Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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4. How to really play...

3.) How to really play...

5 weeks old- 5 years


“Fired again, huh?” Cass lifted a cup of coffee to her lips, her bright eyes flashing scarlet as they caught the light.  

“What? No!” I spluttered in response.

Reckless, Irresponsible, Unpredictable. Continuously drummed through my head.

“Oh-sorry.” Cass uttered, not really sounding particularly sorry though, placing her cup of coffee down on the mat. “What’s with the look then?” Her long dark hair swung as she nodded at my facial expression.

“What look?”

“You know- that look.” She scrunched up her eyes, the skin above her eyes curving and waving under the strain of her tough facial muscles squeezing and forcing them in place. “Oh.” She blinked and then laughed, pulling back onto her seat with a wicked grin on her face.

“‘Oh’ what!” I scowled at her pushing my blond hair off my face and feeling around my lips.

Did have something on my face? A milk tash from the while I was drinking?

Nope- I couldn’t feel anything damp around there… I swept my arms up and took a brief sniff at my armpits. Did I- wait no- I don’t think I smelled! I had a bath last night and put on underarm this morning. I mean- I know that werewolves have really sensitive olfactory receptors and all in their nasal cavities so they can smell things we humans can’t but I'm pretty sure I tipped the whole bottle of channel perfume on my head when I got up this morning for my interview with the dreamy Dale Wynne. Hmmm… even his name sounds dishy…

“No, you don’t smell.” She snorted, her nose flaring to the contraire.

I blinked- that only meant one thing…

“…I thought you couldn’t read my mind-” I leaned onto the table glowering at her. She’d promised me when we were younger that she couldn’t and wouldn’t even if she could- read my mind. She didn’t want to know about all my dirty secrets, she’d told me.

“Honey, you were smelling your armpits.” Oh yeah, that. “I know what’s wrong with you!” Hmmm… perhaps I’ve just been reading too many supernatural novels then.  

“Go on then.” I beckoned. “Entertain me.”

“You’ve found someone.” She grinned.

My eyebrows shot sky high. “How could you tell?”

“I can smell…” She lifted her nose a bit, “serotonin… I think. Well, what’s left of it. Which means you saw him today-” Her eyes glimmered mischievously. “Oh go on! Tell me! Which of our werewolf chums is it?”

“Werewolf…?” I groaned. Of course she’d think it was a werewolf- I don’t have a job and I spend all my time here, so there’s really nowhere else I could meet somebody.

“Is it Sam? Please tell me its Sam- if you’re his mate then I would just like die.” Sam’s Avery’s beta. Simultaneously she managed to giggle like a school kid and shake like an arthritic old lady trying to staggered up a fleet of stairs. “Or if it’s Jack- that’s ok too. I mean, I know he’s a bit of an arse and he’s my brother and all but you’re my best friend and I just want to let you know that it won’t change anything between you and me. Anything.”

She leaned over and yanked my hand up onto the table forcing me up off my chair and onto the table -belly first. “Ouch!”

“Oh sorry!” She let my hand go suddenly and I slid off the table and onto the floor with a big bump. “Oh crap! No- let me help you-”

“No!” I was quick to reply, cursing under my breath. “I’m fine! I’m fine! I can get up on my own.” Cass really does have no clue how strong she is- or rather how weak I am.

I blinked a couple of times, my eyes adjusting to the darkness that met me under the table. The back on my hand burned- like I had caught it on the back of a hot piece of toast.

A pair of bright blue eyes blinked back at me. Ryker? What was he doing under there? His arms were nestled around himself and he was sucking his thumb. He threw a wicked grin at me and pulled a finger up to his mouth as if demanding me to be silent. As a mere human, even if I wanted to go against his command I couldn’t- his alpha genes sung out to me and the words caught in my throat. I shot him a glare and pushed back up to sit back on my chair.

My eyes rested back on Cassy as she continued to shake like an autumn leaf in the breeze.

