Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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10. It was bloody prehistoric.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: A bit of violence in this chapter guys- so watch out! (GASPS) We’re finally getting into the nitty gritty of my tail (ha) and I hope you like the direction I’m going. :-O

CHAPTER 9: It was bloody prehistoric.

(12 weeks, 4 days- 15 years old)

1 week, 1 day later



“He’s not very big, don’t you think? Not for a 15 year old werewolf Alpha.” Cass worriedly bit down on her lip, tapping on the edge of the bench. Sunlight streamed on through the clouds and the smell of smoke clogged up my lungs. I stifled a cough that threatened to erupt in my chest.

Don’t breathe, don’t breathe, just don’t breathe…

It wouldn’t be particularly very attractive now, if I was to splutter out the contents of my lungs, the alveoli, capillaries, everything, into my burger as Dale arrived through the gate now would it? Control yourself woman.

“I really don’t think that’s the biggest of your problems right now Cass.” I breathed in through my nose in an attempt to inhale less carbonised air. It failed to work. “He’s only 12 weeks, 4 days old- and he’s already approaching 5 foot 6.”

I fanned my face with a napkin; long lines of sweat pealing back my foundation, which in turn had dribbled onto my white top. Great. I was the picture of elegance in my sweats and hoody.

“Yeah,” She crumpled her face up, “but his father was already 6 feet when he was 15.”

Glaring on out at the long dark green field behind the pack house, my eyes settled on the very tall, at least 6 foot 9 figure of a man- his muscles arching and bending under his clothes as he flipped a bunch of burgers on the grill. Avery.

Oh, did that bring back fine memories.

“Give the poor kid a break.” I snapped at her. She raised her eyebrows at my reaction. I felt anger boil up in my belly. “This growing thing has been taking a humungous toll on him. He can barely sleep most nights because his muscles and bones keep aching.”

I flinched remembering all those nights I’d gone racing into his room to find him curled up at all funny angles on the door like one of those misshapen pancakes you flip on a Sunday morning. He hadn’t yelled or even yelped in pain- but it was written all over his face, the pain entwined into his flesh as he gritted his teeth together and clung to me, his skin ablaze and forehead sticky with black fringe.

“He’s going to stop soon enough.” She nervously said reaching for her burger. “Alice said when he first changes- when he’s sixteen, he’ll stop.”

That damned witch…

“That’s complete bullshit!” I angrily bit into my hotdog, nearly spitting it out all over Cass. She edged backwards. “Where’s her evidence for that huh? She’s being lying to you. What kind of weird crappy voodoo powers can predict that kind of change? Trust the facts not her. He’s been growing at a steady rate for the past 12 weeks. That’s not going to change!”

I’d been trying to persuade her for days that Alice had been lying. She still didn’t believe me.

She blinked, going all cross-eyed at her burger. “He has to stop. He just has to.” She put her burger down. “Please for me Kai, believe and help me believe.”

I stared at her scared face, my insides lurching. Her motherly instincts were threatening to dissolve her- I thought, taking in her now withered face and I glanced at her hair, no- I didn’t think it was quite greying yet, but perhaps a little less lively. “Fine.”

She bit her lip, watching Ryker interact with some girl wolves. I felt my tummy curdle angrily.

“Do you think Avery should youknow- give him the TALK.” She looked nervously between Ryker and a 14 year old long haired brunette with bright green eyes. I glowered at them both. Ryker gave her one of his dare devil smiles and said something that made her laugh.

“What? The ‘talk’…?” I said distractedly, watching as the girl laid her hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

I suddenly felt the overwhelming desire to storm over there, wrench back my fist- oh my god! I blinked. What the hell was happening to me? So now I was a child abuser as well as a reformed bully? I mentally slapped myself.

Flirt or not- that girl had done nothing to deserve that. Especially from such a hypocrite as myself.

“The TALK. Youknow, the one every father gives his soon when he hits puberty.”

My mouth dropped open. “But Ryker… he’s not like that- he doesn’t think of girls like that. I’ve checked his room- albeit not recently, but I couldn’t see any condoms, dodgy magazines or unauthorised substances…” 

Cass coughed awkwardly at me. “Well, you can see for yourself.” She nodded to them.

“Do you think that’s his-”

“His mate? Hmmm… probably not… he’s not acting completely alpha male meets alpha female around her but he’s still not fully developed yet. His wolf hasn’t fully manifested. He should still be very attracted to her though if they were mates, even at his age.”

