Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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12. Pendulum girl.



Sorry- I will get around to adding a time reference within the next couple of days- probably. Ryker is about 17/18 in this chapter.  


CHAPTER 11: Pendulum girl.

Their mouths stretched open and closed like a gulper eels- big wide spaced eyes and long elegantly poised tails that lashed me with their words. I fanned my sweaty cheeks with the back of my hand, flies buzzing around the room, their wings coasting along with the waves of air conditioning that hit them and sent them sailing. They didn’t even have to try.

It was a wonder that the gulper eels didn’t accidently swallow one. If only. That would certainly brighten up my day.

They all sat perched around the table in the break room- eyes nervously flicking back at forth between me and their leader, who silently swung her legs back at forth like a pendulum. It was almost hypnotic. Her long brown hair swung back and forth too, catching ever so slightly in the air con.

“I heard she’s been sleeping with the boss to get a pay rise.”

The longhaired brunette’s matching brown eyes widened at the thought. “I know! Isn’t it atrocious to think of all the STDs she’s given him? Poor, poor man.” She tapped the cross ornamenting her neck.

She wore an out of date light pink blouse and long flair trousers- as if she’d just stepped out of the 1960s. She’d probably even dressed that way in high school- a ‘good girl’ in most respects, cross wielding, smartly dressed with top grades. Her parent’s little pride and joy.

Her face had hardened from years of mental torture from the likes of someone like me. Now spiteful and bitter of so called blond sluts- that could only sleep their way to the top. Not get there through hard graft.

I bit my lip. If I could dish it out, I’d better take it.

A small pixie blond with sticky out ears, a gap tooth and a polka dot dress nodded in agreement. “I heard she was just using him to get an air conditioning unit next to her desk- how people can be so superficial I don’t know… poor, poor Dale.” She fanned her flustered cheeks- sweat rolling down her brow. She crossed and uncrossed her legs. Fidgeting.  

“She’s totally dating 3 guys all at once! I saw her talking in hushed tones down the line to some randomer called Isaac. The slutty bitch.” Pendulum girl whispered, leaning over to the others. They glanced over at me from over the top of a HELLO magazine they were pretending to read. They hadn’t turned the page over in the last 20 minutes.

I wondered whether they knew their voices were so loud? Were the oblivious or just trying to scare me off? I ground my feet into the floor.

Just ignore them- just ignore…

“Oh my god- I’d have never expected that off her- she looked so… so… docile- like bambi with all that silky blond hair and she’s so small…” A third party member uttered- she was older, perhaps late 30s to early 40s. She failed to dress her age though, taking to gaping shirts, tight skirts and bright pink lipstick. Though it did kind of suit her.

“Well they do say a wolf hides in sheep skin…” Polka dot folded her arms. Fidgeting again.

“They’ve broken up youknow- she found out he had a kid and went all bat shit crazy on him- she can’t stand kids… could you ever imagine her as a mother?”

Reaching forward I awkwardly tugged a digestive out of a packet, but as I did it disintegrated in my hands. An omen of what was in store for me perhaps? By the way pendulum girl’s eyes burned holes into my backbone through the reflection in the above microwave- it looked a very likely scenario.

Pink lipstick woman snorted, and I could practically feel the snot spray splinter out onto my back. Lovely. “She’d make a flippin’ terrible mother. When me and Liz asked her about her family she snorted and told us that they- wait, no, I just can’t say it, it was just so awful.”

“Oh my.” Pendulum again. “How awful!”

“She can’t even cook.” One giggled. “She flirts with a guy in a cake shop and gets him to make all her food for her.” Throat woman answered.

Yeah right. I heaped a lump of sugar into a mug. Rick only does that for me on Tuesdays and every other Wednesday- but that’s not the point. I can cook. I just choose not to. I’m a perfectly capable cook.

“I-I don’t even think she can have kids.” Polka dot dress stuttered.

I froze. Was it me or has this conversation escalated? First I have STDs and now I’m barren? What kind of idiot makes that kind of assumption? You just don’t joke about that kind of thing. I vigorously bashed the teaspoon around in the mug, splashing it all on the metal top.

