Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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3. Léche-vitrines


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for not updating in a while! (When I say a while what I mean is over a year- OUCH) Sorry again! I'm gunna be updating a lot more often now don't worry :) Thanks for everyone's support and I hope this chapter doesn't disappoint! 


2.) Léche-vitrines



“You’re making her what?!” I yelled at the top of my voice at Cass.

Cass, who was currently perched on one of the new plastic modern stools that were seated around the island table in the middle of the scarily white kitchen, blinked, stunned at my reaction and then began to nibble nervously on the bottom of her lip.

“…Ryker’s Godmother…” She said between nibbles, her lips now turning pale white under the stress of her sharp incisors tugging roughly on them.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” I jumped up from my seat in alarm; making the chair I was previously sitting on, tumble over in the process.

There was a huge bang as the chair clattered to the floor then a sudden silence as everyone was left to digest the information.

“She is so dead Cass.” I interrupted the silence after a few moments, shaking my head, “SO FLIPPING DEAD.”

An alarmed Cass jumped up too, but a whole lot more elegantly than me, landing neatly on her tippy toes without any mess or noise.

“Seriously I really don’t get why you’re so mad! Avery and me thought you probably wouldn’t have wanted to actually be Ryker’s Godmother,” She said frowning at the situation, “I mean… the responsibly of being a Godmother… is pretty high and you’re…. you’re…”

Placing my hands on my hips I waited for her to finished her sentence but when she didn’t I took the liberty of making my thoughts known.

And very well known.

So well know that no one would dare forget them.

“I AM WHAT CASS? A FREAKING LUNATIC? HUH?” I growled at her. “I’ve been with you pretty much constantly for the past damn 3 weeks, looking after your little rascal from the word ‘go’ and then you go ahead and… and…”

“And… what exactly Kai? Huh?” All the nervousness by now had disappeared only to be replaced with Cass’s famous scowl, which was incredibly rare for her but perfected so well that her glare could make even the tallest and strongest of werewolves cower. So you could just imagine what it would make me feel, a small insignificant blubbering human.

The Alpha Luna glare.

Just saying that made me want to go shivering and cowering into a corner.

“You’ll soon get bored!” Cass brought herself up to her full height at a mighty 5”10, her muscles rippling as she walked and her long silky black hair swaying back and forth. “You always do! You work so hard on something only to give up on something minutes later! And it’s the same with your own boyfriend’s! You can never get into any serious relationships and you always string along all your boyfriend’s until you come across something better, something more interesting and to your taste!” Cass was practically growling by now. “In the whole time I’ve known you, I’ve never once seen you in a serious relationship! Never once have you introduced any of your boyfriends to us- your family, as a potential future partner! And that’s why we haven’t chosen you as a bloody godmother Kai. That’s why. You’re reckless, irresponsible and unpredictable!”

I’d never seen her so angry before, it was absolutely terrifying and her words slashed me, every syllable penetrating my skin and tarnishing my soul. But what was probably worse was that I knew deep down that she was right. I am reckless and irresponsible. It’s just who I am.

I took a step back, my face frozen in terror at Cass’s anger. But then after seeing my visibly hurt and terrified face, Cass’s expression softened and she lifted a hand up to her face, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I’m sorry. I just let my emotions get the better of me you know?” Her stiff mouth flopped down into a lazy smile as she took a step back and smoothed down the material of her checkered dress. “You know… werewolf emotions… they’re so much stronger than humans…” She issued me a half-hearted sloppy werewolf smile. I flinched.

I felt my body visibly relax now that it wasn’t under Cass’s furious glare, but even though now I wasn’t afraid, the hurt was still there.

“I’m sorry Cass, of course you’d want someone from your own community for that position... It’s more natural after all, right?” I bit my lip to stop the tears from appearing from my already stinging eyes, and then I made a mad dash for the door.

“Wait! Kai! I’m sorry ok?!” Cass yelled running after me.

“Excuse me…” I darted past a scowling prim Ally whom growled in annoyance as I nearly ran into her in the corridor as I ran past.

“Watch where you’re going you dirty toe rag!” She bared her teeth at me, her sharp incisors exposed in the light, making me shiver.

“Sorry…” I slipped past her.