“Its just so wrong.” I frowned. “He’ll be 16 in a few days and 19 in a just less than a couple of weeks or so after that- and she’s barely 14! That’s just plain creepy.”

She shrugged. “It will be what it will be.” She sipped on some lemonade. “So, where’s this precious prince of yours then? You promise us all another meeting!”

“Huh.” I glanced at my watch. “He should have been here three quarts of an hour ago.”

“Stuck in traffic?” She suggested, laying a ‘comforting’ hand of my back- I shrugged it off.

Yeah right. More like cold feet. He was growing more and more distant every day.

“I think he’s gotten back with his ex.”

“What?” She exclaimed. Werewolves didn’t often feel the rejection us humans felt, having always a mate somewhere out there for them.

“He’s been awkward- more awkward than usual.” I gnashed my molars together. “Dale keeps making up excuses for not going out with me.”

“Confront him.”

“I can’t, it’s serious for me, but it’s not the same for him. He’s just come out of a long-term relationship with his best friend. How am I supposed to compete with that?”

She flipped off her wooden chair. “Why the hell are you wearing that,” She nodded to my jeans and tank top, “for then?”

With her hand clasped around my wrist she pulled me on into the house, up several flights of stairs and into her room. I twisted my head around to re-examine it since the last time I was in it.

It was big.

(Sheesh, I know you’re not bloody Austin but that was terrible.)

The Alpha-Luna room. It had a terrace with big sweeping gossamer curtains, the floor was solid oak (not like the fake oak in my flat) and the bed was humungous. I closed my eyes- I didn’t even wanna think about what they got up to in there.

Slyly smirking she pulled back the doors of a big cupboard, the same space that used to be occupied with Ryker and his ‘green’ furnishings before he got too big, to reveal a walk-in closet! I felt a deep pang of jealousy- this could have been my bedroom, if only she hadn’t turned up and stolen my boyfriend from me.

“Follow me!” She dashed inside the room; I ambled on in behind her.

There were large rails covering all four sides of the room- his and hers. How sad. It appeared a lot like the closet from the princess diaries. I glanced up at the ceiling as she threw a few dresses at me- you could still see the stick on glow in the dark stars.

I felt a sudden deep pang in the bottom of my stomach. We were already all moving on. Was it really that easy? A vision of Ryker’s cheeky cherub face grinning at me appeared in my mind’s eye. The dent in his crooked jaw swerved to the side as he waved a hand in front of my face and shook my shoulders.

“Earth to Kai? Hello? Any legitimate life on board?” A voice sounded. I blinked out of my daze, eyes focusing in on the dresses.

“I can’t possibly wear these!” I stared wide-eyed at the immaculate dazzling clothes in my hands, “It’s a darn barbeque not a ballroom!”

She grinned, her hands on her hips. “You wanna impress him right?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“No butts. Well at least not yet.” She wiggled her eyebrows, whilst grabbing one off me, a glittery red short thing. She raised her eyebrows in quite a horrifying manner. “No, definitely not.” She threw it on the floor and as I bent down to pick it up, she pulled me back up again quite viscously. She held up a long silvery slippery thing, and laughed saying, “This one makes you look like some kind of mermaid.” Then threw it on the floor.

We continued at this until we had run out of dresses.

She scouted around in the back of the wardrobe.

“Avery is going to be so pleased when he sees what you’ve done to this place.”

Cass laughed, almost vindictively in response. “I’ve got him right where I want him.”

I picked up one of her dresses- I held it up against her, it barely covered her butt, but on me it would be practically by my feet. “I can see that.” I looked her up and down.

“One look at these dresses all over the floor and he’ll be putty in my hands-”

I cringed. “Too much information buster.”

She continued to rifle through her clothes, a look on her face of pure concentration.

Cass prides herself in the knowledge that she must have been a fashion designer in a past life. She has the sketches to prove it. And a darn witch. She would have been in this lifetime if Avery hadn’t been her mate or if Ryker hadn’t been born or if she hadn’t moved from the big US to this dingy old town in little old Britain.

But I guess that’s life for you. You stick your finger up at it and in turn it throws you a curveball the size of Mount Everest.

Her eyes suddenly lit up. “I’ve got it!”

“Well, you better be quick-” I checked my phone.


“The victim’s here.”