“Oh god- do you see the way she’s stirring her cuppa? All backwards? And what is that smell…? Burnt toast? She definitely can’t cook.” Someone grunted.

I pulled the toast out of the toaster and considered whirling around batfink style declaring ‘my wings are like a shield of steel’ in a deep, gravely voice and throwing at them. Then when I realised I would have to clear up the said mess- I decided it was worth it. Their faces would have been funny though, covered in a light dusting of charcoal.

“Hi ladies,” I spun around on the tips of my red heels and nodded to them with an homely butter melting smile, “do you all fancy a cuppa?” I rustled up a couple of plates and placed my shrivelled toast on them, lifting it up. A fly happily made a beeline for it- sinking into the depths of the oozing butter. “Or some toast? I’ve heard from Mrs Green it’s freshly baked this morning.”

They blinked back at me in astonishment. Polka dress’ glasses even slid down her sweaty nose. Pink lips’ eyes fastened onto the wiggling motion of the fly trying to untangle itself from the sticky butter in horror. 

It was pendulum girl who was the first to react though. “O-oh, n-no thank you.” Her voice wobbled and her brown boots wiggled beneath her.

Not so tough now huh? A stomach twisted uneasily. Don’t go too harsh on them…

“Any takers?” I held up the kettle for good measure. “Or do you all think I’m gunna spike it?” I pulled a small metal flask out of my back pocket.  “I totally can- if you want.”

Their mouths dropped open gulper eel style and quickly made their excuses swarming towards the exist like bees. All except from pendulum girl that is. Her lips twists into an awkward half sly, half amazed I was even talking to her look that conflicted with the soft contours of her face.

“Yes?” I tilted my head to the side.

She twisted her head around 360 degrees, scanning around to make sure none of her crew were around. “Ugh- c-can I?” She nodded to the flask.

Little dare devil.

My lips curled up. “Bottoms up.” She quickly grabbed it from my hands and took a long hard gulp. I could practically hear it hitting the sides of her oesophagus like metal striking metal. “Whoza. Calm down.” I reached forwards pulling the flask from her white rimmed knuckles.

“Ugh- thanks.” She answered awkwardly- cheeks flustered. Had she even had alcohol before? What was she 19? 20?

“I used to be like you- youknow.” I threw a few drops into my mug, watching the dark ominous swirl dissolve into the liquid.

“Really?” Her fingers anxiously played around with her cross. She looked almost excited.

“Well- I wasn’t religious or...” I looked her up and down, “…as unusually dressed as you… but I was a bitch.” I smiled artificially. “Still am.”

“What?” She looked stunned. “I’m not-”

“You don’t have to pretend anymore.” I nodded to the exit. “This isn’t high school anymore. There isn’t popular kids and unpopular kids. There’s just people. And all people have feelings, so keep your trap shut.”

I wished someone had had the balls to tell me that all those years ago.

The girl shrugged laxly. Had it sunk in?

“I-is it true?” She questioned- probably not then.

I sighed downing my cup. “Does it matter? I’m gunna be guilty one way or the other anyway.”

The loud footfalls of Kenja scampering into the room in heels caused us both to jump in our skin. “O-oh hi Kenja.” Pendulum dried her sweaty palms on her trousers, leaving long dark stains.

Kenja looked distastefully at her, glancing at me. “What have you been saying to Kai, Melissa? To get her to bring out the brandy? She only ever does that when she’s like really ticked off.”

Melissa blinked. “Uggh…”

Kenja tapped at her false silver nails on the side. Her long dark hair was curled up into a dark overpowering quiff that added 5 inches to her height- making her even more intimidating.

“Off you go then- go scuttle off back into your hole with all your cronies.” Kenja’s eyes narrowed. Melissa ran off, big boots hitting the ground in loud repetitive slaps.

I raised my eyebrows.

“What? You know I can’t stand bullies.” Best not to tell her about my past then. I swallowed. Perhaps I did deserve everything that was coming to me. “Come on! You can’t hide in here forever honey.”

