Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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11. At least having a werewolf family never gets boring.

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CHAPTER 10- At least having a werewolf family never gets boring.

16 years old (can’t be bothered to do the calculations right now- but I will in a bit- I think I got them wrong somewhere down the line)


I glared at his assistant who sat on the edge of his desk, legs crossed, head tossed back, hair dangling down onto the rich mahogany swirls of the wood. Her lips were glossy and red- heart shaped and her hair rich blond- though a much dark colour at her roots as many self proclaimed blonds do have. Her muscular legs fashioned with dangerously sharp stilettos, and she kept drumming against the desk with long nails- constantly fidgeting. Constant on the move. If I didn’t know better- I would have said she was a dancer.

“Dale.” I clip clopped up to them in my heels- which were considerably less sharp than hers. “We need to talk. Now.” My glare made the woman smirk, before she vanished back into the draughts of my imagination.

I shook my head- turning bat shit crazy was definitely not a good idea right now.

I breathed in through my nose, out through my mouth- calm down, calm down, calm down.

“Yeah- you’re right we do.” His dark eyes met mine. “Sit.”

“No.” I bent over his desk- enjoy my sudden height advantage. It wasn’t often I was supporting a 6 inch tactical advantage over a man.

“Fine. Be that way.” He pulled back in his chair so to distance himself from me and keep his composure.

“Dale,” I tapped my fingers on his desk, “this tension-” I blinked at him, my eyes a little blood shot, “is unhealthy for us.”

“I agree.” He folded his arms.

“What caused it Dale?” I asked breathlessly. “I know your best friend,” he flinched- I could still see the entrails of darkening bruises tracing the dark skin above his eye, “your own best friend, cheated on you- with Al- I mean, Travis- but honest to god Dale, I had no clue he was going to be there or I would never had made you come along…”

He held his hand up, cutting me off. “I know.”

My mouth gaped open. “T-then… why…?”

He sighed, pressing up a packet of frozen peas to his eye, condensation rolling down off the bag and onto his shirt- making it change from its light blue colour into something much darker. “I was going to tell you at the BBQ… before well, everything happened.”

“Tell me what?” I gabbled. “That you’re still partially in love with your ex-? It’s ok! I know, getting over someone you love is a difficult experience- not that I’ve practically experienced it before but I’ve seen others, albeit only on TV programmes…”

“No- of course not.” He pulled the packet off his eye. “I’m not still in love with Tracey.” He shook his head and growled under his breath. “I’ve told you time and time again that I didn’t want a relationship.” His eyebrows lowered, but he avoided eye contact with me. “Yet here you are- getting me to meet your family, deal with jealous hormonal teenagers, stay over at your flat doing nothing but play video games for nights on end and face my ex’s new man- which only brings up painful memories.” He tilts his head to the side, wincing when it makes his stiff neck click. “And yet, after all that, the fact that we’re not actually together is beyond you.”

“What are you saying?” I pursed my lips, like one of those psychotic obsessive girlfriends you see on the Jeremy Kyle show. “That we’re over?”

“No.” He grilled his fingers through his hair. “I’m saying that I’ve been lying to you.” His face flushed. “If-if we’re going to be together- then we’ve got to be honest with each other.”

“Stop talking in riddles!” I dug my nails into the skin of his mahogany desk- he flinched ever so slightly- not taking easily to me destroying his priceless desk. My fingers caught onto splinters. Karma.

“Well, ok- I didn’t really lie to you, not as such- I just simply misdirected the truth…”

“Shut up.” I yanked my fingers out of the table and ran my fingers through my waist length blonde hair. “Shut up.”

“…we’re still technically married Kai.” He bit his lip; a tooth catching onto his barely healed split lip that Travis had given him- causing blood to start to disperse down onto his jaw. I flinched- I didn’t like blood much. “We’ve got a kid.”

That shocked me. “A kid?”

Oh, bloody hell.

