Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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8. “Can someone please give that poor boy a haircut?”


AUTHORS NOTE: Not entirely sure if I yabber on a bit too much in this chapter. Please let me know what you think! :) Feel free to yell at me about getting a move on! I won’t get offended! :P

CHAPTER 7: “Can someone please give that poor boy a haircut?”

(9 weeks, 5 days= 11 years)



1 week, 1 day later…

“Where the hell has my photo gone?”

I yelled at the top of my voice whilst swerving into the kitchen, my empty photo frame digging into the palms of my hands. “We’ve got a supernatural kleptomaniac on the loose people!” I declared dramatically.

Only the lightning quick nifty fingers of the supernatural beings that dominated this household could of possibly have stolen my photo.

I mean- I’d barely turned around for a second and BAAM! It’d gone from my room. The photo we’d all taken after the awkward meal we’d had a couple of weeks ago.

The one of my family.

Noted, the room wasn’t actually mine as such- often lent out for low-end guests at the pack house- omegas and the visiting alpha’s bodyguards, but it was like some kind of unwritten rule in this pack- you just don’t mess with Kai Repetto’s room. It’s even got my name scrawled into the banana (verging of puke) coloured paint on the walls. I’d done it just after having had my first ‘episode’ after breaking up with Avery with a paperclip I’d found in my tunic pocket. They’d brought me back to the pack to nurse me back to health.

I’d never really left since.

K.R ♥ Avery

K.R ♥ (Avery) obnoxious werewolves

K.R ♥ (Avery) obnoxious (werewolves) dogs that are covered in fleas

K.R ♥ (Avery) obnoxious (werewolves) dogs that (are covered in fleas) she can’t keep her hands off

(A/N: Movellas won't let me cross out the words so everything in (brackets) is meant to be crossed out.)

And it went on. It wasn’t all my handwriting, having been added to over the years by bored visitors. I doubt they even knew who K.R was.  

Passing on into the dazzling white of the mammoth room that was the pack kitchen, I sighted a long (ish) spindly body anchored into the insides of the fridge, hands fastened around a tub of spray cream, the gentle burr of the open button pressed down to release fountains of whipped cream into the predator’s port hole.

“Oh my dear f-ing lord!”

Eyes that had considerably darkened over the past few days, whipped up to meet my own. Ha- whipped. (Irony- I know again.)

“That is absolutely revolting.” I dropped my picture frame onto the counter with a large clatter (probably taking a large chunk out of the top in the process- oh well…) and strolled on up to the boy, trying to yank the cream out of his hands. I caught myself on his skin in the process; an irritating buzz zipping my nerve ends up into a frenzy.

We stood there opposite each other for what felt like centuries. His long dark hair was by his shoulders by now and his nose had thinned out. I tugged the can towards myself with all my strength, but he kept his hands firmly in place, a finger loosely draped over one of my own. I bit my tongue in irritation, trying to wiggle my pinkie out from under his.

Damn you home branded whipped cream. There was no way, absolutely no way I was ever letting go. Till death do us part. Me and the whipped cream that is.

How dare Ryker try to take what’s mine from me!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I pulled again helplessly on the can- to no prevail. I glared at his emotionless face.

His mouth was set in a grim line. He was almost the same height as me now- his nose only millimetres from my own. He tugged on the cream back. He could have used his werewolf strength to prise it off me- but he didn’t. Weird.

“I got here first-” Ryker grounded his teeth together, his eyebrows lowering, eyes darkening. “get your own, Kai.” He emphasised the ‘Kai’, he knew how much I hated the absence of ‘aunty’.  God knows I’m not even his godmother- not even after the tremendous amounts of high-pitched arguments I’d had with the crazy werewolves that I like to call his ‘parents’.

“Damn it!” I swore, glaring at his face. His once pristine chubby skin, now was slightly flatter, but ridged with the beginnings of teenage hormones- the dreaded spots. Good times. “Just give me the damned can!”

“No.” One nasty bugger had begin to erupt on the pale flesh of his chin bone- must have been particularly irritating, being on a joint. He tugged on the can, so it was now on his chest, my fingers grazing his band t-shirt- a lend from Isaac.

“Ryker, have you ever thought that someone else might want to use that can after you huh?” I growled like an animal. I was saving it for my hot chocolate later.

Yes, it was in the midst of summer but who can really resist a good old hot chocolate and marshmallows? Please don’t deny me all the small pleasures in life- god knows I needed them recently. Oh, please no- please don’t tell me he’s eaten the mini marshmallows too… one look in his eyes gave me the answer.