“I can try.” I snorted. Leaning back onto the side.

“Dale’s been getting really and I mean really grumpy with me- I need your support. Please. I beg you.” She whined in turn.

“I’ll just make him more grumpy.” I tried to look uncaring- picking out the crumbs of the destroyed digestive biscuit from between my fingers.

“Please? For me?” She shook my shoulders. “I’ll stay here and irritate you to no end if you don’t.


“Well, that’s not very professional of you. I though you were a professional-”

My brain ached already. I gave in. Hours of this would kill me. It was even worse than Dale’s bodingly desperate behaviour. Towering over me, grabbing onto my hands…

“Fine.” I grunted, running my hands through my hair.

Into the lion’s den it was then.


“Can’t we just talk this through?” Dale awkwardly tilted over my desk- straightening out my name plate and a heap of strewn papers. He flinched at the crumbs of doughnuts that had crept into the cracks in the wood, never to return.

“No.” I glared at him through my eyelashes. “I’m done chasing. We’re over.”

“Fine.” He balled up his fists and threw a cluster of paper on my desk. “Sort out and file away these.”

The bastard! No please, no smile- nothing! And to think I was falling in love with him…

He turned around and plundered out of the room- the air con catching on the edge of his prim dark suit. He did look quite saucy I’ll admit though… hair swept back, elegantly swooping out the room in the midst of a passionate argument with his esteemed lover… SNAP OUT OF IT. He has a kid! A 13 year old kid.

You hate kids. Ryker, though is sometimes, only sometimes though- an exception to this case.

After hearing a cluster of giggles echo from the beyond the glass in the main office I groaned. The break time girls were back. In great abundance. I pulled the flask from my back pocket and took a long, deep slug.

“Do you think that’s such a great idea?” Kenja questioned me from her desk to my right. “You remember what happened last time…”

“Mind your own god damn business!” I snapped. Kenja flinched.

I really didn’t need this. I took another gulp. Why was my life so messed up? I took another gulp. My mind twitched back to Ryker- he’d been looking older and older these days- his smile, his laugh… oh god! What was happening to me?

I took the papers into my hands. I missed dancing. I screwed up my eyes. Kenja suddenly materialised at the front of my desk, leaning over flashing me. “Oh god- I really didn’t want to see that.”

Kenja ignored me. “Are you alright Kai?” I nodded. “No- are you really alright Kai? I can tell something’s been bugging you these last few days and you won’t tell me.”

“Something’s always bugging me and yes- yes I’m fine.” She swiped all my papers to the side and dramatically slammed a leaflet onto my desk with excitement her eyes twinkling. I glanced at it suspiciously- the edges were covered with the heavy angles of Melissa and her Hench men’s faces. Kenja’s knack for catching their flustered expressions was quite brilliant. “A dance competition? Really? What am I? 5?”

“Dancing all takes your mind off of things. It’ll be good for you. Winner goes to the nationals. It’s your dream come true Kai.”

I pushed it away. Dancing was for babies. I’d given up on doing that ages ago. Even Cass didn’t think I was good enough for it. “I-I can’t do this. What if I fail miserably? I’ll look like an idiot- coming back crawling to Dale. To Cass.”

“Yes you can- you’re good Kai. Really good. And just imagine what you could do with that kind of money? You could buy your own studio! Start up your own dance business!” She grinned, waving her arms around hysterically. “When you do of course… feel free to give a nice helping to your agent- me.”

“I’m content here.” I riled through the files shaking my head in amusement.

“It’s not funny Kai. Quite obviously you’re not. You’re stuck in the after mass of a crappy relationship with the boss, you’ve obviously got family issues to deal with and you’re practically wasting away here.” She nodded to the big box of doughnuts on my table- she swiped up the box and threw it in the bin.

“Hey! That was mine!”

“Come on Kai! I know you’re not happy here! For god’s sake- I saw you dancing around in the filing room the other day with the radio on full blast. You can’t deny you don’t miss it.”

“No. I don’t.” I threw the leaflet into the bin.

“Fine then. Suit yourself.” She narrowed her eyes angrily. “Self destruct- see if I care.” She stomped off to her desk in a huff.