“Well I say kid- but she’s already approaching 13.”

“Oh god.” I scrunched my face up into my palm. “How old are you?”

He coughed. “Umm… not that far off perhaps 32.”

Shit. He was nearly 10 years older than me. How had I not noticed? He hadn’t looked that old… his hair gleamed with youth and his face lacked any signs of wrinkles or tooth decay…

“Oh god, no.” I shook my head. Not another bloody kid. “I can’t cope with this. I really can’t.”

I ran from the room.

“Kai!” He yelled after me. “Kai! Please come back!”

I’d always imagined my prince charming would whisk me off my feet. He’d have long luxurious hair, a dazzling pearly white smile, riches beyond my furthest dreams and biceps the size of Mt. Everest.

He’d be a virgin- no girl having been good enough to temp him (except from me of course) and he’d be in love with me at first sight- no exterior modifications required.

In short- he wouldn’t have a bloody kid. Or be married. Or be pining after his ex.

Or as I sat opposite Ryker, eyes glowering at me from across the breakfast table- take to talking with his mouth full. Mind you- any conversation I could get with him these days was a miracle. Since our dispute (if you could even call it that) he’d taken to a lot more ‘bad boy’ habits than he’d had previously- to the head teacher’s and his parent’s delight. Not mine.

Gone was the cute toddler that chased after me with his nappies falling off. Gone was the sulky dinosaur that leapt out of the bushes to roar at non-existent fairies that I had said liked to lurk in toadstool rings in the garden. His blubbering ways and chubby cheeks –gone. His funny anecdotes and strange but interesting facts- gone.

The light crept in through the glass pane of the window blinding me as Ryker dramatically swept up, bowl of half eaten shreddies in hand, his small (well- compared to a lot of other werewolves) frame of 5 foot 7 blocking out the sun. He stretched, giving me a good angle of his slowly progressing muscles that contracted as he did so. His eyes caught onto mine. My mouth hung agape ever so slightly, my spoon paused half way on track to my lips- hovering in mid air.

The sound of Cass clattering in the background brought me back to my senses as she fumbled her way through mountains of pack pots and pans.

Perve. I shook my head. He’s your best friend’s son. Stop it. Stop it now.

Ryker turned to her, a five o’clock shadow on his thin chin bone causing my nails to dig into my palms. “Mum. Leave that- someone else will do it.”

“No.” Cass continued to clatter. “It-it h-helps me take my mind off things.”

“Leave your mother alone.” A tired looking Avery blundered into the room. Big swooping purple shadows dragging down his big blue eyes- as if a little girl had taken to attacking him with eye shadow when he was asleep. His tall figure ever so slightly stooped under the weight of his now crooked backbone. As if the weight of the world had dented it. “If it helps her to calm down- then let her be.”

Standing up next to his son, I noticed how unalike they looked.

Sure, they both had the infamous blue-eyed heritage- but Ryker was completely dwarfed by his father. I could finally understand Cass’ worry. If I thought Avery looked weaker than usual than I sure as hell hadn’t seen Ryker. The bruises had crept over and out from under his clothes and you could begin to see them approach the ridges of his chin bone and elbows. His t-shirt clung to his ribs and his eyes squinted as if the light was too bright for him to bare- even though it was only a stereotypical English overcast day.

Avery went up to Cass and wrapped his arms around her waist protectively, digging his head into her shoulder, breathing in her scent. All the tense in Cass’s statue released as she shivered and sobbed into her chest uncontrollably.

Avery pulled up her hands to his face to thread them in his hair as he kissed her blubbering features, snot dribbling down her chin. Bubbles from the sink- Cass had gone a little hyperactive in her grief pouring nearly the whole bottle of fairy washing liquid into the murky cold surface of water- clung to the surface of their sodden t-shirts. They floated on through the air and foamed over the edge of the sink.

“Cass?” My heart beating loudly in my chest. “What’s wrong?”