“You okay?” I frowned at her. I don’t think I had ever seen her so emotional- even when she bitch slapped me across the face when I tried to snog my ex-boyfriend Avery in front of her in revenge back when we were 17.

She continued to shake and a salty tear snuck out of her eye plummeting down her sharp cheekbone and off her chin. “I-I’m fine.”

“You’re most obviously not.” I threw her a tissue from my Kleenex pack across the table.

Once she had blotted out most of her tears and wiped away all nasty entrails of snail tread snot marks from her face she swallowed and continued, “G-go on then- S-sam or Jack? Or some o-other lucky son of a bitch. N-no offense to my mother of course.” She faltered.

“None of the above.” I glanced at her running makeup and decided to throw her the whole pack. Bye, bye my special expensive (well for me) eucalyptus tissues. Better kiss goodbye to my evening in at home watching titanic. “He’s human.”

Of course he’s human- I don’t think I could ever stand being trodden on constantly by the mad antics of a six foot something feral possessive werewolf mate.

“Oh.” It was a good thing I’d given her the whole packet because she then proceeded to explode into a garden sprinkler of tears. “I-its j-j-just n-not fair!”

I felted little arms tug at the heel of my shoe- oblivious to the onslaught on land. Soooo not the time. His little fingers traced my ankle, sending my nerve cells bat shit crazy. I tried to shuffle him off- but he clung on like super glue.

“I-if h-he’s n-not w-w-werewolf then y-you’re g-g-gunna l-leave me!” She snuffled. This was probably a cue for me to hug her but I couldn’t thanks to my little cling on limpet.

I shuffled my seat forward and grabbed at her hand, squeezing it reassuringly. “Listen to me.” I said as sternly as I could. “I am never leaving you. You just need to understand that I’m not going to be around as much as I normally am. I have a job now,” I sat up straighter, trying to look as sophisticated as possible- Godmother worthy. “and I am beginning to date again- well that is properly date. So I just need a little space…” Dear lord I sound like I’m a stereotypical guy breaking up with his long term girlfriend… “…it’s not you its me honey.” Shit! Did I just say that aloud?


“Oh- nothing- sorry, just ignore that last part.”

“It’s ok. I d-do understand- its just m-my hormones going wacky.” She pulled her head into her hands sighing. “I’m worried about R-Ryker.” She sniffed. “H-he’s n-n-not stopping- youknow g-growing. We’re t-thinking about t-taking him to that witch.”

The little tyke as if hearing his name, made his presence known by starting to attack my shoe laces- trying to undo them but only managing to tangle them up further. I was so gunna kick his butt later.

“Wait? Is this the same witch you forced me to go see so that you could figure out why Avery went out with me?” As if it wasn’t already obvious. I was hot- well the stereotypical hot you see plastered all over the model magazines- thin, blonde, and booby with a killer saucy smile –and I would have been one too you know, a model, that is if only it wasn’t for my stunted growth, leaving me at 5 foot 1. I was also pretty popular. I was the Barbie to his Ken.

“W-well yeah.” She caught a tear on her finger and stared at it as if it was an alien seeking to invade our earth. ‘We come in peace!’ Ha, ha, as if. “She’s the o-only one around for m-miles.”

I screwed my face up. “But she was so nosey!” I ground my teeth angrily together as Ryker, now having successfully managed to untangle himself from my laces- starting to tug quite viscously at my shoe. I ground my heel into the ground trying to stop him. “She was obsessed with reading my palm as if she didn’t already know what was in store for me by simply just my touch.”

“I-I know you don’t l-like her, but w-we still need to go. For Ryker’s sake.” She stared into her mug accusingly.

“We? Are you kidding me? You’re making me go?” I raised my eyebrows at her.

“Wherever you go, Ryker goes.” She mumbled. “H-he won’t go without you.”

“He might if you bribed him. Every other parent in the world does.” They could use cookies, or wine gums. There was hundreds of things to chose from. I didn’t need to be on the list.