I tugged my flask up to my mouth, but it was empty, only a small drip cascading into my mouth. I reached into my bottom draw and pulled out a bottle of rum- pouring it into my flask.

Self-destruct my ass.


Back at the pack house I sat perched outside on the deck in the moonlight. Which wasn’t probably the best place to be- considering it was a full moon and I was merely inches away from a bunch of teething werewolves. I smiled- I always liked living on the wild side.

The deck creaked behind me. I twisted my head around to see Jack funnelling out of the shadows a cocky grin etched onto his face, which looked almost vampire-like pale in the moonlight.

“Jack? What are you doing here?” I patted the spot next to me.

“I-I’m sorry I kissed you Kai.” He shrugged, hands in pockets. He inched forward to stand beside me. “I-I didn’t mean it. I mean it’s not like I even like you that way- you’re, you’re like family.”

I watched him for a long time, swaying ever so slightly on his feet- there was a viscous looking bruised cut on his rim of his jawbone. “Are you ok?” I asked him.

He nodded. The wound flexed as he did so, causing him to flinch.

My hands shook as I reached towards his face. “Wait? What do you think you’re doing?” He looked almost sick at the thought of me touching him.

“Don’t w-worry lover boy. I’m not trying to snog you.” The corner of my mouth tilted up slightly. “Just wanna get a closer look at that monstrosity.” My fingertips scaled the wound. “And I thought you bloody werewolves were indestructible…”

He shrugged. “Ryker’s existence is definite proof against that.”

I pursed my lips. Ryker. My heart tugged in my chest. Why? I had no clue.

I tugged him on into the kitchen. “Come on.” When we stepped through the double doors and into the house, I let go of his hand to dart around the kitchen in search of the first aid box. When I found it I tugged out a bottle of TCP, beckoning Jack forwards so I dab it onto his wound. He flinched. “Does that hurt?” He nodded. I smiled sympathetically. “Serves you right. For kissing me without my permission.”

He bit his lip. “Sorry. Again. I was- irritated and I took out my frustration on you.”

I nodded. “How a-are you and Sam doing?” His eyes widened at my question.

“What do you mean?”

I raised my eyebrows. “I think you know exactly what I mean.” He pulled back, eyes widening, dragging a hand through his hair. “Did Sam do that to you?” I asked. His expression relaxed a little- he thought I was talking about their public disagreement.

“No. I fell over.” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Into a broken vase.”

“Right.” I bit my lip. “Don’t let him hurt you ok?” I screwed the lid back onto the TCP shakily and dropped it back into the first aid. Why werewolves even bothered with first aid I’m not sure. “Don’t let him hurt you.”

He crossed his arms, watching the way I shook slightly- like a leaf in the breeze. “Are you ok Kai?” He sniffed the air. “You’ve been drinking.”

“Is that illegal?” I frowned. Why was everyone so hell bent on me not drinking? “I’m 22 years old, nearly 23. I’m getting old- I can take care of myself.”

“Whoa, calm down.”

I felt his presence before he even entered the room. Ryker. I steadied myself on the counter. I could hear his breathing even from all across the room. He wore a t-shirt with a picture of a galaxy on it – spiralling out from the centre of his chunky torso. My arms ached ever so slightly, wanting to wrap themselves around him. He stood glancing between Jake and me suspiciously. His eyes darkened. My breath caught in my throat- what had he to be now? 17? 18? He was nearly taller than Jake, his hair fallen past his long lanky shoulder blades.

“What are you doing here?” He glared at Jack- Alpha tone on.

“I live here- Alpha.” He gritted out the last word. “As does everyone else in this pack.”

“It’s almost midnight. Haven’t you got better places to be?”

“Yes Alpha.” Jack stumbled on out of the room, glancing over his shoulder at me.

“What was that about?” I walked up to him and poked him in the chest with a sharp fingernail. His eyes softened and for a second he looked like the same boy I’d play snakes and ladders with. With a few additional spots still growing in clusters on his face. “He’s your uncle and there was no need to be so aggressive. I know you’re all mixed up with your hormones and stuff and you’ve got growing pains but that’s no excuse for-”

He caught my wrist in his hands. “We’re going out.” He interrupted.