Ryker took a step forward towards them. “Mum, dad?” He tensed. “What’s wrong?”

Avery reached out and pulled the plug out of the sink, allowing the water to flow out down the drainpipe as he swiped Cass off of her feat and onto his lap as he sat down onto the table.

I crept forward on my elbows onto the table towards them. I reached out a hand towards Cass’ shoulder. “Cass?” I repeated. Avery growled, making me jump backwards.

“This is all your fault.” Avery growled under his breath. “If you hadn’t brought him to that stupid, fucking barbeque- then we wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

I flinched. I felt Ryker’s hand on my shoulder. When I turned- I saw the slight grimace he had on his face as he did so- as if touching me made him feel sick. He quickly took his hand away, clenching it and unclenching it at his side. His skin turned grey, a vein pulsed on his neck.

“It’s ok…” Cass whispered into the base of his throat, “ssshhh… it’ll be alright.”

“No it won’t.” Avery bit out. “If they don’t declare war on us now- then they most definitely will in a the next fortnight. Travis is rallying all the other packs together to fight against us.” He spat out. “They think we’re weak and vulnerable.”

“Why?” Ryker asked, eyes wide.

“Because of you,” Avery looked like he wanted to tear out his hair with his bare hands, “and our allowances with humans.” He glared at me. “I’ve got a good mind to take you by your hair and hurl you out of my pack right now…”

His teeth elongated and I curled up further into the back of my seat. Ryker stood reassuringly behind me. Knuckles turning white as he clenched the top of my chair.

“Kai isn’t going nowhere.”

“Y-yes, I agree.” Cass stuttered. “A-Avery, she’s f-family.”

His eyes shaded in and out of black. Fighting for control with his wolf. He won. “Yes. Of course, of course.” He blinked. “I’m sorry Kai- it was my wolf.”

I nodded. “So you need stability?” I bit my lip. He nodded. “Then I’ll go away for a bit- you can reorganise and strengthen your alliances with the other packs and gain back your infamous rep.”

Ryker’s long black hair swung over my head. “No. Not happening. You’re staying here. Where we can protect you.” He growled.

“Agreed.” Avery frowned glancing between Ryker and me with a look of faint confusion. “You’re a target now. Best stay with us for now.”

Cass waved on Ryker over to her side, pushing Avery away. “Do you feel any kind of pains? Hormonal changes?” She pulled herself up to standing, changing the subject as she placed her hands on Ryker’s shoulders. Ryker shook his head to the negative. “Is that normal?” Her eyes widened, staring at Avery.

Avery looked back blankly at her. “What’s normal to a boy that ages like he does?”

This did nothing to stabilise Cass’ growing anxiety.

“He’s sixteen!” She yelled, past the sad stage, approaching the angry. “He’ll be roughly seventeen and then eighteen within the next two weeks!” She gripped Ryker’s shoulders even more tightly. He gritted his teeth together, turning white under her painful grip. “He’s supposed to have changed by now! His wolf should have fully manifested!”

“Cass…” I warned her. “He’s going purple.”

“Oh…” Upon recognising her son was turning into a gooseberry right in front of her very eyes, she let him go- blood rushing back into his cheeks. “Sorry.”

I drummed my fingers into the table. “So, Ryker.” I bit my tongue. “Who’s going to be coming to your party?”

“Party?” He snorted.

“Surely that’s not the best idea now, under the circumstances…” Cass sniffed.

“Oh no.” Avery tugged a wary grin onto his face. “I agree with Kai on this one.” He held onto Cass’ hand. “I think that a party will be the perfect thing to do right now.”

“So…” I prodded at the edge of the cake. “This is kind of a bit defunct now, huh?”

After going on down the cake shop just down the road from me I’d manage to get a designer cake at a staggering discount of 33%, which of course was absolutely nothing at all to do with a crop top, hot pants and big pink lolly pop. Not at all.