“Kai! Oh! Ooohhh–sorry Mrs. Hendred…” I heard a big rustled of colliding bodies, then lots of growling and yelling, but I kept running on.

But as soon as I had made it to the front door, my hand clutching at the handle, did I feel a set of little fingers encircle my ankle, gripping hard and forcing me to stop. I shivered as I felt the tiny serge of electricity set all the nerves on fire in the area where the fingers were clutching me. I froze. Stupid little kid werewolf strength! It wasn’t fair- even the toddlers were mightier then me.

“Aunty Kai! Aunty Kai!” I turned my head around to see what looked like a dark haired three and half year old kid now wrapped around my leg, his head buried into the skin of my leg. His teeth nipped at the skin at the back of my knee caps. Ouch! I tried to shake him off.

“Aunty Kai where are you going? Where are you going? Don’t leave me!” A pair of bottomless blues peaked up at me. I could almost feel his sly smile as he pressed his lips into my leg. The little tyrant! He’d kept me prisoner here for what felt like years- and really of should have been.

“Hey little dude!” My lips subconsciously curled up into a smile as I reached down to pick up the little kid that was currently clinging like his life depended on it and thankfully (I hadn’t been so thankful some other times) I managed to prize his hands off my legs in order to pull the little monster up into my arms. “Oh dear lord, you’re getting heavy!” I grimaced as I pulled him up onto my hip.

“Aunty Kai! Don’t go, we still need to play with my new railway track Daddy just got me!”

Oh nooo! Don’t do it kid! Don’t do it! Don’t pull that face just don’t!

And he did. His arms settled around my neck as he stared right into my eyes his big wide blue eyes fixed upon my own and his lips wavering. Oh how he knew I couldn’t resist ‘the look’!

“Baby, I need to go ok? I need to go and…”

 And then the crying began.

Huge wails of it. It seemed like the kid would never grow tired of crying to get his way. His cries visibly shook everyone’s surroundings; the lights flashed on and off and the tables and chairs shook ever so slightly. He’d always do this whenever I’d attempted to leave and he’d successfully managed to keep me stuck in this place for the past 3 weeks and he wouldn’t even let me leave to go to go out to take the trash out, that’s how bad it got.

One thing was for sure; this kid had seriously grown too attached to me recently. Ally certainly hadn’t liked it- and deep down I had kind of felt a little wave of victory at her. Ryker always chose to crawl to me not her whenever we were nestled down in the playroom.

“Ok! Ok! Fine! I’ll stay ok? Just please shut up, or you’ll make this house topple over and everyone’s ear drums drop out.”

His wails soon stopped and his face broke out into a sloppy cheeky grin, his delicate skin stretched over his cheekbones, making my heart skip a beat. I could almost hear Olly Murs in the background. Just like his mother- devious and good looking.

“Ear drums can’t fall out.” He stated primly.

“Too right they can.” I fake glowered at the boy. “Granny Ally’s fell out this morning when you cried because you couldn’t have coco pops- she scooped them off the floor and shoved them back in.” And her teeth- I had wanted to say, but perhaps that was pushing it a bit far.

“They soooo can’t.”

“Can too!”

“Can’t! Can’t! Can’t!” He grinned wider, prodding his index finger into my shoulder blade after every word. I don’t think he realized how strong he was (or heavy I soon grimaced) I could feel a bruise forming on my shoulder. My arm muscles threatened to give way.

“Can! Can! Can!” I stuck my tongue out at him stubbornly.


“Come on here and let me prove to you I’m right then? Huh?” I lifted one hand up to his ear and fake poked him in his ear, to which he squealed and quickly jumped from my arms and ran into the arms of his mother, who had been observing near by with a crooked smile on her face.

Semi-shocked that she’d been standing there all along; I glowered at her and crossed my arms stubbornly.

“Clever kid. A bit too clever sometimes.” I grounded my teeth together. Someday soon there wasn’t going to be any left.

She sighed and wrapped an arm around her son attentively. “I. Am. Sorry.” She said loudly to me.

“Sorry for what?” Ryker turned around in his mother’s arms to look at her, his expression hard and protective.