“What?” My eyes widened.



Ryker kept his distance from me on the walk- taking time every now and then to throw me aggressive glances, as if I was molten lava and I was going to burn him if I got too close. There was a kind of hunger in those glances that made my throat itch uncomfortably. Maybe I was just imagining it though. Maybe he was just looking forward to cheese ball snacks at the party we were heading to.

Why Ryker wanted to go to a party I don’t know. All he had wanted to do in the past was play video games and eat ice cream. Times change, though I guess.

We hadn’t had to travel far. The smell of beer and drugs clung to the air as we approached a row of houses. People funnelled in and out of one of them chaotically, the sound of music roaring out of the doors and windows like some kind of beast.

“Where the hell are we?” I straightened my suit. I hadn’t managed to change. I probably looked like a cop. Great. A bunch of she-wolves glanced at me suspiciously on the way in.

“A friend’s.”

“I thought Isaac was your only friend?” I tried tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention but he just shrugged me off.

Instead of answering, he continued to move on through the crowd. I shivered as he pulled me behind him, shielding me with his back. He haltered to a stop and I nearly fell on into him, meeting with the stars that ornamented his top. Virgo or something. The close contact caused sparks, which made me yelp.

His friends who lazed against the drinks table frowning at every little wolf that timidly approached their table for drinks and snacks, looked vaguely amused by my actions. They were all a similar height to Ryker- if not a little taller, if not older. They looked like collage kids not teenagers with big brooding smiles and aggressive stances.

“Hi Alpha.” They greeted. I snorted. Alpha.

“He’s not an Alpha. He can barely tie his own shoe laces.” I giggled hysterically, slightly high of the smoke that filled the room. Ryker glowered at me turning to his friends.

A rangy wall of muscle to my right frowned. Could he even be called a boy? His hair was mousy brown and his eyes bright green, just like the head teacher’s had been. They had the same stance- tall and proud, sneering at my mere human presence.

“Here Kai, is my future Beta- Frank Oyler.” That made sense- he was her son- or a relation perhaps? I’d have to ask him later perhaps- when they’d turned this music down so I could think properly.

“What about Isaac?” My eyes widened.

“What about him?” Ryker’s expression looked troubled.

“Wouldn’t he be-?”

Ryker ignored me turning to Frank, who lazily threw a hand on his shoulder almost weighing him down with the sheer weight of it.

“So who the hell is this huh Ryker?” He looked me up and down. I felt tummy curdle angrily.

Ryker scratched the back of his neck. “She’s, well- she’s my…”

I held my hand up. “I’m his aunt.”

A girl in a miniskirt and crop top appeared at my side simpering at Ryker a little before handing me a beer. “Here you go.” She ambled up to Frank in wobbily heels before falling into his side. He wrapped his hand objectively around her tiny waist.

“Thanks.” I smiled at her greatly. At least someone wasn’t denying me my alcohol.

“You invited your aunt?” Framk looked ready to piss his pants from laughing.

“Yes. She’s cool about this kind of thing.”

“What the hell gives you that impression? I could totally dob you in right now- if I wanted.” I pulled on the seal of the can, watching it fizz as I dragged it to my lips. Ryker quickly moved to yank it from my grasp- throwing it at one of the other guys. “Hey!”

Ryker’s lips curled up, smiling slightly at his Beta. “Like I said- she wouldn’t.”

“I t-thought you sssaid you were bringing your g-girlfriend along man?” Another boy slurred bumping into Ryker. “N-not this hissy hot older ssspinster.”

Ryker arms wrapped around me tugging me into his side. “Whoa!” I yelped. I felt his fingers dig into the flesh of my hipbone. He shoved the drunk in the chest, causing him to nearly fall over.

“Calm down man! He’s just messing with you.” Frank placed a hand on the drunk’s shoulder to steady him. “Aren’t you Kyle?”