I stood back from my creation with a subtle look of pride in my expression. It was one heck of a masterpiece. Rick had especially arranged it so that it had been constructed into the big smushy shape of a cartoon wolf- teeth bared, hair spiked up unattractively and eyes solid black- like midnight.

Wearing a bikini of course- it’s the personal touch that counts.

I let a smile creep onto my mouth.

Cass stepped back, her mouth agape. “Well…” She said poking at a splodge of fake blood layering the cake board it was slotted on. “…it’s certainly different.”

She let out a bit of a hiccup as swatted at a bubble that floated on by. Tear tracks left a mark on her cheekbones. I grabbed a handful of Barbie napkins and shoved them into her chest.


“Now.” I said sternly, placing my hands up on her shoulders- though I did have to stand up on my tiptoes to do so.  “Come on. Get a hold of yourself.” I sniffed a little when I saw a wobbly tear trickle down a cheek. Dale. Crap- don’t think about him, about them. “We’re strong, independent women,” Cass let out a bit of a sniff snort, “well, ok. Maybe not entirely independent- we’ve both got our ties to the land- but we are strong. We can make it through this.”

Cass’ eyes glinted black- Ember nodded back at me with a wry smile.

“I’m sorry about what happened between you and Dale,” Ember tilted her head to the side. “and Tristan,” she referred to Avery’s wolf, “was wrong to try send you away.”

My eyes widened and I lifted my hands off her shoulders. “Ember?”

Cass’ eyes went back to their normal colour. “What?”

“Oh- nothing.”

The room flooded with warm-blooded bodies- all making a beeline for the treasures that awaited them on the island. These werewolf lot are a hungry bunch.

“Jack!” Cass’ lips rolled up like an old fashioned window in a rackety car as she ran up and leapt onto Jack’s tanned body.

He fell onto the back of his heels with a start- though I’m surprised why he was so thrown off guard; Cass always threw herself at him. It was a surprise that he didn’t walk around with a steel rod attached to his backbone to support himself from her endless attacks.

He let out a laugh as rough as sandpaper. “You say it to me as if I don’t already know.” As she smothered herself, burying her face into shaggy black mane that covered his neck, his lips mouthed at me ‘she’s a nutter’.

A smile played upon my lips. I’d always loved Jack- not in THAT way though. I know what you’re thinking.

“Hey handsome.” I punched him in the shoulder when Cass jumped back off of him. She landed on her feet in an elegant cascade of burnished red, as her clothes folded and waved around her muscled physique.

“Ow!” He pretended to wince at my punch. “No need to let the whole world know that we like it rough, heh baby?” His teeth glinted in the light.

I punched him again- harder.

Smirking he gently wrapped an arm around my waist and squeezed me, causing my air to come swooping out of my lungs and into my mouth alongside another few unmentionable substances. They clogged up in my spit. I gritted my teeth and swallowed.

Gross. At least having a werewolf family never got boring.

Cass glanced between us both with a look half way between irritation and amusement. “Why you don’t both just come clean and tell us already that you’re mates- I’ll never know.” She swept a hand dramatically up to her forehead. “It would really save me time worrying and fretting…”

Jack let out a loose grin at his sister and turned to me, “You look hot.” He looked me up and down, peaking to his left to make sure the steam that funnelled out of his sister’s ears was evident. “Like seriously HOT. Like kettle hot, like lava hot, like just come out of the oven- cookie hot.”

“So do you.” I ran my eyes up and down his physique. He wasn’t too bad to look at, in a kinda cute boyish way- muscles all in the right places. Though he wasn’t quite a Dale. Even though he had the werewolf gene advantage on him.

Cass just shook her head. Then suddenly her eyes lit up, hair swinging in panic. “Oh shit!” She gasped. “I forgot to tell Fernie to bring along some sandwiches. I’ll be right back.” She dashed off, converses hitting the panelled floor yards apart.

Laughing at her, I hoisted myself up onto one of the sparkly counters and Jack joined me leaning a hip back onto the fridge.