She lifted up a dark green cross over V line dress with long sleeves and a lot of cleavage to show up to my body. A series of mannerism darted across her face like scurrying mice.

“Oh no. Don’t even think about it.” I glowered at her. “Its not going to even fit me.”

She held up a box of pins. “Lets get to work then.”

“What the hell is going on in there?” A voice sounded at the door- Avery.

I yelped as Cass jabbed a pin into my skin. “Oh great, now you’re getting blood all over my dress.” She jabbed me again. “Hold still…”

I continued to squirm like an earthworm inching up towards the light on a rainy day- only to realise, to its dread, that it wasn’t rain that beckoned him but the avid footfalls of a devious bird. Chomp, chomp.

“Cass? You in there?” Avery demanded.

“Yes, just a minute.” Cass growled. I nervously peeked at her lips- a pair of viscous looking carnivorous incisors gently peeking over the bottom one of the two.

Foot tapping resonated as Avery grinded his Salvatore fancy pansy shoes into the wood of the floor. He only brought them out on special occasions. Very special occasions- when he planning to impress.

“Honey, Alpha Travis is here now. We need to go do our meet and greet.”

I twisted my body around so I could angle my face at my phone to see the messages flashing on it. 3 urgent sounding messages blinked back up at me from the small screen- it weighed like a dead weight on my fingertips. It was bloody pre-historic.

1.) Kai, plz hurry up- I asked around + they said u were upstairs doin god only nos what

2.) I don’t no anyone here plz come down- we need 2 talk.

3.) Kai I am gettin all these strange looks

“It’s hopeless!” I squeaked and ran to the door pulling it open. I needed to get to Dale. What did he mean ‘we need 2 talk’? My nails dug into my palms.

In the process I nearly fell over a shocked looking Avery and Isaac.

“Shit.” Isaac blinked staring at the way the dress hugged my curves (or lack of them) -the dress, though poorly fitted, did manage to give off the illusion of curves. Unlike me he was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans- having given up on the whole smart shirts and chinos phase a good few weeks ago. And personal hygiene from the smell of it- I scrunched up my nose. I think I preferred the pretend, just trying to impress to get the girl, Isaac better. Even though he wore mismatched socks.

My long blond hair had been quickly crimped and curled into a messy looking part up do and my eyes had been outlined (racoon-esk like Cara) and lips sufficiently rouged (within an inch of my life).

Avery blinked for a couple of seconds and then upon hearing the growls of his mate behind me promptly shoved me aside and darted out to grab Cass by her arm. “We need to go. NOW.”

A glowering Cass (at Avery), waved back at me mouthing ‘good luck’ as Avery dragged her out of the room and down the stairs.

I turned back to Isaac who was still staring indiscreetly at my chest, where the dress quite gleefully emphasised my unspeakables. I coughed loudly but he failed to notice.

“Isaac. Eyes up here buddy.” I waved a hand at his face.

He blinked as his eyes slowly coasted back up to my lips. “Hmmm? You better not be going out in that.”

I glowered at him. “Why not? Surely I’m allowed to dress whichever way I want. It’s a free country dude.”

 “You look like you’re going out to get lucky clubbing. Not to a nice happy family barbeque.”

“Oh piss off.”

He fake bawled over backwards. “Ouch. And I though you were supposed to be the grown up.” He grinned at me. “Ryker is going to kill me.” He glanced at my legs. I hadn’t shaved in a good few days, thanks to my depression about Dale and Isaac in turn spluttered loudly, coughing back a laugh.

“If I’m one of the very few humans to be there then I want to blend in against all these superhuman beauties.”

Oh god, my excuse has just given me a thought- what if Dale looks at the rest of these gorgeous werewolves and decides that I’m not worth it? Crap! What if he finds a mate amongst all these wolves? Though that’s almost impossible- human and wolf mates are near zilch.

“I’m human too and so is your boyfriend down there- speaking of him, you might want to go check it out- he’s making quite a fuss-”

“Yes.” I smoothed down my dress and pulled on some heels- 4 inches, and three sizes too big… hmmmm… probably not my best decision ever. “Dale.”

Well they do say I’m a dancer.

I began to make my way down, leaving a stunned Isaac at the side. “Hey, wait up!”

Dale- watch out. Crazy psycho bitch Kai is on the loose.

“Kai!” Dale squinted at me, waving quite hysterically from the BBQ. Wait? Does Dale need glasses?

