Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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13. Gurgling fluffy bunny rabbits.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hi! Thanks for all your support :) I hope you guys like the title of this chapter! Ha! Tell me what you think of my new characters and the way I’m taking this story.

He’s around 19/20 I think here. –still need to solidify that and sort out my timings. It’s the day after the previous chapter. :)


Chapter 12: Gurgling fluffy bunny rabbits.


The bruise looked like ink, dribbling on down the sharp angles of my cheekbone.

It ranged between the kind of russet you get in a sunrise- a warm and bubbly red that makes you insides warm and your brain fuzzy and the kind of rich velvety purple you find on ripe blackberries you’d pop on down to your local farm to pick. Without the farmer looking of course.

Then in stark contrast to the warm reds and purples of the bruise emerged a long dark stain that spread across my cheek in five angular points. It was almost as dark as the sky had been on the night- stars twinkling silently. It looked like I’d just hobbled on down to the local tattoo parlour with a fiver in my back pocket, to get an image of a starfish strewn across my skin with a coiled tattoo machine. But of course it’d gone tragically wrong- the rusty old machinery and half asleep tattoo artist resulting in a design a mere 5 year old would sneer at.


Angrily, I dug deep into the foundation with a sponge and smeared it along my cheekbone with disgust when I realised that even an inch of makeup won’t cover it up. Returning back to the crater I had made in my compact I apply more.

A bright orange blob with knotty chaotic blond hair glares back at me. She looks as if she’s just escaped the Looney bin. Long achingly dark circles drag down her eyes and her lips are mashed up and distorted from carnivorous teeth that have taken out their anguish on them. No mercy allowed.

A snort vibrates across towards me from the other side of the bed. I glance from my compact mirror over to the source and pout. The short sharp bleeping of a heart rate monitor pierces the air around us monotonously.

“Honey, I don’t know what you’re laughing at- you look just as bad, if not worse.” I flashed a false smile at her.

Her mouth drops open swallowing flies and her eyes flash between hazel and black- her wolf trying to fight for control- to teach me a lesson. Which is odd, contrasting starkly against the sweet, pastel hues of her flowery dungarees and light pink long sleeved T-shirt. Her lips likewise are a rosy pink even though she’s already nibbled half her lip gloss off.

“What are you…?” I sneer at her long haggard hair and streaky face from tears- nose still red and sore from crying, “14? 15?”

She gurgles unhappily, sniffing under a snotty tissue. “16.”

“Aaaagghh… how cute.” I tilt my head to the side and place a hand on the bed sheets- I can feel Ryker’s hip under them and he jerks under my touch. I give her a predatory look. Lips curled back over pearly whites.

It really makes you wonder- who’s being the most savage now huh? The wolf or the human?

Her eyes dart between Ryker and me accusingly. “What do you think you’re doing?” Her button sweet features curl up angrily but somehow she still maintains the whole Bambi look. “He’s my mate. Get off of him. Now.”

I fasten my fingers around his hip tighter. I can faintly feel him stir under the covers. “Make me.” I narrow my eyes at her.

Her hands fist up by her sides and her face turns bright red like a tomato- but its still cute. Her elf ears twitching on the base of her skull. She doesn’t make a move towards me though. Which makes me frown. If she really was his mate she would stand for this. She’s a liar. Cheat. Con artist. Fake. Anything but his mate. His true mate.

“I love him.” She whimpers.

Her flowery dungarees cling to her curves less sensually then my stolen black number does. She looks like a sweet angel with a golden halo emerging around her head-whilst me? I look like the temptress, the seductress, evil sorcerer. The villain of the tale.

How’d a baby like her manage to pull a punch like that?

“Please don’t make him have to choose between us. He’ll choose me and I can stand to see him hurt. Which he will- because he cares about you too.”

I spit out a laugh. “If he loves you so much then why did he come outside with me then huh? To stargaze with a friend? I don’t think so.”

She flinches. Her fingers twitch on her lap in a fight for dominance.