We stared at the buzz that had ignited in the air around us helplessly. Werewolves of all shapes and sizes darted about the big room- gathering up pizza and cheese puffs and whatever else they could get their hands on from the buffet. I caught the eye of Cara, waist swelling and minions in tow. She laughed, whispering something to a smaller looking she wolf whose belly looked just as large as her own- dressed in polka dots. They both sniggered.

“Oh shit.” I slid back further onto the counter, trying to play incognito- though that was virtually impossible being dressed head to toe in red- like Cass (our own little weird theme for the evening) I was so going to murder her for later. “Kill me now.”

Once I came back as a ghost and haunted her to death that is.

“Wanna to get out of here?” Jack questioned me with wiggly eyebrows. “I can show you places you’ve never been before…”

“I think you’ll find it was me that gave you your map and compass.” I shrugged with a wicked smile.

“Ha.” His lips curled up. I was his first kiss after all. You never forget your first. “Touché.” His face fake dazed over. “That kiss was pretty amazing…”

I elbowed him in the stomach as I saw Ryker flood in with Isaac latched onto his side. He gave Jack an odd look. A sense of panic filled my rib cage- though I’m not sure why.

“W-what happened to waiting for your mate then, huh Jack?” I mumbled, anxiously sticking my tongue out at Ryker whilst beckoning him towards us with a frantic hand up in the air.  

Isaac flashed me a perky smile, red hair all over the place but Ryker shot me a glare and ignored me stalking over to the island.

He approached a small gathering of girls and tapped a small blond on her shoulder- she couldn’t of been any older than 13. He began talking at her in full flow- her face contorting into horror as he mentioned words like ‘stegosaurus’ and ‘nanoparticles’ in the same sentence. She laughed awkwardly at him before quickly turning away and uttering ‘weirdo’ under her breath.

The next girl he approached wasn’t quite as dumb or naïve- flicking her long mud brown hair off her shoulder and batting her eyelashes at the next future Alpha. I bit my tongue as he briefly glanced over at me before continuing their intellectual résumé of a life of a dinosaur. Ryker’s scientific chat up lines were not the best and I couldn’t help but smile slightly- she wouldn’t last long. A couple hours maybe- even I couldn’t stand listening to Ryker drag on and on about his projects and I was his…

I felt Jack tense up next to me, causing the fridge to rattle as Avery and his gang darted into the room- a towering wall of muscle bulldozing down the crowd so they could get at the food at the island. Avery remained at the table with his Beta Sam and his new girlfriend Shelley as Michael- Avery’s 3rd in command plundered over to us, his face full of crackers.

He left a trail of crumbles behind him like Hansel and Gretel.

“Hey Kai.” Michael was only just taller than Cass with a bright pink tie splayed over a black shirt. He waved over Sam and Shelley.

Sam awkwardly sauntered over towards us. Her raised a hand up to his dusty brown hair raking through it so it stood up like Jack liked to style his.

“Hi Mich-” A pair of lips secured themselves on mine, taking me be surprise.

I yelped into the man’s mouth, his head so close to mine that I automatically squeezed my eyelids shut. My arms flailed around and a pair of arms shot out around my waist as a body positioned itself between my legs on the tabletop. His lips were dry and cold, rough as they forced a tongue down my throat.

Wolf whistles filled the air. Ironically. I felt like I was choking on my own spit.

His body was quickly retched away from my own. The cake I was planning to give to Ryker fell to the floor with a deafening crack. My doomed creation. My heartbeat sped up and my cheeks flustered.

I was having a heart attack. I could practically feel the blood pulse through my fatty veins. Oh god, why did I ever have that extra fry from MacDonald’s this lunchtime?

“What the hell man?” Michael’s pink tie swung from side to side as he yelled at a flustered looking Sam, who was currently being prized away from Jack. His breathing rate had increased and his narrowed eyes were pitch black. “Is she your mate or something?” He nodded to me.

