Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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5. Just the flutter of fairy wings...

4.) Just the flutter of fairy wings...

(1 week, 5 days later- 7 years old)

(6 weeks 5 days old)


“What the hell was that?”

I twisted around in a funny direction and fell over, Ryker in turn spluttered in laughter at me. Remind me never to attempt to dance with Ryker ever again. I’m sure he stands on my feet on purpose. He’s a nasty piece of work he is.

“Do you mind?” The same voice echoed. The deafening music suddenly went off.

I twisted my head around, my brain throbbing. I rolled onto my belly and Ryker came and sat on my back with a big bump. “Ryker! Get off!” I wiggled around on the cold floor but he then proceeded to fall flat on his back on top of me giggling in hysterics. I see he still has the same humour as his mum then.

I gave up stranded on the floor and squinted trying to focus in on the figure in the distance. My pupils contracted and relaxed in quick succession before focusing in on the figure.

“Isaac?” My eyebrows shot up. He stood there staring at us with a look of ridicule plastered on his spot ridden face. His red hair stood up at all angles as if he’d attempted to style it with extra strong styling gel and it had gone terribly wrong. He wasn’t wearing one of his normal band themed T-shirts but rather a blue chequered shirt (though still slightly crinkled at the edges) and he’d switched his holey jeans for a light green set of chinos. He looked different- he looked almost human for a change. Ha, and that’s saying something in this neighbourhood.

“The little guy told me you had Wifi.” He shuffled on the spot staring at his shoes.

“When did you two-?” I tilted my head to the side.

“Oh, he goes to my school now.” His face flared up and he ran a hand through his hair. “We’re buddies- youknow from the buddies project. All year 7s have to pair up with the newbies and give them a tour around, to settle them in…”

Oh yeah! Ryker was now going to school now! To his dismay of course. Rockdell high-school- a joint establishment of both primary and secondary school kids, all of them entirely supernatural whether that be werewolves, witches, ghouls (I’m totally guessing now) or ancient spirits (well? There could be- you never know). It was relatively new, set up in the last 6 years. When Cass had taken him in for his first day only 5 days ago he’d refused to go into the school at first and they’d had to put him onto the phone to me so I could try and bribe him into going to school. I’m now 3 bags of monster munch worse off and I have to pick him up every other day to take him out for milkshakes and cookies. He normally drinks and eats both his and mine –and boy, can that kid eat.

“How’d you get in here…?”

“Door was unlocked.” He said holding up a pair of keys with a bright pink pompom attached. “In this kind of neighbourhood you shouldn’t really be just leaving your keys on the outside, ready for any mindless bandit to come trotting along…”

“What I do in my apartment is my own business.” I started to wheeze. Ryker was really getting a bit heavy to be sitting on my back now days. I heaved and sighed, my rib cage grating my lungs. “Ryker? Please, please, I’m begging you, let me go.” My nose nuzzled the cream carpet below. It scratched my nostrils making me want to sneeze. “I give up, you win! Please just let me go, oh mighty one!” I squeezed my eyes shut and a couple of seconds later I felt his weight lift off of me. When I opened my eyes Ryker was sat down in front of me cross-legged scrolling through my contacts on my phone.

“Ryker!” I stumbled back up onto my feet trying to snatching my phone off of him. When I got it back I found that the little tyke had locked me out! How was I supposed to meet up with Dale later? Stupidly I hadn’t written down his number anywhere else- wait no… I pulled a card out of my pocket. I let out a sigh of relief. I’d just call work and ask for his mobile number later.

Isaac stood back staring between us both with a weird expression on his face. “You guys are weird.”

“If we’re weird, you’re weirder.” I hiccupped. Ryker slapped me on my back, not realising how strong he’d recently got. I flinched. Stupid werewolves.

Isaac tugged at his chequered shirt uncomfortably.

“Did Ryker invite you here?” I questioned, hands on my hips. Isaac briefly glanced at my hands before blushing and quickly looking back to his feet again.

“Well… sort of.”

“Ryker?” I turned to him. He came up just past my hip by now. If I had to guess I’d say 7? 8? Maybe? Recently he had been moved up a couple of years- turns out he’s a natural in most academic criteria’s. Except sport apparently. Which surprised me- I mean he’s an alpha and aren’t alpha’s meant to be your typical jack the lad, king of the football team fruitcakes? His dad was. His granddad was, and I’m guessing even his great-grandad was- I could practically see the cavemen howling at the moon and then diving into a game of kick the rock. It wouldn’t hurt their feet; kicking rocks- they’d all have super strength. Ryker though- he’d rather play with me or engage in mindless hours of gaming marathons. He never stopped surprising me.