It almost makes me feel guilty- the lost puppy, adorable little fluffy bunny rabbit façade she’s putting on. Why am I being so damned horrible? I am really this bitch I’m being right now? Have I always been deep down?

Then I remember. She’s no rabbit. She’s a wolf. I can practically visualise her lips peeling back to reveal a pair of pearly white choppers, stained with bloody intestines. My bloody intestines.

“We’ve already started the process though,” she whispers more to herself than me, “how could he…?”

I frown. I ask even though I already kind of know. “What do you mean ‘the process’?”

She doesn’t answer, instead flicking open her dungaree strap and pulling down the front of her top to show off the two fleshy indents on the base of her neck. You could still see the fresh tattered edges of the wound- blood still clotted around the source. My spit clogs up my throat and I keel over onto my side. I heave silently.

“Are you alright?” She asks with concern in her voice. Faked concern.

“I’m fine.” I splutter into the floor. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and return back up to sitting. “I g-guess this is it then.” I swallow staring into her light hazel eyes. Light instead of reflecting off the surface, is absorbed into her irises as if she’s at one with everything good in this world. Her soul aglow with the same light that was cursed down from the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling on Ryker’s room. “W-welcome to the pack.”

The angel smiles ever so slightly- a half smile- it’s not quite there and her eyes continue to flick between black and hazel. I lower my brows when her hand creeps onto his chest and up into his hair, knotting themselves into the long dark entrails of it that have now inched down his back over the past few hours.

Ryker’s so still he looks like a corpse- his skin as pale and sickly as Frankenstein’s monster. His toes peep ever so slightly out from under the bed sheets, his face covered in a sheen of sweat. He’s aged. Again. His features look older, more mature and stubble has sprouted from his jaw like daisies. Let’s just hope his not kicking them up soon.

I grind my teeth. “Which pack are you from?”

“We moved here from the Rayburn pack a couple of weeks ago.”

“Rayburn pack?” I tilt my head to the side. “The same pack that Alpha Travis controls?”

“Yes. My family moved over when we heard about Alpha Travis’ behaviour at the BBQ. It was disgusting.” She shudders. “That and of course the excellent school here. It’s awesome. I’ve made so many friends…” She babbles.

“Are you here to do his spying for him?” I glare. She looks confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Alpha Travis…? Are you here to help initiate a war between him and this pack? Get secret intel?”

“Of course not.” She looks shocked by my suggestion. “Why would I ever do that? He’s my mate.”

We’ve gone around in a couple circle again.

Ryker’s legs stirred as the levels of hostility buzzed around the room. His eyes peeled open revealing his infamous bright blue Alpha eyes. A muscle jumped in his jaw.

“Ryker?” Her lips twisted up into a smile that could melt the butter icing off a butterfly cake. Her shoulders shook visibly with excitement and her hand swept up to pet his head- their faces inches away from each other.

His eyes widened from their closeness, lips parting when he saw the angelic face staring back at him in wonder. “Sssshit.”

“Ryker!” She pecks him on the lips. “Language!”

Using one hand I forced the other down into my lap to prevent it from leaping out to slap the girl across the face.

He attempted to sit up, a tangle of heaving muscles and crunching bones but the butter-melting-angel-wolf-girl pushed him back down. “Stay.” Ryker sighed, his muscles forming a tangled heap on the bed under her glare. “Doctor’s orders.”

Ryker gazed into her eyes for what felt like a millennium. His brow knotting and unknotting as if he was trying to figure something out. She glanced at his lips and smiled shyly, lowering herself forwards towards him… only to have Ryker flinch and push himself away with the palms of his hands. Instead he reached up to her hair, letting it fan through his fingers- all the long big strands of it. Blond. Honey blond.

“Hello? Earth to Ryker?” I tapped his leg with my index finger- yelping as it stung me. In turn he too peeled back from my touch. The heart rate on the monitor accelerating for a couple of seconds. Angel girl let out a gurgle of irritation.