Avery clung onto his best friend like his life depended on it- stopping him from launching himself at me. Even though he was Alpha, and had a foot or so on Sam- his Beta, the vein on his forehead throbbed.

Sam? My mate? We’d known each other for 3 years since he’d moved back with his family from up north. He couldn’t be my mate. Could he? I’d never felt the world come to a still or a tingle of electricity at our touch as he stole sandwiches from my lunch box for work when I stayed over at the pack house.

Maybe it was just kicking in a bit late. I was only human after all.

“Sam?” I blinked at his reddened face. You could try a chucky egg on it.

He ignored me- his eyes swivelling to Jack. A look that phased between a smoulder and a death curse twitched back and forth. “You complete bastard- you complete and utter-”

Wait- hang on… why was Jack kissing me in the first place?

They led a cursing Sam away. Jack fell in step after them.

“Are you ok?” Avery crossed his arms over his red shirt- ha so Cass had roped him into the theme too then.

I nodded my head. “What was that all about?” I raised my eyebrows.

He shrugged looking as confused as I did. “No clue.” I glanced around us. Everyone had begun to dissipate from the scene as Avery turned to glower at their curious faces. I caught the eye of Ryker- his face had frozen and eyes were black. The brunette clung onto his shirt with a look of horror stretched on her face at what had just happened. Isaac tugged him away, brunette in tow, disappearing into the hallway.

“I have felt some tension between them in the last couple of days though. Not sure why.”

“Is he my-?” I asked- but before he could answer I glanced at the floor, the smashed remains of my beautiful cake in desolate chunks. I felt an overwhelming urgency to swing a hammer at the fool’s head that caused this utter travesty.

I restrained myself. The nitwit’s poignant death would just have to wait.

“No.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “Not with the look of utter disgust sculpted into your face.” He blinked. “Even you would have noticed that kind of connection after knowing him for 3 years. No werewolf can hang out that long without wanting a piece of the pie- so to speak.”   


I lifted my hand up to my mouth to get rid of the excess smudged lip-gloss that now covered my jawline.

“Did you…?” He questioned me, avoiding all eye contact. “Did you encourage him in any way?”

“No. Nothing other than the usual banter.” I ground out. “I don’t let out for family- if that’s what you’re trying to insinuate. Not anymore.” His eyes burned into mine.

“Fine.” He dissipated with the rest of the crowd, leaving me to deal with the sticky mess of my ex-masterpiece. Well that is- Rick’s masterpiece. He had my help, of course.

I stared at it sadly- trying to coax it up back to life with my magical burning irises. If I was a witch I could undo this mess.

“You go after them.” A voice startled me. It was Ally. Mrs Hendred. Her greying blond hair in a plait swung over her shoulder. Suit ever so slightly more vibrant today- a pale pink- not quite red, but almost. “I’ll take care of this mess.”

“You will?” I answered blankly.

“Yes.” She pushed her lips together. “Under one condition.”

I groaned.

“Find out what the hell happened back there.” Her eyes burned with curiosity. Who’d have known suit dowsed Mrs Hendred- ex Luna of Time-Shifter pack was such a gossip?

I flashed a grin at her. There was life in the old gal yet.

We sat in a very Harry Potter like fashion, in a broom cupboard under the stairs in the entertainment room waiting. Ryker grunted beside me, irritated. I had forced him out of his bed in the early reaches of the morning whilst the cockerel still lay asleep in his bed of hay to spy with me.

A broom precariously balanced against a bucket full of soapy water next to my right hand, the very vision of impending doom- forcing me to sit pushed up against Ryker as we leant the narrows of our backs up against the creaky wall. Even though I was wearing a hoody- Ryker’s hoody- I could still smell his weird sweaty aroma on the collar fused with another werewolf’s scent, (it being a hand-me-down due to Ryker’s quick growing) I could feel heat radiating off him and into the pores on my skin. It slowly cooked my flesh like the roasting hog we’d had at that dreaded BBQ- I squirmed around uncomfortably.