“Kai?” He blinked at me, scanning me up and down once I came within a short distance. He looked ever so slightly bewildered by my ‘look’.

Nobody else paid attention to me; they were all readily engrossed in their conversations with the breath takingly gorgeous werewolves from the Blackmeadow pack. Especially their Alpha- who sat with his characteristic frizzy blood haired mate- who look distinctively like that character from Brave… around a bench in the distance, submerged in conversation with Cass and Avery.

I didn’t fail to notice the small repetitive scowls he sent in our direction. I’d heard off Cass that he wasn’t that fond of werewolf-human relationships, especially when they weren’t another wolf’s mate. Bastard.

“Yup. Definitely me.” I grinned, swishing my hips.

Dale smiled, his eyes sparkling as he admired my lips. He let one long, dark muscled arm pull me to his chest. “Hmmmm…”

“So,” I tilted my head to the side, “what did you want to talk to me about?”

“What?” He asked distractedly as he trailed his lips across my jaw bone. Hmmm… that was nice…

“When you texted me- you told me you had something you needed to talk to me about. What is it?”

“Oh that.” He pulled back, “It was nothing.”

“Oh good!” I laughed. I pulled his hotdog out of his hand, dropping it on the floor.

“Hey! I was eating that!” He glowered at me. I grinned pulling him to the centre of the lawn. “What are you doing?”

I hummed to the rhythm of the beat that plundered the breeze from the speakers on the patio. It was quite distant and you could barely hear it. Unless you were a werewolf of course.

I shook my body as I ducked a little down and then back up again. I held my hands up to my hair and rocked my body back and forth like a pendulum.

“Come on!” I tugged on his hands. “Dance with me.”

“I-I I don’t dance.” He glanced around at everyone around us. “Stop it Kai. You’re just embarrassing yourself.” He tried to use his hands to steady my body, but I ducked out of his way. It was too late the music was already taking hold of my limbs. “Can’t you see? No-one else is dancing!”

“So?” I pulled off my clonky heels. They were too big for me anyway. Stupid werewolf sizing. “Be spontaneous! Dance with me- your girlfriend.” I dared the words out of my mouth and Dale’s expression mutated ever so slightly- but he failed to correct me, which I took as a good sign.

I tried pulling his hands onto my waist to sway to the beat but he shrugged me off, moving backwards. Rejection.

“I’m going to go get us a drink.” He raised an eyebrow boyishly. “Though it looks like you’ve already had one.” I watched as his body darted off back towards the buffet. Ass. NOTE TO SELF: Kick his nice attractive ass later.

The music inched up in volume so us mere humans could actually hear it and I stopped dancing. I felt the sullen footfalls of others finally taking to the dance floor, but it was already too late. Too late for me and Dale.

The sluggish texture of fresh grass and squishy mud oozed between my toes as I stood there sheepishly.

Looking around, there was only a few stares, others still distracted by simpering girl wolves. But it was still humiliating. Dancing had never let me down before. I glanced out towards the treeline- there was a couple there sucking each other’s faces off.

Hmmm… the dreaded mates.

The boy sent the girl an elfish grin before piercing her neck with his pristine teeth, like crack of a seal being punctured on a coke can. Gross. How could they possibly be as ‘love struck’ as that already in a matter of minutes of just meeting each other?

It was beyond me.

They sauntered back to the party with a thoroughly loved up look on their faces which extended out to their extremities- hair dragged through the back of a bush and clothes inched up in an unruly fashion. The boy looked a lot less boyish and more manly after his marking. It wasn’t his actual features that physically changed; it was more the adrenaline that ‘love’ created. Making him stand taller and prouder. In short- it damn well creeped me out.

After hearing a distinct coughing noise come from beside me, I turned around to see Ryker clad in a shirt and jeans, his head slanted and calculating.

His shirt stretched ever so slightly over a body that had quite obviously changed over the past couple of weeks- leaving my jaw to slacken and my eyes to adventure… His eyes glinted mysteriously and I coaxed my own over his features that were now submerged in dark stubble distorting his features and making him look angry from all angles at all times.

What was I doing? The boy was barely 15! And that was the nice way of putting it.

“Dancing, really?” He didn’t smile and his eyes remained dark and hooded. I could practically hear his teeth crunching together.