“W-what’s happened to your face?” He glared at me.

“What happened to her neck?” I counter. “You didn’t tell me you’d marked her.”

“It wasn’t any of your business.” He dropped her blond hair, nose flaring.

“I’m family. Your business is my business.” I bit my tongue as angel girl trailed a finger down his cheek- as if mesmerised by the angles of his cheekbone, trying to memorise it. Ryker swotted her hand away, leaning back onto the cushions away from her.

“You aren’t family, Kai.” My stomach drops. “You’re not a werewolf, you’re not a member of this pack and we’re not even faintly blood related.”

“You know what I mean.” As if by instinct I trace the pale skin of his ankle that sticks out from the covers. He tried kicking me away but I smile- payback for making me fall over in my seat during my conversation with Cass all those months ago. In your face Alpha Ryker Hendred.

Beep… beep… beep…

His eyelids shut over dark irises. “Both of you.” His hands fist by his sides. “Get off me. Now.” The Alpha command forces us back into our seats. “Where’s the doctor? I need to talk to him- alone.” He hits the emergency button by his bed and angel face gurgles.

“That’s only for emergencies Ryker.” She gurgles again. “Em. Mer. Gen. Cies.” She spells it out for him. He ignores her.

A quite small werewolf- small that is for a werewolf, still at least 5 foot 11, stumbles on into the room. He has a stethoscope hung around his neck and sandy knotty blond hair that spikes up in all directions. His footsteps are uneven- taking to favouring his left foot- a slight wobble in his right- an injury perhaps from a past fight between the neighbouring packs. He looks about mid 40s, maybe even edging into his 50s.

He’s out of breath when he reaches us, standing awkwardly at the end of the bed, glancing between the competitive stance angel face and I have as we hover around Ryker like a pair of vultures salivating over our prey.

“What’s the prognosis?” Ryker inquires, a dark brooding look crossing his face in an instant. The same kind of look a thousand fan girls would swoon over.

He’s mine. The thought sobers me up. What’s wrong with me?

The doctor answers with a flustered face, “You… you want… you want me to tell you the prognosis… with these two ladies… here?” He stutters, clutching a board to his chest and heaving.

Ladies? I nearly splutter with laughter at him. There’s no ‘ladies’ here.

Ryker glares at him, impatiently. “Yes.”

I take my hand off Ryker’s ankle and he lets out a long loud sigh of relief, as if he’s been holding his breath. His stance relaxes as he settles back into the cushions.

“Well… If that’s what you want…” The doctor bits his lip, glancing at his board agitatedly. “…you had very high amounts of dopamine and testosterone in your system…”

Ryker blinks. Angel face looks bewildered. “What does that mean? Ryker?” She turns to him but he still looks stunned.

“How high?”

The doctor swallows uncomfortably. “You’re…. you’re a growing lad… a growing Alpha… growing at a astonishing rate… of course there’s going to be an unusual amount of hormones in your system…” He glances between angel face and me. “Which… which of you is his mate…?”

“Well…I…” Angel face begins but Ryker interrupts her. 

Ryker’s fingers curl around his bed sheets. “If that’s the case then why am I here then?”

“The large amounts of testosterone and dopamine reacted badly with your system- lots of thyroid hormones and androgens- one of which is indeed testosterone- were released into your body, accelerating… your condition.” The doctor smoothed down his white coat with the back of a hairy hand. “Which one of you is his mate?” He inquired again.

“Why does it matter so much?” Ryker growled out.

“Ryker! He’s only trying to help.” Angel face crossed her arms. “Stop being such a grump.” She bit her nails. “I am.” She extended her hand out to him. “Marie Thaice.”

The doctor ignored the stretched hand turning to me- which made me grin like an idiot. At least I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like her. “And… you are…?”

“I’m… I’m…” I twitched.

Ryker grunted. “She’s no-one. Just ignore her.”

My heart heaved in my chest. No-one?