He closed his eyes tightly together. His fingers clamped onto the tip of his nose.

“Chlostraphobic?” I let a grin curse my lips. “Or do I just smell?”

“Mostly the latter.” He breathed in through his mouth shallowly. I leant across him to lean my ear against the wall and he stiffened. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” His breathing stopped all together.

“I’m just trying to get into a better position to-” His face planted itself into my torso. “What are you doing?” I questioned him.

He wrapped some fingers around my waist, tracing my waistband and belly button as if in a trance. The sparks made me leap back- causing a loud clattering noise that made us both freeze.

“Shit!” I whisper yelled. “Do you think they heard us?”

“What?” He blinked. “Oh no. I don’t think so.” He swallowed- his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. “You still haven’t told me why we are in this broom cupboard.”

“To listen and find out.” He opened his mouth to speak. “No- shut up. I’m listening.” I lifted a finger up to cover his lips for a moment. His eyes narrowed and he breathed onto my finger. I drew back quickly.

I turned and placed my ear against the wall, but the voices were too muffled for me to hear.

“Ryker- would you?” I motioned to his super sonic hearing.

“Uh-oh yeah. Ok.” He glowered at me. “So that’s why you wanted me here- for my supernatural cochlea, endolymph and auditory nerves.”

“I have no clue whatsoever what you just said but I need you shut up and tell me what’s going on out there.” I prodded him with my index finger.

He tilted his ear up, eyebrows frowning. “Wait, hang on- I can’t quite…” He attempted to stand up, but I pushed him down, causing a broom to come crashing down on us. I flinched. Had they heard us? He settled instead for kneeling half on me, pressing his back against my front.

“Creep.” I tried shoving him off. He didn’t move. I could feel the ridges of his bony spine press into my neck.

“You want to know what they’re saying huh?” He glared at me. “So leave me alone.”

I waited as he tilted his head from side to side like one of those TV dishes receiving signals.

“Best wolf receiving ceremony party ever.” He muttered sarcastically under his voice. “They keep going on about- about-”

“You’re useless.” I huffed pushing him off me and kneeling up to peer through the grate. I had to twist my neck into an awkward position. 

Through my sliced vision of the scene I watched as the two paced about the room like animals. The dim light of dawn filtered in through the blinds and set the room ablaze in a red glow.

You know how the rhyme goes- Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning. Which only means that there were going to be some monstrous tidal waves heading our way now. Uh-oh.

“I can’t believe we’re not even discussing this Sam!” Jack yelled across the room at Sam, hair contorted into a black web Spiderman might of created if he was drunk or high. Or both.

Sam was stood over by the pool table with a cue stick in hand, his eyes not even gracing Jack with a mere look, but fixed upon the cue ball as he used his super strength the slam into it at an impressive speed- sending all the numbered balls pinging off the edges of the green table.

“There’s nothing to discuss.”

“Why’d you react then?” Jack paced back and forth. “When I kissed Kai?”

Sam briefly looked up from the ball, sandy hair curling around his temples. “Your turn.”

Jack looked furious- the tips of his ears as red as Cass’ flame theme or even the ruby hue of the room. He angrily grabbed at the spare cue stick that was leaning off the side of the table and aimed it at the repositioned cue ball- missing which caused him to throw his cue stick on the ground exasperatedly. Jack’s sleek composure was gone and replaced with that of Bertha Mason from Jane Eyre. His eyes hung wide open on the expanse of his face as he ground the cue stick under his foot and let out an irritated grunt.

Sam stood up to his full height almost knocking down the overhead lamp, mouth curling at the edges slightly. “Yeah cos’ that’s cute.”

I felt Ryker’s breath on my sideburns, near my ear. “I don’t feel comfortable watching this- I really don’t-” I swept my hand back and slapped him over the head with it, to shut him up. Curse me for being a curious bugger but I wanted to know… oh wait, yeah- they already had. Cursed me I mean. Besides- I had the right to know- the idiot had kissed me after all. If he didn’t want me to get involved then he shouldn’t of done that.