“I wouldn’t count on it.” She grumbled, sticking a finger into her steaming hot coffee (Ouch that must hurt! Wait, no- she’s a werewolf so that won’t effect her) stirring it around anticlockwise. Still kind of gross though…

Ryker, realising I had slackened my grip on the ground after Cass’s announcement, then chose that minute to whip off my shoe and pull off my sock.

“What the hell!” I yelled leaping up and falling over backwards on my chair.

What was it with werewolves and making me fall over?


“Kai? Can I go on your lap?” He tilted his head to the side, big blue eyes blinking as a lump of his black fringe kept falling on his face lazily.

I reached over to tuck it behind his ear, my fingers catching onto his ear and as I did it seared me. I shot back into my car seat sucking on my finger yelping.

“Your son just burnt me!” I squealed dramatically flailing in the backseat.

Cass twisted around in the front seat frowning at me suspiciously before diverting her attention to Ryker. She reached over and placed a hand on his forehead calmly. “He seems fine to me.” She raised her eyebrows at me. “Though,” she said fingering his long dark hair, now reaching his shoulder blades (just like his mother’s) “he could do with a serious haircut.”

She twisted back in her seat, leaving me there in the back with a smirking Ryker. His lips curled up at the edges slyly- he knew exactly what he’d just done. I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. I was still barely recovering from his last attack; a bruise had formed along the back of my hip and on my bum. Not very attractive at all.

I licked my lips – time for my revenge…

“So Cassy,” I exclaimed, keeping my eyes fixed on the midget beside me. “have you thought at schooling yet?”

Cass spluttered on her Starbucks coffee, nearly spraying it all over the front window, to which Avery grunted with annoyance. “Damn girl- you nearly made we swerve off the road!” Cass glared back at him.

The fruitcake next to me grimaced and I grinned in victory.

“S-school?” She asked her mouth agape. “He’s barely 5 weeks old.”

We went over a speed bump and I could practically hear Avery crunching his molars together in annoyance. “Baby- maybe this isn’t the right time…”

“Shut up.” She slammed her coffee mug in its holder. If any other wolf had said that to him he would of gone stark raving mad and probably thrown them in some kind of dungeon somewhere but as it was Cass she somehow managed to get away with it. He swore under his breath and clenched the wheel, his knuckles turning white. You could definitely tell who was in charge of this relationship.

“I know it’s early and all-” I shrugged looking from Cass to Ryker, my eyes full of what I hoped looked like sympathy (thank you God for my acting lessons) “but Ryker needs an education. Do you want him to be left behind in his studies? Sure his body is developing quick but who’s to tell about his mind? His brain needs time to catch up.”

Cass’ jaw dropped. “I think that is the most profound I’ve ever heard you be.” She sniffed a bit again. “My baby’s all grown up!” She pretended to cry for a couple of seconds before bursting into fits of giggles. Sometimes I really do wonder whether our Luna is truly sane.

“It’s not funny.” I threw daggers at her face with my eyes. “Ryker needs to learn.”

Cass soon sobered up after hearing Ryker’s name again. She turned to him. “Hey baby, you wanna go to school? Meet some new friends?”

“No.” He growled baring his teeth at his mum trying to look all scary but failing somewhat miserably. He looked too much like a baby puffin trying to scare away a great white shark.

Cass didn’t look very surprised at his answer. “See?” She looked at me with a ‘told you so’ look etched onto her face. “He doesn’t want to go.”

I turned to Ryker and he lost his sharp teethed puffin look replacing it for a lethargic smile as he pulled on one of my long blond curls. “Don’t you want to meet new people? Make friends and learn interesting stuff about rockets and spacemen, playing out in the playground and making cool pictures of dinosaurs?”

He raised a dark angular eyebrow at me, as if to say ‘Really? Next you’ll be telling me unicorns exist and I’m going to go fly around in santa’s slay next week’. He didn’t look impressed.