Ryker breathed in and out slowly, trying to calm himself by dragging his hand through my blond locks. I tugged on his arm helplessly. The look in his eyes made my shiver. “Get off o-of me.”

The two boys glanced between Ryker and me suspiciously. “Aunt huh?” Frank drawled.

To irritate Ryker- payback for his hot and cold behaviour- I looked his Frank up and down slowly in an exaggerated fashion. “Fancy older women?” I smiled in what I hoped was a saucy way. Ryker’s arm tightened around me. “Ouch! Ryker stop it! I’m just trying to have some fun! That’s why you invited me here huh? To help me get over Dale.”

His arm loosened- I jumped away from him. “Fine.” He looked confused at something, looking between Frank and me.  “I’m off to find Marie.” His teeth gnashed together as he dissipated into the crowd.

“Marie?” I turned to Frank. My heart shuddered.

“Yeah- they’ve been getting pretty close recently. Ryker’s not really telling me much though- I think they might be mates but I’m not certain. You know, teenage boys, will be teenage boys. We have needs.” He released beer girl and she ambled off into the crowd after Ryker.

I nearly puked in my mouth. “Where’s Isaac?”

“Isaac?” I nodded.

“You know? Bright red curly hair? Spotty face, witch son?” I blinked at his blank expression.

“I don’t know no Isaac.” He frowned, muscles twisting in his shirt. A light bulb suddenly dinged above his head like they do in those cartoons. “Aaaaaah do you mean Isaac- that kid who keeps following Ryker around like a puppy even though he’s like 3 years older than him because of his condition?”

“Yeah that’s the one.”

“Ryker dumped his worthless ass yonks ago.” He grinned, showing his carnivorous teeth.

“He did?” I thought back to the wolf changing party- that wasn’t that long ago. They’d been as thick as thieves back then. What had happened? “Oh- urm…” I stood awkwardly staring at my feet for a few seconds. “Thanks um… bye.”

I stumbled backwards into the crowd. The music throbbed in my ears. I felt dizzy. Woozy. I shouldn’t have come.

“Human.” A few hissed at me, glaring at me as if I was meat.

I glanced at my clothes- they were still the ones I’d worn to work. A trouser suit. God, I stood out like a sore thumb here. I took a glug out of my flask. I darted in and out of the crowd trying ignoring their stares. When I got to the side of the room I found another table with mismatched drinks strewn it. I took a plastic Barbie cup in my hand, it crumpled under my touch, spilling all of the punch all over my blouse. Probably just of well- it was probably spiked. I drank the rest of it anyway. It swirled around in the bottom of my belly. I began seeing double.

Two girls sat on two Ryker’s in the distance. He licked their neck ready to bite them. His eyes glinted black. I stumbled backwards.

Suddenly I found myself in a bathroom coughing up the contents of my stomach. It swirled around in the murky water of the loo. The smell clogged up my lungs, I wiped the corners my mouth with the back of my hands.

Blinking I wasn’t in the bathroom anymore. I was stood outside a room- the sounds of grunting echoing from inside. One the handle hung a dress. I pulled it down- it felt like butter and held it to myself. I barely covered my knickers.

Then suddenly I was in front of a mirror, the dress miraculously stretched over my skin- how’d it get there? I hoped the grunting girl didn’t mind. My hair was ruffled up and I held up eyeliner that I had smudged around my eyes like a racoon. What the hell was I doing? My suit lay in a heap on the floor by my feet.

The music shook my body. I was suddenly amongst hundreds of bodies. I threw my hands up in the air and shook my body from side to side. I felt a set of arms curve around my waist; I ducked and dived against the body. My muscles twisted and ached- I hadn’t used them for a while. My vision blurred as something hit the blood in my veins tangling with my red blood cells in a chaotic fight for dominance. I jumped up and down with everyone. The world shook around us.

I’d forgotten what it had felt like.


My hands tangled in someone’s hair, I dragged my mouth down over theirs. They helplessly slung their hands around my waist, inching up my dress. I scrunched up my eyes. This wasn’t me… this wasn’t him…

“Kai?” A voice filed over the sound of music. “Kai!” The body was yanked from me and thrown to the floor- the sound of crunching broken bones. The room went silent and the DJ abruptly turned the music off.