His dark long eyelashes flicked up at me. “Yes.” He tilted his head to the side and scowled at Isaac’s wondering eyes. “Though if he doesn’t stop acting like a Muppet I’ll ask him to leave again.” His eyebrows lowered over eyes that had gotten even bluer with age, settling on his target- Isaac and launching some kind of angry secret message telepathically into his very brain.

The glaring contest begun.

“So!” I stretched awkwardly, trying to break the silence. “Anyone want some pizza, popcorn? I’ve got my PS3 in the other room and if you want…” They both dashed off in seconds into the lounge. “Ok! Just me organising the food then huh?”

I could hear crashes and loud bangs from the other room in reply.


A large particularly tough piece of popcorn dislodged Ryker’s first baby tooth.

We were all screaming and yelling at the TV in anguish, tossing the remainder of our M&Ms at the screen when Firebelt546 took out the last of our men. So when Ryker doubled over, coughing and spluttering blood all over the floor dramatically, I nearly pissed my pants. Its weird I know, to have a strange aversion to blood when you spend every waking hour of your life (ok, slight exaggeration) playing on such blood thirsty games like Assasin’s creed and Call of duty but its not like the blood in those games actually looks real though right? Its far too pixelated and slimy looking to be real.

“Dude, that’s gross.” Isaac wrinkled up his face in disgust and leaned over to pick the gooey chocolate covered tooth off the floor. He lifted it up to the light to admire (in somewhat a still quite repulsed way) its curves and sharp pointy ends. It looked kind of dangerous looking for a mere baby tooth.

“Ewww!” I leaned over a convulsing Ryker, flicking it out of Isaac’s hands. “Don’t touch it!” It flew through the air and bounced on the floor a good few yards away. Good thing my lounge wasn’t carpeted. A blood splatter trail glimmered in the distance. That would have been one nasty clean up.

Ryker continued to convulse, his knobbly backbone arched over as he placed his head between his knees.

“You ok?” Isaac looked alarmed, starting to edge into the side on the couch. “I think you’d better get back Kai.” Isaac eyes went big as he suddenly leapt out of his seat. “He’s turning into one of them!” Isaac launched himself around the back of the couch.

I rolled my eyes. Well, boys will be boys. Overreaction much?

I placed my hand on his back and rubbed up and down on his backbone in a way I thought was vaguely soothing. He shuddered under my fingers, leaning back into my palm.

“Isaac?” I twisted my head around to see a red curly head peek over the top of the sofa. “Don’t worry- the big bad wolf isn’t going to come eat you.”

Isaac scrabbled around on his hands and knees from around the back of the sofa. He jumped up back onto his feet and frowned suspiciously at Ryker. “Does your backbone hurt?” He asked blankly. Ryker stopped convulsing and sat upright, his face still a little pale. He shook his head. I pulled my hand off his back and he let out an angry grunt. “Have your eyes changed colour? Are you feeling suddenly hungry? Have your teeth elongated? Do you feel like munching on lamp chops all of the sudden? Have you developed any sudden goatees or strange chest hair?”

The colour had mostly returned to his face by now and he shook his head avidly. “Nopey, nopey, nope.” Then he started to blink furiously and shake like a maraca.

Isaac leapt back and I even felt myself scuffle ever so slightly to the edge of the sofa.

Then he burst into splutters of laughter, keeling over and rolling onto the floor hysterically.

So not funny little dude.” Isaac crossed his arms. “So not funny.”

“Yeah Ryker, don’t do that.” I glared at him. “You had me worried for a minute then.”

Ryker’s hysterics shook his whole body viscously and by soon enough he was coughing up another two tasty molars onto my beautiful oak (ok, fake oak) floor. Werewolf slobber formed a lovely lukewarm puddle by our feet. I cringed tucking my feet under my body. Why do I never wear slippers? Why?

“I’m calling your mother.” I carefully tip toed around the sticky puddle.

“No!” Ryker’s hand fastened around my ankle. My nerve cells jerked under his touch. “P-please don’t call her. She’ll come get me- I don’t wanna go- I don’t wanna go yet.” He pleaded with puppy dog (ha, the irony) eyes. His lip curled up and his eyes went wide. I noticed how he had a small dint in the side of his jaw as he tilted his head to the side. He had a small dark birthmark in the skin under his chin. A weird place for a birthmark I thought.

“Ryker let go. I’m not kidding.” I uttered under my breath. He reluctantly let go, his eyes searing into my back as I ambled on out of the room into a dark cluttered corridor to pick up my receiver. I dialled the pack house number.

1 ring, 2 rings, 3 rings…

“Hello, Time-Shifter Pack speaking.” A dead monotonous growl curdled my brain fluid.

“Hey Ally, do you think you could pass me onto Cass please...”

“That’s Mrs Hendred to you.” The grunt replied. “Why do you need to speak with her?”

“None of your business.” I hissed down the line, winding the phone wire around my four fingers tightly as if it would help me release my anger.