He’d grown to really hate me over the past couple of weeks as I revealed his bullying to the dreaded parents. They’d of course gone completely bat shit crazy about it. Forcing him into taking both defence lessons (with his dad- which he’d never failed to miss, or he’d have to face the raff of a hot blooded, fully grown Alpha) and dance lessons with me, which he’d simply ‘forget’ about. Bastard. I’d had to wait hours for him to ‘forget’.

I’d even read that bloody book Alice had given me. Rule number uno- routine, rules and a clear understanding between both parties involved. Bullshit.

“Yeah. Dancing.” I folded my arms, accidently emphasising my extremities. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down awkwardly. “Don’t you have better things to do then criticise me?” I nodded at his girlfriend over by the sizzling hog roast, gently caramelising as it turned helplessly on a metal rod.

He ignored me, taking a step forward so that his nose brushed the inside of my neck. “You even smell like him.” He turned his nose up and took a step back.

The realisation dawned on me.

I burst out laughing. “Can’t you hear us?” I grinned at him suddenly. “We sound so angry with each other and for no damned apparent reason.”

Ryker continued to scowl at me. He lifted out his hand, bigger than mine now and I took it, ignoring the tingles and placing my other arm around his back. I leaned my head on his shoulder and he tensed up.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” He grunted.

“Hmmm… why not? We’ve done it millions of times before- ok I know what you’re going to say- slight exaggeration.”

He pulled back quite quickly, the colour of his irises flooding with black ink. “I-I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Ditched. Twice. How much rejection can a girl bear?

Ryker’s ears turned up and he squinted, as if tuning in to some kind of receiver.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned him.

“Be quiet.” He uttered. “I can’t hear- wait- oh great.”

“What? What?” I hoped up and down- I didn’t like to be kept out of the loop.

His eyes narrowed, long curvaceous eyebrows accentuating the bob of his facial muscles. “It’s your boyfriend.” He spat out the word.

“Dale? Wait, hang on- he was only here a second ago, he went to get us drinks…” I peered around me as my eyes settled in on a big gathering of bodies far off to our right. How had we missed that? All the other dancers upon hearing the raucous that suddenly permeated my eardrums with unadulterated hate, stalked over to the show.

“Shit. This is just great. Brilliant.” I clasped my fingers around Ryker’s, tugging him with me- his body towering over mine even as I kept him in my shadow. I felt his eyes burn into my back as I darted over to the kafuffle that unfolded in front of my eyes.

“Can you hear what’s going on?” I yelled over the noise at Ryker. He pretended not to hear me. I knew better.

Dropping his hand, I narrowed my eyes at him mentally telling him off before diving in and out of the sandwich of bodies that caved in around the scene. At least there was one good thing about being small- I could be quite nifty in travelling through crowds. One of my few luxuries. I still felt his breath on the back of my neck. He failed to leave me.

When we reached the front of the crowd I felt my jaw hit my exposed unpolished toes.

Alpha Travis with his deep Mexican tan and short, clipped dark hair had his hands fastened around my boyfriend’s throat. Avery stood behind him aggressively tugging at his shoulder whilst Cass nearly in tears waved around frantically doing some sort of jig. My breath caught in my throat.

Facedown. Between two Alphas. Big style.

With Dale caught in the cross fire- oh my god. It was all my fault.

“Travis.” Avery’s deep blue eyes were glued onto the tip of Travis’ backbone- which was tense. He stood barely an inch over him. It would be a pretty even fight if it were to commence. “You really don’t want to do this. You really don’t.”

“Why do you care so much Avery?” Avery flinched at Travis’ wry smile and lack of use of political address ‘Alpha’. “Are you really becoming as soft as they say you are huh? Allowing humans to dominate your pack?”

Avery growled out, his teeth elongating and eyes darkening. His body began to snap painfully into something else… something much wilder. “How dare you insult me and my pack!”

Cass let out a whelp.

“Dale!” I jumped out, only to be snatched back to Ryker’s side. I felt my spine fizzle angrily like a steak on a BBQ against the hard muscles of his stomach. “Let me go Ryker!” I clawed at him. He growled.


Travis loosened his hold on Dale- who’s coffee cream face had changed to an unnatural gooseberry colour. He dropped to the floor gasping and clutching his throat with his nails.

Travis’ eyes rotated in their sockets to land on us. “Oh, and don’t get me even started on your son.” He laughed. “You’re a weak and spineless pack. My sources tell me he won’t even make it the year. You’re all cursed!”