“Kai. What are you wearing? What were you doing?”

Electric sparks inched their way towards me. I felt the hot breath of a shaking body inches away. I closed my eyes and shivered, pulling my arms around myself. Cat got your tongue? Come on chatterbox! Where’s the come back?

I tugged my heels off.

“Alpha.” A series of voices uttered around me. Wait- Ryker wasn’t an Alpha- not yet…

I turned around. Ryker stood up taller. I blinked. He had to be over 6 foot now. He wasn’t like that a few minutes ago when I’d seen him… wait was it a few minutes ago? It was if his body had taken on a massive growth spurt.

I swayed on my feet, dragging my hand over my face. I was so not with it.

His jaw sat at a funny angle to the rest of his features. His clothes clung to his muscles- my lips inched into a saucy smile. Power emitted from him. He looked older- verging on his 20s? Hot. Dangerous. I felt 16 again, an obsessed fan girl fascinated by every tall, dark handsome man that crossed into my life. “Y-you left me.” I whined.

“You’re drunk… and high.” He glowered at everyone watching. “Stop staring.” He ordered them. The music turned back on and everyone started to move again.

Frank moved towards us through the sea of bodies. “You ok Ryker?”

He ignored him. So did his twin. “Where’d you get that dress?” I half smiled at him. “You know what? I don’t even want to know.” He looked tortured.

“This was a b-bad idea.” He bit his tongue. Eyes inching down to look at the edge of my dress- it had scrunched up about my hips. “Frank? Can you take her home?”

I shook my head, swaying as I stepped towards him. I placed a hand on his cheek- though I had to go on my tiptoes to do so. He stared at my lips transfixed. “Y-you’ve r-really grown up my munchkin- g-gotten so irresponsible… p-partying- girls…”

“I’m not your munchkin.” He murmured. It was as if the world had stopped- it was just us here, now, together. No-one else.

“Y-you’re sssso young and carelessss… I don’t like to sssee your pretty face s’all worried. Y-you shouldn’t even, even be here- you sshould be in your cot. Tucked up, so I can sssing to you.”

“You can still sing to me.” He turned his lips into my palm. His hands went to my waist to steady me.

“I-I c-can’t sssing.” I blurted. “W-what about Mary- Marie?”

“Who?” He blinked at me. His eyes dark and thunderous. I gasped as he began to lower his lips to mine. I twisted backwards trying to wiggle out of his grasp. I was drunk- but I wasn’t that drunk. “Let’s go.” He let me go but kept his arm on my waist leading me to the exit.

“Ryker?” Frank yelled at him as he started to lead us away. “Do you know what you’re doing?” His eyes widened. “She’s your aunt- she’s drunk. Hell- are you even drunk?”

Ryker ignored him. Beady eyes followed us the edge of the room.


He led us outside and pulled us down onto the grass. The stars twinkled obviously on above us- unaware of our current situation. I leaned back into the grass, ignoring the way the mud oozed around me from a recent downfall of rain. It got into my hair and my nails. I must have looked a right state. Ryker sat down a metre away from me with a dark expression on his face. My eyes flickered towards the stars. Perhaps it was them who cursed us. I scowled at the way they blindly cascaded down on us. Not caring who lived or died in their wake- for they got to live forever. Infinity.

“T-tell me about t-them.” I stared.

“What do you mean?”

“D-don’t a-act dumb- W-we both know you, your d-dorkish ways.” I pointed on up at a gathering of them, hand shaking unsteadily. “W-what are those o-oness call-called?”

“No clue.”

I elbowed him in the side. “Ssstop it. T-this isn’t you.” I screwed up my eyes. “W-where’ss my dinosssaur loving, sstar g-gazing little kid gone?”

“He grew up.” His eyes fixed on how my chest moved up and down soundlessly. He inched towards me slightly, his eyes not on the hypnotising multitude of stars that hung from the heavens above us but on little old me. And what even more shocking was that the expression he held, looked just if not more fascinated by my form than on the enthralling display above. Was it hero worship? No. It couldn’t be.