“I was with him when he collapsed. I’m his aunt.”

“Oh…” His lips twitched. “Oh… ok. Right.” He pointed to Marie, “Mate.” Then me, “Aunt.” He frowned at Marie. “The soul-mate kind of mate? Or the chosen kind?”

Marie looked horrified. “Soul mate kind! Of course!” She pulled down her top to show off her bite again- as if to stabilize her position. “Look. I’m a Luna.”

The chosen kind had always been frowned down upon in werewolf society. Which was why Avery and my relationship had been so controversial. Marie looked entirely embarrassed by the thought of being a chosen mate. Not a real one. It almost made me laugh. Being the sadistic creature that I had become recently.

“Is there any kind of treatment you can give him?” I sighed, dragging my hand through my hair. I could feel Ryker’s eyes burn into the side of my face. “To stop this?”

“It’s completely unknown territory… I really do think you’d be best talking to a witch. We really don’t have those kind of facilities.”

“What’d you need?”

His face distorted in irritation, a long furry eyebrow uncontrollably jiggling up and down on his skin. “He’d need a MRI, to see his brain’s response… perhaps a skin sample too… for a biopsy…”

“A biopsy?” Marie looked horrified, clinging onto Ryker.

“Yeah…but my training doesn’t quite stretch that far…” He dragged his shoulders up and down. “…werewolves just tend not to have these kind of medical issues…not this extreme…”

No… humans did.

“What kind of doctor are you?” I spat.

Pack doctors had never been very advanced in their profession. Werewolves were too easy a patients to have- what would take months to heal in a human, on a werewolf would only take a couple weeks. That is without medical help- which made me wonder how the doctor had got that limp from. It must have been a pretty bad scuffle. Beaten up by a Beta maybe?

“Please don’t cut him up. Please don’t.” Marie squeaked.

“Shut up. Shut up both of you.” Ryker growled.

We both promptly shut up.

“Mum doesn’t know about this right? I don’t think I could cope with another pesky woman worrying over me.” Ryker sighed.

I bit my tongue. “I told her you were skipping school to check out the territory.” I swallowed- a lump forming in the back of my throat. I didn’t like lying to Cass. “She was worryingly proud.”

“Oh good.” He mumbled. He didn’t sound pleased though.

Marie grabbed the board off the doctor and pointed to a chart at the top of it. “What caused those high amounts of those testro-whats-its?” Marie asked suddenly. Ryker stilled.

The doctor snatched the board back off her, nodding to her bite. “He bit you. I think that’s explanation enough.”

Marie smugly relaxed back into her chair, her eyes flickering to me. “When’s he going to change? You know- get his wolf? He’s already past the age of 16- when you’d naturally get them.”

The doctor hovered by the bags of blood that fed into a machine pumping into Ryker’s arm. The slow trickle down the IV reminded me of the stream that ran in the woods by the pack house. I crossed my legs uncomfortably. Needles- yuck. “Who can tell? His condition is unique. He might never get his wolf.”

Marie’s mouth dropped. “But…”

“Can I talk to Alpha Ryker? Alone? Please?” The doctor interrupted, nodding to Ryker.

“Whatever you say to my mate, you can say in front of me.” Marie grabbed Ryker’s hand. I wondered whether she’d go as far as to physically sellotape herself to him. Or worse… super glue. “We’re a team.”

Team my ass. A voice nibbled at the contours of my brain. He’s mine.

“Actually Marie… could you? Please?” Ryker’s jaw hung slack. Marie’s complexion shrivelled and shrunk back into her face. I inwardly smirked.

“Come on.” I stood up, pulling down my ‘borrowed’ extremely short dress- which made the doc’s eyebrows shoot up sky high before I grabed hold of Marie’s fleshy arm. A sprinkle of freckles ornamented it. Even her skin was cute. “We’re going.”