“But you love dinosaurs!” I said wiggling around the toy green dinosaur I’d got him last week when I’d walked past a shop downtown and saw it in the window. It was the cutest thing ever with its fluffy light green coat, small beady eyes and giant purple spots. He needed something to cheer him up after all those endless dreaded towering 3 foot cliché teddy bears he’d been receiving off everyone else. The damned thing cost me £30! Rip off! It’s a good thing then I guess that I’m come into a bit of cash recently thanks to the benefits of working for a (almost) multi-millionaire… hmmm…. Dale… dreamy…  

Ryker’s arms launched themselves around his stegosaurus gleefully. He squeezed him so tight I thought he’d puncture the poor dude. He sniffed him and handed him back to me- nodding at me to continue with the dinosaur re-enactment.

I continued to wave him around making weird dinosaur noises in the back of my throat. Avery grunted in the front. Obviously finding it quite funny.

“Maybe we should you know- consider it.” Avery turned to Cass.

Uh-oh this wasn’t going to turn out very well.

“Hell no! Not you too!” She snorted, turning to glare out of the window, her hair blowing in the wind as she rolled the window of the jeep down. “He’s barely 5 weeks! 5 weeks!”

“Well technically he’s not-”

“He was born on Tuesday 23rd of August, 5 weeks ago.”

“Honey bear, he’s got the body of a 5 and a half year old.” He glanced at her and then back at the road. “He’s going to need help catching up! Do you want our child to grow up, at whichever rate he’s growing up, with the mental capacity of a 3 year old when he’s 23?”

“He’s not going to be 23!” She yelled back at him. “He’s going to s-stop growing soon e-enough. You’ll see.” I spied her running her hand through her long gossamer black curtains.

“What if he doesn’t…” I mumbled from the backseat quietly. With their werewolf hearing they could still hear me.

“HE FLIPPING WELL WILL!” She yelled at the top of her voice. Making my eardrums ache and forcing me to place my hands over my ear holes. It didn’t make much difference.

“Ok! Ok!” Avery lifted one hand up, trying to instigate his calm, authoritative Alpha voice into the conversation. “Lets all just take a breather huh? We’ll wait to see what the witch thinks.”

It was going to be one hell of a long car journey.


When we arrived we looked at right state- Avery with his big boisterous fists had managed to dent their doorbell at he came thundering up to the door all guns blazing, Cass’s hair was up at all angles having tangled her fingers up in it with all the worrying she was doing and Ryker had insisted on wearing his mini hoody zipped up with his dinosaur stuffed inside so that it looked like he had a stegosaurus for a head. And me? I trailed on behind Ryker making weird ‘grrr’ing noises when he’d refused to come out of the car until I did.

What a family we must have looked like to the poor 13-year-old kid in braces that came rushing to the door to answer it.

“Grrr!” Ryker leap out the boy, his hands up in what he thought to be scary claw shapes, “I’m a stegosaurus, and if you’re nice to me then I’ll try not to eat you.”

The boy yelped and jumped backwards. He looked pretty funny jumping back in horror from a 5 year old but I supposed if I’d be in his position too I’d probably have done the same. He was a werewolf after all and an Alpha one at that. Even if he was in the small frail body of a toddler.

“What?” Avery asked, his mouth agape. “He’s the witch?” He looked astonished. He hadn’t come with us last time to visit the witch.

The boy cowered away from Alpha Avery and stumbled further backwards. “Mum! Those werewolf people are here now!” He vanished off.

“Oh.” Avery mumbled, tucking his hands into his pockets. Ha, ha- I wanted to laugh at him but I tactfully decided not to- it would of ended disastrously. Cass threaded her fingers through his and Avery scooped up Ryker into one of his arms, Ryker started hissing and spitting angrily in turn.

I felt a small pang of jealousy at them all together. Where’d that come from?

Ryker sent me a sloppy smile and held out his hand to me. I ignored him. I know he must keep a hand shocker up his sleeve. Someday I’ll catch him out.