“Don’t pass out on me ok?” He towered over me- blocking my view of the sky. “I don’t want to have to explain to my mum why I’m carrying your alcohol smelling body home.”

“H-home? T-that’ss s’not my home.” I felt his breath on my nose. He looked confused eyes darting between my lips and my wrinkled up nose. 

“You’re drunk.” He frowned. “Of course it is.”

“W-why d-t-they call you Alpha?” I changed the conversation.

“You and Dale are definitely over right?” He licked his lips, arms at either side of my body. My breath caught in my throat. His hair tickled my earlobe.

“W-why d-t-they c-call you A-Alpha?” I asked him again- even more unsteadily as last time.

“Because I should be. If this,” He drew a hand down the length of his body, “was my real age and my dad wasn’t in his prime.”

“Y-y-you haven’t e-even got your wolf yet-yet though.”

He closed his eyes, resting his nose against mine. If there wasn’t solid ground behind me I would have leapt back. “I will- I can feel it. Soon.” He breathed heavily. “W-why do you?” He asked unsurely.

I frowned. “Y-you’re w-what 18? Y-you ssshould have had it w-weeks ago.”

“Oh just shut up.” I swallowed. My voice caught in my throat. “You’re a drunk.”

“A-and you’re-you’re a posssssssessive m-maniac with a c-creepy crussssh on your-your aunt.”

“What?” He opened his eyes. Pulling back suddenly as if realising what he was doing. His eyes were as black as the midnight sky. I could see the stars reflecting in them.

“Y-you f-fink I’m d-dumb? I’ve ssseen you sstaring. I-I’ve sseen you verbally abuse Dale.” I gritted my teeth. The drug was wearing off slightly, leaving me with a splitting headache. “Y-you’ve never liked him.”

“I don’t l-like you.” He glowered at me, tugging his coat off and throwing it over my skimpy looking body. “I have a mate.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Y-you have?”


“T-the sssame woman y-you denounced only sseconds ago, to come with me? Y-you too mussst be sso in love.”

“Don’t take it personally. I’m a horny teenager. We do things on impulse.”

“T-then what’s this?” I pulled myself up to sitting and reached forward to trail my fingers down his front. Electric stung my fingertips. He closed his eyes and threw his head back. I leapt back, surprised at his reaction. “Y-you’re sick.”

“Yeah you cursed me.” He shivered. His jaw hung crookedly on the side of his face.

“Ryker?” I asked worriedly.

He fell back, his eyes rolling back into his skull. His long, lanky body began to shake violently as if someone had just tasered him.  

He attempted to stand up, his legs going all wobbly. “A-are you alright?” I reached out to him.

“I-I’m f-fine.” He swayed. I tugged him back down.

I ran my hands over his shoulders. His eyes burned into mine. “G-get off me Kai.” He breathed. “Y-you’re only making it worse.” I felt the bristle of hair on his freshly shaven chin. I could practically feel it growing under my touch. His skin began to glow slightly under my touch. Only slightly- like a dying torch.

“W-what the-” He twisted onto his back, clawing at the ground. Was he turning into a wolf? What was going on?

“Help! Help!” I yelled at the top of my voice. I reached to my pocket, then I realised my phone was back at the house in my suit pocket. Great. “D-does a-anyone h-have a p-phone?”

A surplus of bodies stumbled down the hill of the front lawn towards us. Calling and shouting in deep grunts- the closest guy chucked me his phone and I dialled 999.

“What the hell did you do?” A high-pitched voice screamed running towards us. She had long flowing blond hair and a sharp button nose. As she scrambled towards us, he heels got stuck in the mud- she tugged them off and continued to run. When she reached us her sharp expression faltered and long streaky tears dragged her makeup down, distorting her carefully made up face.

Glancing at Ryker’s fallen body she strided towards me in two quick steps. She flexed her werewolf muscles and her nose lengthened. Wolf taking over.  “You’re cursed my boyfriend!”

I didn’t even see the punch coming.








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