Dejectedly Marie dimly stumbled up onto her feet with a slight wobble. She was wearing sandals- two sets of purple nails peeking out like a purple mutant rabbit’s claws. Her feet slapped the floor while mine neatly clip clopped encased in heels, as we slowly tread towards the exit. Like a meerkat her head continually twisted around to peer back at Ryker. I shoved her through the door before I began to walk through.

“Kai.” My name on his lips made me shiver. Like a cold Antarctic breeze had stirred the warm Mediterranean starfish on my cheekbone and caused it to violently contract on my skin. Squirming around. Ants in my pants style. “Come back here… for just a minute.”

Sighing, I quickly swirled around making my way back to the bed. “What s’up?”

I caught his eyes glancing at my attire. A ‘short dress’ couldn’t really get much shorter before it became a top. His knuckles turned white. “What happened?” He swallowed slowly. “Between you and me… last night?”

I rolled my eyes. “I was drunk. You came to rescue me all hero style- though I didn’t actually need you too. You had a bit of a fit. Your girlfriend punched me.”

“She what?” His face went livid red and a pair of pointy looking teeth extended over his bottom lip. Though the last bit could have been my imagination.

“Calm down. I would have done exactly the same if I’d been in her position.” I placed my hands on my hips. “We were alone- under the stars- drunk… a bit too close for comfort… you get the picture.” The heart monitor sped up ever so slightly.

“I-I had a fit?” He closed his eyes. “I-I’m sorry you had to see that. I-I’m so sorry Kai.”

“Don’t apologise.” I frowned at him, squatting down so I was at his level. Flashing my knickers at the already startled doctor. “Don’t worry- ignore the doc. I’ll get you the medication or operation or whatever you need to save you. I promise.” I ran a finger absentmindedly down the side of his face. The sun had brought out an awkward zigzag of freckles on his left eyelid. His eyes- much greyer than they had been. As if by instinct he moved slowly towards me. When we were only millimetres apart the doctor loudly coughed.

“I think you should really be going now- don’t you?” His face was crumpled up in an amateur fisherman’s knot.

Ryker growled as I jumped backwards. What had I been doing?

“Oh right yeah. Bye.”

I made a quick exit.


He stood by the treeline, a blue hue of an electric storm burning up the sclera of his eyes. His angular lips stood out against the flesh lassoed onto the hooks of his cheekbones and his dark hair clung to his neck, slick with the rain that pelted down on us.

My breath caught in my throat. Rain trickled down my neck and onto my sodden X-factor t-shirt making it cling to my body like a second skin. My jeans hung so low around my hips that they curled around the edges of my shoe line- sticking into the oozing mud that prevented me from moving.

Ryker? My mind screamed.

“Where were you?”

A pair of small 5 year old lips mouthed at me. They looked like two little caterpillars linking together in the cocoon of his face. I could barely hear him under the frantic drumming of the rain. “You didn’t come to get me.” His teeth gnashed together as he talked.

All I could do was stand and stare at him. We were barely metres apart but it might as well have been completely different time dimensions. The dark expanse of sky that hovered miles if not thousands of leagues above us felt closer to my mere flesh and bone body than he did.

His arms were latched securely around his toy dinosaur as he swayed back and forth.

“Hey, I’ll make it up to you.” My mouth curled up around the edges of my teeth. “We can go out for ice-cream or milkshakes. I might even get you a cookie! Your choice.”

“Ryker!” A voice echoed from the distance just before lightning struck a tree behind Ryker.  I yelped and jumped backwards, the force wrenching my sunken jeans out of the mud and causing my bum to hit a cushion of mud that caked the edges of my long blond hair.

“Get back in here this instant!” The voice rumbled as thunder shook the earth beneath us. “You’ll get yourself a chill! Stop messing around!”

I tilted my head back into the mud and my vision distorted- the sky becoming the land and the land becoming the sky. I saw Cass standing by the deck and for the first time in all of the time I’ve known her she looked normal- her earth shattering beauty- gone. Rain dragged lines of mascara down her cheekbones and she wrapped a pair of arms around her midriff shivering. Her glossy black hair had turned matt and her knees had buckled halving her impressive stature.