A woman bustled forward in pink flowery overalls and bright ginger hair. I felt somewhat disappointed again; she still hadn’t changed into a dark cape, tall hat and broomstick since we last saw her. Mrs Alice Nee. Didn’t sound witchy in the least.

“Come in! Come in!” She ushered us in through the front door and into an equally flowery sitting room where I sniffed the air suspiciously- croissants… cinnamon rolls and… chocolate muffins… hmmm… “Take a seat! Take a seat Luna and Alpha Hendred!” Her thin lips pulled up and along her bony cheeks in what I think was meant to be a smile. Never trust a skinny cook, my mother always used to tell me.

We all dropped into a long pink velvet couch sending dust off everywhere. Mrs Nee disappeared out of the room for a couple of seconds only to return back with a massive pile of pastries and buns in a (flowery) tiered tea platter.

Ryker leaned forward and greedily stole away 3 or 4 pastries, not bothering with a plate, settling them into his lap causing crumbs to go everywhere. I glared at him and he innocently blinked back at me, attempting a sly smile and failing as half his croissant came flooding out.

Eww… gross.

He stuffed it back into his gob and handed me a chocolate muffin from his lap covered in sticky fluffy green stuff from his toy dinosaur, I politely declined- my eyes rolling as he insistently held it out in my face. He wasn’t going to stop until I took it off him- so I did.

When I turned back to see Mrs Nee I caught her smiling at the both of us with a weird look on her face, tilting her head to the side, her brain ticking away, trying to figure out something.

“What?” I glowered at her.

“Nothing… nothing…” Her short dark ginger hair bounced on her head as she turned to Cass and Avery. “What seems to be the matter?” She asked, already knowing what was wrong. That really irritated me. Dude! She could already read minds! Of course she knew was the matter! I’m not paranoid- she just has this look in her eye…

“Our son-” Avery started, his big boisterous hands linking with Cass’ in a sorrowful manner, “-our son is ill.”

Mrs Nee twisted her head to look at Ryker, who was happily munching away on a cinnamon roll now- pealing the twirl apart, bit by bit. “He doesn’t look ill.” Mrs Nee frowned.

Cass piped up, “You need to cure him please Alice!” She squeezed Avery’s hands tighter, making him flinch with pain in her vice grip. “He’s being growing at an outrageous rate! He was only born 5 weeks ago and-”

“Only born 5 weeks ago? Oh my…” She smiled, looking at Ryker in awe. I could still tell the awe was faked though- her big hazel eyes betrayed her.

“…he’s already aged 5 years and he’s not stopping.” Cass finished.

“We’ve charted his progress on a chart in our kitchen,” Avery frowned turning all business like, “and he’s growing roughly at a steady 0.1506849315% of a year in one day alone. If he carries on like this he’ll be 21 in just 5 months.”

Cass cried out and hid her face in Avery’s turtleneck red jumper.

Ryker continued to stuff his face- completely oblivious. I had to hand it to him though- he was one epic gorger. He’d nearly eaten half of Mrs Nee’s massive pastry feast all by himself.

“He’s a hungry little munchkin ain’t he?” She tilted her head to the side again, analyzing us one by one on her therapist couch.

“Mum! Can I go play on my PlayStation now? I’ve done all my homework now.” The spotty red head kid shouted bounding down the stairs like a hyperactive little puppy.

Mrs Nee turned sharply to her son, her eyes searing into his flesh trying to read his mind. The boy slumped in defeat and began to trail back up the creaking stairs. It must have sucked to have a witch as a mother- she’d always be able to tell when you were lying.

“Wait Isaac,” She raised her palm. “I’ll let you off this one time since we have visitors.” Isaac flashed his mum a grin and started bounding up the stairs again. “Wait!” She yelled at him- he froze. Must be her witchy powers. “Take Ryker up with you. You can show him how to kill those zombie things with your controller. That’ll keep him amused for a good while.” She smiled at Cass and Avery.

“No.” Ryker jumped up on the couch, getting mud all over its rose finish.