“Luna Cass is busy at the moment. Let me take a message.”

Ha, like I’d trust her with giving Cass a message- the last time I’d been naïve enough to do she told Cass the wrong time for our cinema trip, leaving me to stand out in the rain for 3 hours by the train station until I’d gotten hypothermia. I’d had to drink a lot, and I mean a lot of hot chocolates (with baby marshmallows on top, of course) to get my body temperature back up to a steady 37 degrees.

“This is not the time for your games Ally.” I growled out. “It’s Ryker.”

I heard the sound of crackled footsteps and the whip of air lashing the receiver as she passed the phone on. “Kai? What’s wrong with Ryker?” I heard Cass’s voice whisper across the line, heavily breathing and causing the line to crinkle like the annoying kid at the front of the cinema opening a big bag of crisps at the highlight of the show.

“I think he’s teething.” I blurted out. “He keeps spitting out teeth.”

“What?” If I closed my eyes I could practically see her pulling on her dark locks and racing around in circles chasing her tail. “Is he ok? Is he shaking? Does he look pale? That witch told us he’d be fine! She never said anything about this- this is- this is terrible! Oh my god, what if they don’t grow back? What if he’s toothless for the rest of his days? Does he have a fever? Has his wolf come out-”

“Whoa, Whoa! Wolf? He’s seven years old! He isn’t sprouting fur and trying to nibble at our ankles!” I didn’t think- I quickly turned, getting caught up in the receiver wires as I did so, to peak around the corner- no, no I didn’t think I could see any flashes of fur or hear any howling from the other room. “He just needs you to come pick him up, cuddle him, sing him to sleep and tuck him up in bed. He needs you to sprinkle fairy dust all over his face at midnight to make him sneeze and to sneak a fiver under his pillow whilst he’s dreaming- though that might be hard- with werewolf hearing and all.” I whispered that last part- I didn’t want to ruin the fairy fantasy experience for Ryker after all.

She took a deep breath. “Ok.” I heard a gulp. “Ok. Give me 10 minutes. I’ll take him home, let him sleep and then take him around to Alice’s tomorrow instead.”

I sighed. When was she going to give that poor kid a break?

He’d been carted back and forth from Alice’s so many times in the past couple of weeks it was unbelievable. I rubbed my temples. That’s why he’s become so easily fast friends with Isaac I guess. Though I didn’t trust Alice, at least I could respect her. She’d managed to persuade Cassidy to let Ryker go to school- maybe she could try hypnotise her into being more relaxed too? That would be a godsend.

“Yeah, see you.” I hung up before Cass could say anything else.

When I went into the bathroom I saw Ryker staring at himself in the mirror, a look of horror passing over his chubby features.

His short cherub looking nose curbed up to the side as he grimaced at his missing smile. Sticking a finger into the side of his mouth he tilted his head and pulled his mouth open, staring on into the dark cavern of his mouth. One of this crooked front teeth were missing and as he pulled wider I could see a couple of gaps at the back of his mouth where his molars would have been. His tongue darted out to explore the uncharted regions of his mouth like a fearless explorer. He tongue snagged on the peaks of new sharp adult teeth beginning to squeeze themselves out of his gums, gasping for air.

He let go of his mouth and his cheeks flattened out. I stood back and exaimed his features, beginning to notice changes I hadn’t see before. His chubby cheeks had begun to level out slightly over the past few days- not much but enough to notice. His beady eyes had also finally begun to settle back into his skull making him look less bug eyed. Ryker brought a finger to his mouth and dragged it over his remaining front tooth.

“W-what’s w-wrong with me?” He stuttered, his eyes flicking to my reflection in the mirror.

“You’re growing up.” I strode over to him and leaned down fastening my arms around his neck. He felt warm and it was somewhat comforting to hug him. “You’re growing up into a big strapping lad! By soon enough you’ll be even taller then me and you’ll have all the lady wolvies chasing after you.”

He grimaced. His skin creasing up around his eyes. “Girls? Eww.”

I laughed and he tilted his head back into my throat. “Hey! That’s not very nice! I’m a girl too you know.”

He frowned, suddenly pulling his head away from my throat and pushing me away. “What?” He blinked back at me. “Does that mean you have cooties then?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Who told you girls had cooties then huh?”

He frowned and stared at his feet. “…Isaac.”

“Just ignore Isaac. He’s just jealous that you’re better looking then him and will manage to snag all the girls.” I wriggled my eyebrows at him and started to tickle his tummy. He screamed and started to run away. “Oh no you don’t!” I grabbed at his tummy and missed.

He snickered and let his little feet carry him away. “Catch me if you can!”


“You not hungry?” Dale questioned, lifting one dark brow over the other.