“Ryker! Get here this instant! I’m not kidding around- if you don’t I’ll get your father to go get you.”

I sat up in my position and knelt trying to get up to standing. A grin stretched upon my face. “Cass!” I yelled, waving my arms around like a madwoman. “Cass! It’s ok! He’s with me! Ryker’s with me! He’s safe!”

She looked right through me. My ribcage pushed down on my lungs making them press in on my heart- which hurt like a bitch.

“Cass! Hello? Cass!” She squinted at Ryker’s little form. Why hadn’t she seen me?

A sigh emitted from the luke warm body metres away from me. He dragged his feet in the mud as he trailed up towards his mother. As he walked his bones extended and muscles twisted and spiralled upwards growing. Spots broke out of his skins, settling and disappearing in quick succession. His figure altered, hips jutting out and abs thickening and readjusting to his new frame.

When he reached me, gone was the 5 year boy and in his place a man of 24 or so years- the same age as me… or perhaps only a little older. A tall, dark handsome stranger. The kind of man I had visualised in my dreams- my own prince charming. He beckoned a foot above me, making my stomach drop. Oh god, he was gorgeous.

Smiling I dragged a finger down his porcelain jawbone and godly features.  

“Gosh you’re beautiful.” I lifted my lips to his and my whole body hummed with excitement as the electric storm of his eyes burned through him into me. He didn’t kiss me back. I pulled back dejectedly. Didn’t he want me?

When I did, the youthful, handsome man had gone. In his place stood an ancient figure of 50 or so years. His face weathered and beaten, frown lines protruding on his brow. Had he never smiled? There was no smile lines… his lips had shrunken back into his skull.

“What?” He growled at me. “Not youthful, pretty enough for you?” He possessively clamped his arms around my waist. My tummy curdled. “Too old, too ugly?” His teeth lengthened, “Too bad.” He yanked my head to the side and sunk his teeth into my neck.

I screamed. Cass watched in horror as her son’s hair whitened and thinned out over his back. His skin shrivelled up further and his backbone buckled. His arms hung more loosely around my waist.

He let me go and I stumbled backwards. What was he now? 70? 80?

He blinked. “Who the hell are you?” His eyes held no recollection- he looked lost.

Stepping backwards he hit a tree and slid down it’s rough bark- that caught on his skin and sent ribbons of blood coasting down the flesh on his back. His skin twisted and pulled back over his flesh revealing a bloody ribcage and loose weak muscles that had begun to rot. He screamed out in pain- the sound mingling with a howl as the dark thunderous clouds peeled back to reveal a bright silvery moon blinking down on us in amusement.

A long, withered grey bloody wolf limply curled up in place of Ryker. I screamed. He disappeared.

Then I woke up.


I clutched the phone to my ear like a lifeline. “Have you met Marie?” An excitable voice hummed down the line. “Isn’t she just delightful? A beautiful, sweet, kind mate- she’ll make an excellent Luna don’t you think?”

I shook- my mind twitching back and forth between my nightmare. “Yeah- probably.”

“Oh and the kids they’ll have will be to die for.” The voice nearly broke out in song.

“What!” I yelped. “No, no, you can’t seriously be telling me you’re thinking of that already! He’s not even a year old.”

I felt like I was going to puke. Bile twisting around in the back of my throat uncomfortably. I clung onto the side of my couch in horror. 

She ignored me. “Gosh- I’m so jealous of her hair. Beautiful, blond streaks of it- with caramel streaks- god I could just eat her up.”

Why don’t you then? I wanted to yell at her. Never had I ever wanted to strangle someone as I had to do to Cass then.

“You’ve never been jealous of my hair? I’m a blond.” I spluttered.

She laughed down the line. “Sorry, honey- but let’s just say at least her blond isn’t out of a bottle.”