This is WAR. I clenched onto the can tighter. It began to dent around my fingers.

Ryker sniffed the air, taken off guard by something, nasals flaring. “What’s that stupid smell-” He licked the excess cream off his lips. My tummy lurched. “Its been following me around for the past few days and its really irritating-”

I took him off guard, whipping the cream from his chest to my own. Even though his hands were looser they were still firmly latched onto the canister. Damn it.

His eyes widened and his nostrils flared further. He tilted his head to the side. “You’ll pay for that.” He latched one finger over the open button, causing cream to come surging out of the can and onto my new top. I leapt back screaming as he fell backwards chortling hysterically. 

I’d just gotten that from Dorothy Perkins! How dare he?

“That’s not funny Ryker!” I attempted to flick the cream off of my top, but as I did so, I thought of an even better idea. A metaphorical light bulb swung around at the top of my head- like they have in those cartoons.

I scooped up some of the cream off my top and launched it at Ryker’s face. It caught the edge of his cheek and clipped his elf ears.


All the blood rushed to his head and I could practically see the steam emerge from his ears. Ha, serves him right.

“Ooooh, you’re definitely in for it now.” His mouth crept up at the edges as mischievously twirled around and reached into the fridge.

I stepped back- was it best to make a run for it? Or should I stand my ground- be strong? I glanced around me- was there anything I could use for protection? A baking tray laid aimlessly on the sparkly island top (now sparkly and chipped)- the crumbs from another of Cass’s disasters in the makings still incarcerated on top. I tugged it in front of me as if it were my shield, crumbs sticking to my cream encrusted top.

Well… at least now it looked a little less well… sparse.

I peeked over the top and saw Ryker pull out one of Ally’s freshly baked Alaska’s… Oh god. She was actually going to murder me. No, seriously.

“Ryker, don’t you dare-” I inched backwards, shield in place, my heels hitting the curb of the island booth. Nowhere to go now, Miss red-riding hood. The big bad wolf is coming to get you…

He advanced on me, his red all stars poking out from under the shield in my line of vision as I ducked down. He pulled my shield away from me and I heard it clatter on the floor a good few metres away from us. He pulled up my chin, which I had pressed onto my chest, eyes tightly closed, so I was looking into his eyes as he shoved the baked Alaska onto my upturned face. His fingertips left scorch marks in the roots of my flesh.

His fingers lingered on my skin and I heard his heavy breathing.

“Got ya.” He smirked through my blurred vision. I reeled over, spluttering onto the floor, baked Alaska going everywhere. Down my top, in my freshly curled hair, onto my favourite pair of jeans- I was sooo going to kill that kid.

I smoothed the Alaska out of my eyes and stalked over to the fridge in my heels, trying not to skid.

I glanced into the fridge- hmmm… how should my revenge take place? Cara’s slice of birthday cake that she’d saved from Tracey’s birthday bash last weekend? Oh, no- I could possibly…

I lifted up the ominous green and pink iced slice, a nice big healthy wedge of butter cream filling its insides, above my chin, poised for action, stalking back over to Ryker. He didn’t even try to move, he just stood there watching, with a lazy grin etched onto his face as he watched my muscles rolling back and forth in their sockets at disjointed angles.

I lifted up the cake to his face, and he caught my wrist- to my irritation. “Let me go!”

“No- let me.” Using his retention on my wrist he helped me lower it to his face at a speedy rate, a satisfactory splat filling the silence of the room.

Like a window wiper on a car, his tongue revolved around his mouth to swallow the remaining cake. “I’ve wanted to eat that slice for ages.” He grinned up at me. “And now,” He whispered in my ear, tickling my sideburns with his breath. “no-one can blame me for it.” He reached up and pulled a bit of squishy Alaska from my hair strands. “Are you not a natural blond?” He looked slightly puzzled for a moment. What?

I was so stunned I could only answer, “Well, yeah- but I guess not entirely yet…”

He cut me off suddenly yelling, “Mum! Kai’s messed up the kitchen!”

Boy, that kid has a loud voice. I heard scuffling from the other rooms of the big house.

“Oooh, you little-” I launched myself at him, only to be stopped by lightning quick arms shooting up from behind me.

Stop now.” An outwardly calm voice sounded from behind me. “Wait- is that my cake on his face?”

Uh oh. Guess who?

She pulled me away from Ryker setting me down like a doll in one of the high stools by the island. Cara. Oh how I hated that woman.