Ryker held me even tighter to his chest- if that were at all possible.

Avery levered back his fist, ready to launch it into the sharp angles that ornamented the fury of Travis’ face and if it weren’t for Cass who threw her arms around his waist, whispering something into his ear- we’d have a nuclear war on our hands. Desolation from all around.

That- my friends, is one of the many reasons why we have Lunas. It’s their job to keep their Alpha’s in check. They may be the figureheads but the Luna’s are the necks that control the heads. 

“Go now Travis- you and your pack. Before I change my mind and we start a something we’ll both regret.” His eyes seared.

Dale, who was rolling around on the floor cursed under his breath. Ryker loosened his hold on me for a moment- which I used to my advantage- ripping myself from his clutches, to dart out to throw myself at the ground where Dale was. I wrapped my arms around his torso and stroked his hair. 

I felt Ryker’s glare sizzle my back. I could hear his gentle growl even from all the way over there.

Travis clenched his teeth, turning to angle a glare at Dale before reaching out to gather up the curly haired red head into his arms. Her face was flustered and her tummy rounded with swell of a child under her flowery dress. She looked anxious- but it was odd how her anxiety extended out to Dale- the way her lips pursed and twisted in a grimace- a look of affection… of guilt…

“Shhh…” My eyes felt sore as I buried my head into his chest, away from the strange red head. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry Dale- I shouldn’t have got you messed up in this.”   

He shrugged me off, standing up onto the balls of his feet, wobbling ever so slightly. He was unrecognisable from the proud, strong man I’d met a few months ago- his face creased with worry and his tidy, concealing suit gone.

“H-hey you!” He yelled on after Travis and the red head. Travis’ body shook as he turned around ever so slightly. “You w-won’t get away with t-this.” One of his eyes flickered shut ever so slightly- a bruise forming just below his brow. As his teeth moved, I saw a gap where one of his teeth had gone missing. Blood dribbled down his jaw. “This is a-assault.” As I glanced at the floor, I nearly yelped at I saw the bloody roots of a glinting incisor by my hand. “I won’t l-let you get away with t-this- it’s punishable in-in court.”

I tugged on his trouser leg as I envisaged steam bellowing from Travis’ ears. But to my surprise he just laughed.

Dale continued. “I-if this is how you treat a perfect stranger then how do you treat T-Tracey?” He blinked, nodding to the red head. His expression softened and a look of- oh god no- love contorted in his features.

Wait- what was I missing here? H-he knew her?

 “Jealous?” Travis laughed again, curling his arm even more intrusively around his mate. “She told me about you, youknow-” Ryker stiffened, looking ready, like his father to leap between the two. “the best friend turned lover- pathetic really. She told me how you couldn’t satisfy her- both through intelligent, engaging conversation and in bed.” He grinned. “She said you’re a robot. That you don’t understand the concept of love, of affection.”

The cheeks of the woman named Tracey went nearly as red as her hair.

Wait- so Dale- I glanced at his distraught face- and her? She was the infamous best friend who ran out on him? For Alpha Travis?

“That’s enough!” I yelled at Travis, with clenched teeth- a burst of newfound courage bellowing in my throat. It went almost as quick as it arrived. I watched as Travis’s toothy grin widened and Dale’s face faltered. “You’ve had your fun.”  

Dale wobbled. “I-If we weren’t over before-” Dale yelled after Tracey- catching her startled eyes with his own. “-We are now.”

They turned to leave.

“I’m so done with all of this.” Dale glared after them before briefly glancing at me- just as angry at me as he was at them. He turned to stalk off towards the house- blood dribbling on the grass as he went.

“Dale!” I yelled helplessly after him- gathering myself up onto my feet and beginning to run after him.

I felt a hand catch onto the back of my dress. I turned and saw Ryker- his face flinching ever so slightly at the pins that dug into his palms as he clung onto me.

“Get off of me Ryker!” I tried to yank myself from his grip. “What’s wrong with you?”

“He’s not worth it Kai. None of them are.” His face flickered between an aggressive wolf like stance and a more peaceful, human one- as if waging a battle in a loosing war. “Stay here- with me. Forget him.”

“No.” I snapped at him. “I will not be controlled- especially not by you.”

I dragged myself away from him- following the bending path of blood back up to the pack house and beyond.

I had sealed my fate and his.


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