I turned back my attention to the scene beyond the grill.

Sam’s eyes skewered Jack’s expression. “What about Shelley?” Jack asked kicking at a pool ball that had escaped from the table. It rolled around under his foot.

Sam took a step back from the table. “What about her?” He stiffened, tugging on his green shirt collar.

“Aren’t you going to tell her?”

“About what?” His eyebrows lowered.

“About… this- this situation.”

“No.” He glowered stepping up to Jack’s stature- he stood nearly a foot taller than him.

Jack became absorbed into his shadow and his face crumpled upon impact.  

“I don’t think you get it.” Sam growled out, stepping up to Jack so that they only inches apart- Jack’s eyes darted to his lips. “I’m a Beta. I can’t be with you.”


“The nature of having a mate is to create good, strong healthy pups.” He bared his teeth at him. “What kind of chance do I have of having that with you?” He spat at the floor. “I don’t do guys.” He thrust the cue stick into Jack’s hand. “I’ve never done guys. Neither have you.” He nodded to the table. “Your go.”

“There must be a reason,” Jack ignored him his fingers lingering over Sam’s on the cue stick, “if the moon goddess put us together.”

“I’m a Beta.” Sam flared his nostrils. “I need heirs- to take over. Shelley can give me that- you can’t.”

Jack bawled over backwards like Sam had just hit him. Score 2:1. Sam’s jaw slackened.

“S-so that’s it.” Jack said stepping backwards- and falling over Ryker’s PS4 controller. I always yelled at Ryker to tidy them away- he never did. A large clattering noise filling the room.

“Shit- now you’ve gone and woken up the whole pack house.” Sam shook uncontrollably before striding over to where Jack lay in a big heap. “You ok?” He held a hand out for Jack to grab onto.

Jack looked between his hand and the floor angrily. “No. I’m fine.” He swatted his hand away attempting to stand up on his own.

When he stood up, his knees wobbled precariously. “No you’re most definitely not- you’ve always been such a stupid, stubborn, nitwit-” He placed his hands on each side of his shoulders to steady him.

Their eyes latched onto each other. “Shit.” Sam breathed, their breath mingling.

Jack stood transfixed, his eyes beginning to cloud over and turn black.

The movement was so quick that I barely saw who moved first- Jack or Sam- only that before I knew it they were up against the wall, lips on lips, arms clawing at backs as they set out on a battle for control. Jack’s hand raked through Sam’s sandy hair, caressing the curves of his earlobe…

Ryker’s hand darted out to cover my eyes.

“Shoot- I knew this wasn’t going to end very PG.” His hand burnt my eyelids and my lips grazed his palm. My heart sped up.

I tried to swat his hand off of my eyes but he latched on, pulling me down onto his lap. “Shhh…” He lifted his ear up slightly.

“Have they stopped yet?” I giggle snorted quietly against his hand. “You can let go now.”

I heard a muffled yell in the background- then the sound of a slamming door and a smash of a vase. It’s surprising how heavy a sleepers these wolves were- I glanced at my watch- 2am. I hadn’t even heard a slight stir from upstairs about the ruckus that was going on down here.

“Oh yeah- right.” He let my eyes go- but kept his arm around my waist. He brushed my hipbone with his thumb. I squirmed to get free.

“Have you and Dale broke up?” He breathed heavily into my ear, unphased- or perhaps just uninterested at what had just happened mere metres away from us.

I swallowed- not wanting to think about him. “Yes. Pretty much.”

“Good.” I felt him smile against my skin. “They’ve gone now. Sam stormed off. Jack broke a vase.”

“Well this is certainly a twist in the tale.” I whispered to myself, tugging myself free from Ryker.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Who guessed it huh? Too obvious? Let me know what you think.


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