Her long dark brown hair hung in piggy like ringlets down around her face to her shoulders and her eyelashes were curvy and dark making her eyes pop out like a raccoon’s. (Ok, maybe they weren’t that bad- but the woman’s a cow, so how’d you expect me to describe her? As a flipping princess?) She wouldn’t have had to use extensive make up like I did every morning to make me- well me.

“I’m going to get Cassidy.” She frowned putting her hands on her hips and shaking her head disappointedly. One of her eyes twitched. “I’m really surprised at you Kai.”

Who the hell called Cass Cassidy? Who’d she think she was? Mother Teresa?

Really, really, disappointed in you. I thought you were supposed to be a proper role model to Ryker- not some- not some…” She shook her head again. Her eyes flickered towards Ryker’s green and pink face. She huffed and dramatically swept out of the room.

Not some what? Savage human? Us humans are not the savage ones here, honey.

“And stay away!” I jumped up off my stool and yelled out at her slim retreating figure. How she’d managed to keep her waist so skinny after giving birth, not once but four times- I have no clue. Damn werewolves all have to look so idyllic! I sunk down onto my butt, leaning my head against the counter.

Ryker flopped down in front of me crossing his gangly legs.

I ignored him, glaring at his ratty untied shoelaces. Why do all guys think it’s so ‘trendy’ to keep their shoelaces untied and their pants around their ankles anyways? It’s just weird. Why don’t they trip over? Was it some kind of skill they all taught themselves? Some kind of right of passage to becoming a ‘real’ man? Dale never does that. Not that he’s some weird horny teenage boy though. No, not my Dale.

Cass swarmed into the room like an army of bees, all sizzling in anticipation of zipping around and collecting pollen.

“What have you done to my poor kitchen?” I turned around to see Cass and Cara about the door with both of their hands fastened onto their hips and their eyebrows lowering over squinting eyes like Siamese twins. Maybe they did belong together as best friends. I felt awkward the third party in the room.

“It wasn’t me.” Ryker folded his arms and batted his eyelashes innocently. “She started it!”

“Oh no you don’t!” I whipped my head up. “It was definitely him.”

“What are you? 5 years old?” Cass glowered at us both. “Grow up!”

Ryker let out a sheepish grin. “Yeah, that’s definitely no problem.”

We were both forced to clear up, on our hands and knees scrubbing at the floor with kitchen roll that was sodden and stuck to the heels of our palms within seconds. I felt sweat roll down the side of my face. Cass sat glowering at us from up high on one of the stools. Like some kind of relentless dictator watching over her minions.

Then Ryker asked an awkward question.

“W-what are mates?” He stuttered ever so slightly, eyes stuck onto the floor, cheeks colouring. “I mean- I heard some of the other boys talking about them at break time the other day- this one boy Lance, he’d found his at a kiosk in M&S or something, a day or so ago.” He scrubbed even more heavily at the floor- I thought he’d swipe the paintwork off it. “He was only 11 or 12… not much older than me… well older than my bodily age, that is.”

I glanced up at Cass, she was still frowning, but her lip had curbed up to the side slightly. “Your mate is someone you’ll love unconditionally, forever.”

“What?” Ryker stopped scrubbing, looking up at his mum in surprise. “Forever?”

“Yes.” Cass tapped the surface of the island with a somewhat dreamy look on her face. Picturing Avery I suspect. “They’re designed for you and you alone. Once you meet them that’s it. They take over your whole life. Your world revolves around them.”

“Is it possible to be, youknow- in love with anyone else? Ever?” Ryker’s eyes darted from the floor to the crumbles of Alaska still embedded in my hair, to Cass, to the fridge and back again to the floor.

I snorted, scrubbing at one of the panels in the floor more vigorously.

“No. You’ll never love anyone else. Not that way. You can’t.” Cass frowned. “You don’t have the capacity in you to do that.”

“How’d you know?” I asked turning to Cass, she’d never really told me about it. Didn’t want to hurt my feelings after she’d stolen my boyfriend I guess. I bet the ‘episodes’ didn’t really help the case either. Or my constant hatred for the stupid soul mate scenario. “That it’s them?”

“Your pupils dilate, world freezes, their touch is sizzling hot and you wanna youknow-” she wiggled her eyes suggestively at me. Ryker looked confused. She cleared her throat. I nearly pissed my pants laughing.

“Yeah right.” I chortled. “That’s a whole load of codswallop.” I spluttered into a nearby tea towel I’d tugged of the kitchen sink.

Ryker’s eyes narrowed at me.

“No it isn’t.” Cass glowered.

