery?”

“Yes. I do admit to lying to Alpha Avery and Luna Cassidy. It was for the best- no need to worry them when they’ve already got so many other things on their plates- or will have- I should say.”

“What other things?” I asked worriedly. What else could be more important than Ryker’s health?

“I’ve already said too much!” She exclaimed with a flick of her hand. “To reveal too much about the future will only ensure chaos is to unfold around reality.”

“Can’t you just- I don’t know? Peak into the future and tell us how we end his curse?” I begged desperately, resting my palms on top of hers. “It’s killing him.”

“Rubbish. Absolute rubbish.” She gurgled on her tea, pulling her hands out from under mine. “It’s not killing him. Quite the opposite.”

“I need your help Alice.” I grabbed onto her wrist. “I- I don’t think you understand the situation quite properly.” I mouthed the words at her. If she needed me to talk to her like she was a baby- I would. I have no shame. “He. Is. Dying. He has bruises and lumps under his skin,” I held up my fist aggressively into the still air, “the size of fists, or perhaps even tennis balls.”

She sighed, pushing down my hand with her fingers lightly. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“What do you mean, ‘you’ll see what you can do?’”

“I’ll have a talk to the spirits.” She bit her lip. “See what they’ve got in plan for Ryker. See if I can try and dissuade them in their course of action.”

The lady has finally gone barmy.


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