“Nothing to do with you honey.” She smoothed his messy raven hair back and kissed his forehead. “Go play with your train set baby, me and your Aunty need to talk.”

“Why?” He asked, his eyes wide. “What wrong with Aunty Kai?” He went into full on defensive mode as he clambered out of Cass’s arms and grabbed my hand threading his small fingers into mine. “Don’t worry Aunty Kai! I’ll protect you!”

“Nothing is wrong with her babe. She’ll be along to play with you in a minute.” Cass knelt down in front of Ryker, laying her hands on his shoulders.

He flashed her a grin- a grin all the girls in a few years, uhum- weeks from now were gunna be falling disastrously for. The little heart breaker.

He turned to me and scrunched his face up. “Come on then! Lets go!”


I stared into the window, my breath fogging up the glass, my tongue practically licking the window- eeeeewww. I must have looked a right sight. What is it with me and making a damned fool of myself? Hmmm… the things I do for Cassy. I carried on stalking them with my eyes- the posh Gucci, Armani and Channel mere meters away from me… sooo close and yet so not. I sighed angrily.

“Are you actually going to go in, or are you just going to stare into it all day?” A voice vibrated from behind me, making me jump.

I turned around nearly falling on my butt.

“I know they call it léche-vitrines, but I don’t think they meant for you to take it that seriously.”

I felt my pupils focused in on the man, muscles in the back of my eye contracting and relaxing in quick succession until he came into focus.

I blinked, staring at the waving curve of the edge of a light blue shirt. It was strained over what I could only imagine were abs. Hmmm… so where’d his head gone? Didn’t he have a head? Everyone has heads. I lifted my gaze downwards- well he has legs at least. He wore a dark long suit trousers than clung to his long legs like vice. Hmmm… not bad. My eyes glimpsed feet- you know the descent kind, big, but not so big that they’d forever be tripped you up if you partnered with them in a dance. If you were dancing with him I mean.

So where was his head? He had a body, legs and feet… I flickered my gaze up to his face. I would nearly doubled over backwards if it hadn’t been for the shop window behind me. Phewa! He could definitely melt an ice-lolly on a cold winter’s day. His skin was a warm healthy dark coffee hue, making my mouth water- hmmm... I love coffee. I glanced at his jaw- it was tough looking and made his nose look angular and robust. He certainly wouldn’t fall over if you leapt on him. Not that I was planning on leaping on him though. Course not. His eyes glinted green and his hair was half was just as dark as Cassidy’s and fell down to his chin. Hmm… enough to hold onto when you wanted a good old snog… SNAP OUT OF IT!

Dear god, have I just met the freakin’ man of my dreams?

Don’t fawn, don’t fawn, don’t you dare…

One of the body parts I’d failed to fully appreciate swung over to wave in front on my face, the muscles in his arms contracting under his second skin- his shirt. I jumped out of my skin in surprise.

“What the hell?” I snapped out of my daze. “You’ll have to do better than that if you wanna flippin’ impress me cupcake.”

Well hell- I looked at his gob-smacked expression, now modifying into something much more angry. His Greek god like features mutated into an expression I think perhaps only Hades would save to bring out on special occasions. You’ve really done it now! You’re gunna live alone and a spinster for the rest of your life… perhaps Ally was right about me.

“Impress you?” He growled. “I was only pointing out a…”

“Leki- vitra innie whatseees?” I questioned him. Folding my arms and leaning, what I thought might be vaguely sexily, against the shop front. I stuck my hips out and battered my eyelashes at him.

Slut. A voice nibbled in the back of my mind. Cheater. Ok, so maybe I deserved the first but the second- so not fair! I wasn’t dating anyone… I didn’t think.

The man’s eyebrows shot up in horror. His arms launched out, pulling me away suddenly from my position against the window. Was he embarrassed to have a person like me mucking up an expensive high street? I looked at him in his expensive suit and then down at my own attire- a tired old denim skirt that I think I’d had since I was 13- surprisingly I hadn’t actually managed to grow in the past 9 years, and a light pink tank top with the loud bold glittery words KISS ME NOW GORGEOUS stamped on the front.

Immature much? Why couldn’t I just be more like Cara? Bet she’d have him eating out of her palm already by now.

“Window licking.”