I lifted my hands up in the air- surrendering. “Okay, okay,” I watched as Cass slowly tried to calm herself down. “I’ll stop dissing your precious ‘mate’ scenario- even though it is really dumb, if you calm down- I don’t particularly want an encounter with your not so friendly side there.” I watched as Ember phased in and out.

“Does your wolf tell you?” Ryker reached out and pulled a lump of Alaska from my hair. I shrugged him off.

“Hmmm… kind of. When you first turn that is.” Cass tilted her head to the side. “But it’s more of a feeling- youknow, in the pit of your belly.”

“When do you meet them?” Ryker stopped attacking my hair. Stretching and lolling lazily against the fridge.

“It can be at any age.” Cass bit her tongue and prodded one of the incinerated crumbs that lay helplessly on the table with her forefinger. “At any time in your life span. At least the once.”


Jack chose that second to come swooping in.

“Aang, hallo, güete tag, ola, hello, bonjour, salve!” Jack unfurled his hands, his long angular arms contracting and his spikey black hair standing up on end like he’d just been electrocuted- or become a rock band groupie.

“How’s my favourite nephew-? Shit! What the hell happened in here?” His eyes took in my frazzled blond hair, Ryker’s blue avatar face and his sister’s dazed look.

A recipe for a disaster movie film set.

“I’m your only nephew- duh.” Was Ryker’s intellectual reply.

Jack ignored him.

“It looks like someone has come along with a sledge hammer and a revenge plot against a cheesecake and this is the result.” He lifted his foot up as tried to shake off a lump of pink icing that had lodged itself into the tread of his trainer.

Cass swerved around in her seat and leaped at Jack. “You’re back!” His eyebrows shot sky high as 10 stone of flesh and werewolf fluff jumped onto his skinny designer jean embellished body.

Did I mention he was tanned? Like really tanned. His ears were beginning to peel.

“How was Africa?” I folded my arms. “And Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Japan…?”

Lucky guy. I wish I could afford to travel the world.

“It was good. Very good.” A short burst of something I couldn’t quite describe passed over his features. Ryker threw the lump of Alaska he’d found in my hair at his face, which brought him out of his trance.

“How does it feel to be the only werewolf ever in the history of werewolf-kind to go travelling around the world and leave their pack?” I sent him a half grin.

He just shrugged.

Cass tugged him onto a stool. “We’ve been telling Ryker all about mates Jack.” Her eyes twinkled. She turned to Ryker. “Your uncle Jack just came back from travelling the world in the hope of finding his pretty little mate.” She tugged Jack’s lanky hands into her lap, looking up at him with big eyes. “What’s she like Jack? Is she small, tall, big, slim? Is she innocent and sweet or boisterous and slutty like Kai?”

“Hey!” I yelped at her.

“Does she cook? What does she do for a living? Does she do anything for a living? Is she a werewolf? Human? Zombie? Is she older than you, or younger? Which country does she come from? Is she clever or dumb-”

“Sheesh. Calm down.” Jack pushed her hands away from his. “And no, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t actually found her yet.”

“What?!” Cass jumped back. She examined his face. “You’re lying. I can see it in your eyes- you’ve got that half spaced out dreamy look that you get in the after mass of finding them. Come on- tell me.”

“Please Cass.” He looked pleading into her eyes. “Not now ok?” He jumped off his stool and wandered over to Ryker who’d taken the opportunity again to gorge himself on the contents of the fridge.

“Hey lad, so I see you’re curious about mates huh?”

Ryker paused, retreating out of the fridge. He numbly shrugged pretending not to be that bothered. Watch out cool dude- you’re threatening to melt. “No, not really.” He downed a pint of milk- from the damned bottle. Disgusting. “I just don’t wanna get caught behind. Everyone else knows what they are. They laughed at me when I asked.”

Shrug, shrug.

“Well, if you have any questions…” Jack shrugged back. Guy talk. I almost felt uncomfortable watching. “I guess you can just ask me or your dad…”

Ryker started to make his way towards the door. Then he suddenly turned around, glancing back at Jack.

“What are mates for?” He asked Jack, tilting his head to the side. Black hair fell into his face, sticking to the corners of his mouth. “I mean, what’s the point? Wouldn’t we all be fine without them? It just seems like a load of fuss about nothing if you ask me.”

Cass nearly choked. Jack burst out laughing.

“I think y-you better ask your dad that question.” Cass spluttered out between choking noises.

“Oh, right.”

Ryker disappeared off into the distance, yelling over his shoulder, “Hey, mum- I’m going around to Isaac’s house. See you later Kai!” The slam of the front door rattled the house.

Jack’s laughter shook the room.

“Can someone please give that poor boy a haircut?”


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