Cass yelled at him to get off, but he then proceeded to leap onto my back like a baby koala, his little nails digging into my clothes and ripping them. I shook trying to rip him off but he stuck to me like Velcro. Oh no! Not my new top! I’d just gotten it yesterday and I was going to wear it to my ‘date’ (or at least I think it was a date- or at least a friendly get together) tonight with Dale.

Mrs Nee just looked amused. “Oh course he wouldn’t leave her.” She muttered under her breath with a light smile. I frowned- what the hell did she mean by that?

Isaac attempted to sneak up the stairs whilst everyone was distracted but his mother lifted her hand up again, freezing him. “Oh come on! Please?” He moaned and groaned. “I don’t want to have to play with a pesky 5 year old, he’ll only knock my scores down! James and me were going to play online with Assassin’s creed Unity together and kick some serious butt!”

“Isaac!” She yelped sharply. He begrudgingly nodded his head in defeat.

“Come on then.” He clenched his fists. A let out a loud, long sigh, shaking his red curls on his head and looking hot and bothered.

“No.” Ryker clung even more tightly to my back- if that was even possible? I felt all the muscles in my back start to spasm angrily against his touch. Damn him and his cursed electric hand shocker.

“Why don’t you all go on up then huh?” Mrs Nee suggested, lifting her hand up in dismissal.

“What me too?” I raised my eyebrows and clawed at my back trying to force Ryker off. No-body tried to help me. Mean beans.

“Uh huh.” Mrs Nee nodded.

Go on now pet. Be a good little girl and go play with your dollies. A small angry sarcastic voice echoed in the back of my head. Fine then! If you want to treat me like a little kid, I’ll act like one!

I stomped on up to the bottom of the stairs; Ryker still clung to my back. Dear lord, he was getting heavy! Must have been all those croissants and cakes he’s been having- which I noticed he didn’t fail to swipe a few on his way past the table on our way up. He left crumbs all over the salmon coloured carpets. Smirking I mushed them into the material with my heel childishly. Serves her right! I threw the grown ups another glower before darted up the rest of the stairs on up to a room where I could hear all the loud noises coming from.

“Must be in here Ryker…” I winced pushing open the door nervously. Who knows what monstrosities could be lurking in a teenage boy’s sanctorum? Bats? Rats? Inappropriate magazines? Decapitated bird heads?

We crept into the room suspiciously. It looks safe… enough. No bats that I could see, or inappropriate magazines. A few dirty pieces of underwear strewn from interesting places like the top of the light and on top of his DVD selection, but nothing too disturbing. The room was dark blue and he had the curtains drawn so the sunlight couldn’t stream on in. Who did he think he was? A vampire?

“What are you doing here?” His eyes bored into me. “I said the boy could come in not you- not you a girl.” He spat out the word ‘girl’ like it was a curse word designed to cripple me.

I shrugged. “Beats me.” I peeled off another set of pants that lied dangerously across the beanbag next to Isaac before pulling Ryker down off my shoulders and settling us both down into the bag. NOTE TO SELF: Must remember to disinfect my hands thoroughly later on before my big date. Don’t want to reek of boy hormones.

Isaac continued to scowl at me, letting his focus from his game on the TV slip, and causing a big flashing sign to appear on the screen “GAME OVER!” laughing sadistically.

“Damn you! Look what you’ve made me just do!” He huffed throwing his controller onto the floor.

“Hey, wherever I go, he goes.” I nodded to Ryker. He stuck his tongue at me and folded his arms and pretended to huff dramatically like Isaac just did. It was pretty funny and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. Hmmm… yeah. I was stuck with him, whether I liked it or not.

“What’s wrong with him?” He pointed at Ryker, who continued to copy his every move.

“Who knows?” I shrugged again, letting my blond hair sway on my shoulders. Isaac glanced at it for a second and I swear I heard Ryker lightly growl. I glanced at him and he looked as sly as normal so I decided that I must have day dreamed it.

“Hey, give me that controller.” I swiped it up. “Now, right. Now I’ll show you how to really play.”


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