“My blond isn’t-” I swallowed before my stomach dropped again. The nightmare. Ryker. Help. “I’m sorry Cass- I have to go. I just have to. Right, see you next week ok?”

“What, ok. Fine. See you next week.” I could practically hear her gnashing her teeth together. Even my grumpy mood couldn’t stop her happy streak.

I quickly cut the call.

My fingers shook as I dialled a new number.

One bleep, two bleeps… three…

“Hello?” A deep voice grunted out across the crackly line. “Dr Howard Franconi speaking.” He clucked 3 times.

“Hi. It’s Kai.” I let all my limbs sag dropping into the soft enfolds of my couch, letting it fully engulf me. I ran my fingers through my haggard hair. Dear lord, I need a shower. A really, really long one. I still smelt like sweaty werewolves and grunting girls. My nostrils flared- what was that aftertaste… I nearly coughed up my insides upon realising- it was fluffy gurgling bunny odour.

How the hell had that got on me?

“Kai?” He sounded surprised. “Why are you calling me out of office hours?”

“I need your help.” My voice buckled. “P-please.”


The loud drone of the doorbell ring shook me out of my zombie sleep- my saliva dribbling down my chin and popcorn tucked into nearly every crevice my body contained. My hand was curled around my flask on my lap- the lid having rolled off and onto the floor. A tall glass of half drunken wine sat on my table.

I blinked at the screen that blinked on and off on the screen in front of me. Thomas the Tank engine? What the…? The only time I’d ever been bothered to watch that was with Ryker…

Shaking I stood up and flipped the button on the remote- switching the bumbling screen off. I stumbled forwards in my PJs towards the door where the bell was consistently going on and off in abundance. I took a deep glug from my flask and set it on the side, kneading through my hair with my fingers. Who’d be coming here at this time of the night? What was it? Nearly midnight?

I swung the door open. Squinting Dale stood by the door- his long, broad shoulders filling up the doorway. It was weird to see him out of a suit- a loose pair of jeans hanging around his waist and a T-shirt hanging to his torso.

Hot- if you liked that kind of thing.

Long dark shadows had emerged under his eyes that weren’t there before. Dark stubble covered his jawbone, inching down his neck- the start of a beard. I didn’t like beards. Too scratchy… too werewolf like. He squinted back at me- his pupils taking a long time to adjust to the light. He slumped against the doorframe- drunk.

“K-Kai?” His eyes flickered to my cheekbone. “What’ss happened?” His fingers swept across onto my jawbone. He breathed into my face- alcohol fanning my senses.

I shook him off.

“Y-you’ve been drinking.” I glared at him. Letting my breath splutter out onto his face.

“So have you.” I wobbled ever so slightly on my feet.

“Not as much as you.” I glared at him, before starting to edge the door shut. He jammed his foot in between the door and the doorframe so I couldn’t.

“I’ve missssed you.” He whimpered. “Please let me in.”

He looked completely dejected. His shoulders humped in defeat. A strange bubble of pity stirred in my tummy.

“You have a kid- a family.” I bit my lip- contemplating letting him in. “Focus on that. Not me. Not now. Please.”

He snorted. “My wife’sss run off with another man and my kid wants s’nothing to do with me.” He growled out. “Sso much for a family.”

“Go d-drown yourself in your sorrows elsewhere.”

He wrapped a hand around my waist. Making my breath hitch. “I don’t want to go anywhere else. I want you.”

His eyes dug into mine. I nodded slowly. His touch made all the thoughts of the nightmare evaporate from my brain. Forming condensation on the mirror behind him in the hallway.


Dale’s heartbeat raced against mine and his pupils extended and shrunk back as lowered his lips onto mine. I dug my hands into his hair. He felt- nice. Warm. Cosy.

When he kissed me his arms tightened around me and pulled me up into his arms. Was he actually kissing me? Or the idea of moving on? I wasn’t sure.

Me? The man I was kissing… well I don’t even think that thought should be sounded it was so abominable.


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