“I beg your pardon-”

“Window shopping- in French.” He attempted to calm down, breathing in and out of his nose and smoothing down the front of his suit, which had gotten ruffled when he had lifted me away from the shop front. “Though it did look like you were trying to see what kind of flavour of the week it was.” He smoothed down his suit.

I bit my lip and traced a finger down his front. Show time. “I’d like to see what kind of flavor of the week you are…” Slut. Cheater.

His eyes bulged out of his head and he began to stutter, “S-so what you doing here then?”

“What do you mean, ‘what am I doing here?’ Isn’t it obvious?” I shook my head at him. “I’m shopping!”

Dragging a hand through his hair he tensed as I traced the edge of his shirt pocket- wait, hang on? Shirt pocket? Since when did they come back in fashion?

“Well, no offense but you hardly look like the kind-” He started.

“Is there a law all of the sudden that I don’t know about, not allowing me to shop at any, and I mean ANY shop I want?”

“You’ll be wasting the store clerks time…”

“All I want is one descent suit!” I stepped back, exasperated. My eyes began to sting. Why can no-one take me seriously?

“A suit?” He asked questioningly.

“Yes. A damned suit.” I barked back at him. Their barks worse than their bite my ass.

He put his hands into his suit pockets. “Why?”

“Why?” I threw my hands up into the air. “Why? Because I need to look responsible! No one takes me seriously! I need a job, a descent apartment and strong stead-fast relationship with a something or someone that isn’t my best friend’s coffee machine!” I pulled a note out of my pocket- the edges were torn and the words having started to fade after having been stuck in the washing machine with my jean skirt. Opps.

He clasped onto the note and read it aloud. “Bucket List- Number one- get a job in dancing. Ok.” He frowned a little- probably thinking I was some kind of slutty pole dancer somewhere. So not fair. Why am I forever being judged? “Two- dance naked in the rain…” He coughed awkwardly, “Three- Visit Australia and stare into the non-polluted sky and see millions of tiny galaxies. Four- Apologize to my mum for accidently breaking her wedding vase (though perhaps on her death bed, when she can’t get up and kill me for it) Five- Build a tree house and number six…” He squinted the words too faint- “No- I can’t quite-”

I snatched the note off of him. “Number six- be Ryker’s- that’s my best friend’s son’s, godmother.” I pulled his head down by his hair (though I did have to go onto my tip toes) to which he grunted, down to my height so he could see the note as I pointed. There were three arrows coming off number six. I pointed at then in turn. “Job, apartment, relationship.”

He pulled back up to his original intimidating height. I felt butterflies in my tummy in turn. Cheater.  

He pulled out his wallet- oh no- “No, no! I refuse to take your charity!” I growled jumping backwards as he pulled something out of his wallet.

He frowned confused. “You thought- wait no- look.” He pulled me over to his side, making those butterflies zip around even faster as I felt the contraction of his muscles in his side. Hmmm… yummy… I could stay here all day. I settled into his chest. He felt warm. I had to restrain myself from pushing my nose into his shirt to smell his underarm. He smelled dreamy… it was a wonder that he wasn’t a werewolf himself! He was good looking enough to be one.

He shoved a battered old picture in front of me. It was a picture of him with his arm around a little girl with long blond pigtails and big rosy cheeks. They were both grinning so hard I thought they’d fracture their faces.

He tapped on the girl’s face with his index finger. “Her name’s Jenny. She’s my niece and goddaughter.” He smiled affectionately. Definitely the man of my dreams… I nearly swooned. He’s jaw droppingly hot, rich (from the look of his Armani suit) and he likes kids. I’ve officially fallen. “So I know what you’re going through. I know how important it was to me to be her godfather and to be in the position to look after her, if you know, anything were to happen.”

He pulled out a card from his wallet. I glanced at it as he pressed it into my palm.

“My card.” He smiled and I felt my heart melt. “We’re looking for new recruits.”

“Oh- thanks.” I just stared at him- shocked.

“We pay well…” He shot me a lob sided smile. “Hey, I never did get your name.”

“Kai. Kai Repetto.”

He clasped my hands in his. “Hi Kai.” His hands lingered on mine. “I’m Dale Wynne.”

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