“It’s not that,” I bit my tongue, “I’m just taking a bit of a break that’s all.” It’s probably all those M&Ms you’d been eating. Didn’t your mother tell you not to eat before teatime, or you’ll spoil your dinner? Normally I could eat for a horse, he’s seen my lunchtime tab (paid for by the company- just one of the awesome benefits of working for a multi-millionaire company) no wonder he was worried.

I lifted my fork and prodded at the steak. If Ryker was here I would of slid it under the table for him (ironically) he’d have it down in seconds.

Dale shook his head and leaned back down to nibble on his own steak. Oh great, now he thinks you’re being ungrateful! Come on, get a move on!

I forced another few bite fulls down my oesophagus and they clanked as they hit the bottom of my stomach. Sinking like an anchor in the bottomless sea. Ouch. My tummy gurgled angrily. Stupid M&Ms. Stupid werewolves.

“So…” I smoothed down my black halter dress with my left hand, leaving my other arm free to lean against the table at bat my eyelashes at him mysteriously. He barely glanced up from his steak. “Is this an actually date then?”

He must of not have chewed his steak properly because he then suddenly began making weird gurgling noises in the back of his throat, keeling over in his seat. A waiter passing on by had to slap him on the back to bring him back to his senses. I stared at the whole scene in horror- an alienated onlooker.

“Are you ok there sir?” The waiter dressed up in a fancy pressed black and white outfit- looking not unlike a Mary Poppins penguin inquired after him, handing him a serviette. 

“I-I’m f-fine.” Dale spluttered, lifting up his wine glass to his mouth and downing it quickly. “S-sorry Kai, w-what were you saying?”

“You know exactly what I just said- I’m not repeating it.” I pulled back, taking up a defensive stance- folding my arms and resting my body back in the chair.

Dale brought his serviette up to the dark skin of his forehead, wiping his brow. He put the serviette away and leaned forward on the table, giving me a better view of those gorgeous ogre swamp eyes… hmmm…

“I’ve only just come out of a long-term relationship with my best-friend of 12 years and I like you- I honestly do…but…” He bit his lips. Hmmm… those lips… no! Concentrate! The dude’s obviously breaking up with you, not that you were really together anyway beforehand- unless you call all those late night document stacking sessions dates… Quick do something!

“Hey, don’t worry.” I lay my hand over his tightly muscled dark ones. They felt all hot and sweaty under my own. Gross. “I get it. I totally get it.”

“What? You do?” His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

I glanced around us. The atmosphere was hostile and sterile- everything coloured in strong whites, creams and greys to try and look ‘sophisticated’, no bold exotic colours to be seen anywhere. Long angular swoops of architecture bended and weaved around the room creating heavy stark plummeting shadows that carried an eerie feeling across the room like death itself would. I swallowed- definitely not my choice of a good night out.

“You’re looking for a bit of fun.” I tilted my head to the side, watching his shirt strain over his- concentrate Kai! “You need time to let this,” I reached across the table, nearly knocking over the candle in the process, opps- bye, bye restaurant, to place my palm on his heart. “heal.”

He closed his eyes. “Dear lord Kai, you’re really something huh?” his hands latched onto my wrist and his kissed the inside of my palm delicately. “I don’t want you to be just a fling Kai. I like you…”

“Like you’ve been saying for the past three weeks now.” I tried to snatch my hand back. What was I playing at? Of course he wouldn’t want me that way. “What’s wrong with a bit of fun?”

“My girlfriend went out for a night of ‘fun’ with her mates and m-managed to get herself banged up with another guy’sss kid.” He let go of my wrist and poured himself another glass of wine.

I grabbed the bottle off him. His words were already beginning to slur suspiciously. I didn’t want to have to walk out of here with his arm around me trying to support his weight- he was far too tall and muscly for me to be able to do that.

“And that’s exactly why you need me.” I waved over the waiter, asking him to bring us over the check.

“Wait we’re not f-finished yet. We’ve still got deserts.” He tried to signal the waiter back, but I grabbed hold of his wrist with my recently manicured fingers, normally I’d just let them go into wreck and ruin, stopping him.

“We are finished here.” I leaned towards him. “And when I’m finished with you, you won’t even remember who that damned girl is.” I watched his mouth open and close like a fish. “No- I don’t mean that way.” I saw his expression. “I’m about to introduce you to a great friend of mine- Ben and Jerry.”


“Ben and Jerry's? You know? The ice-cream?”

He looked at me confusion rolling off him in waves.

“Hell no! You can’t tell me you’ve never tried phish food?!” He looked at me blankly. “What, so you’ve never counted out all those little tiny chocolate fish and had a competition to see who has the most in their bowl?”

He sprouted a lob-sided grin and pulled out a credit card for the waiter who came back. “No, but I’d love to.”

“Good. And while we’re at it, you can show me how to get past level 23 on Assassin’s Creed.”


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