Young Alpha

Watching a baby turn into a boy and a boy turn into a man, Kai is confused with all the new emotions she begins to feel and finds herself oddly attracted to the cursed boy. The cursed boy who ages before his time.
For he only has 2 years to live.
So what do you do when time is running out?
Make the most of what little you have left.

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6. Abominable Werewolves.


CHAPTER 5: Abominable Werewolves.

(7 weeks, 6 days= 8 years old)


“Hey kid!”

A voice echoed from down the hall as I hit the coffee machine with a metal spoon. Cass gave me a ‘whatthehelldoyouthinkyou’redoing’ glance from the corner of her eye. Why does she mock me so? The love of my life is slowly perishing in front of my very eyes, black steam blasting out of his spout in short bursts whilst she scoffs at me? So not fair.

“Is your Aunty Kai at home?” The voice was muffled so I couldn’t hear it very well but it was quite deep- perhaps a bass if he was to audition for the local choir. Hmm… he sounded dreamy, angelic. He’d definitely get in.

“No.” Ryker’s sharp soprano voice resonated across the household, the slam of the front door shaking the whole house. I gave my lover another gentle- ok maybe not so gentle, ‘tap’ to his metal front. He burped unapologetically back at me. God, he can be so damn rude some times.

Cass sprang up from next to me, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.

“Oh my god, Kai,” she said yanking on my wrist and pulling me on through the room out into the corridor and to the front door where Ryker was standing. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately.”

I frowned. What had he done now?

The boy, I peered at with a look screaming 12% amusement and 88% pure and utter bitter irritation now reached my shoulder blade. He could have easily elbowed me in the funny bone if he wanted. Which could get semi irritating after a while. He was wearing a scruffy pair of jeans that strained over his growing muscles and hand me down dinosaur top that clung quite unattractively to the ridges of his rib cage. How could he eat so much and stay so damn skinny?


His piercing blue gaze wasn’t on me for a change. He crossed his arms and stared on through the door. He stared so incessantly at it that I thought that either:

A.) He’d burst a blood vessel and the pressure would cause his eye to launch out of his eye socket to roll around on the floor. Eeeww. Too many video games.


B.) The edges of the door would begin to sizzle as his eyes singed a giant hole through it with some weird psycho supernatural eye lazer beam shit. Unrealistic I know, but dude- we already have werewolves.


C.) Both. Lovely thought. The rolling eye would shoot lazer beams uncontrollably everywhere- and we’d all become fried turnips.

“What’s this all about then?” I waved a hand in front of the psychopath’s face. No response. Hmmm… funny, normally he gives me all of his attention, all of the time. It gets quite bothersome sometimes.

Cass, clad in jogging bottoms and a somewhat luminous pink top, sweat rolling down her forehead- just having come from the forest to shift into her wolf, pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. “It’s that guy you like.”

“How can you tell-?” The realisation dawned on me. Oh. “Super sonic hearing.” Of course. Duh cupcake.

Ryker then proceeded to twirl around on the spot, his long hair (that Cass had still failed to cut) swinging around him as he fell to the floor on his bum. He fidgeted so that he was positioned in front of the door. An unmoveable object. He let out a triumphant grunt- must think he managed to outwit us. Nice try sonny.

“Ryker…” Cass prodded him with nail bitten finger. Still fretting. “…Stop it.” She growled and when that enticed no reaction from him she tried to nudge him with her foot to get him out of the way. “Move your-”

“-Big fat stinking butt out of the way nutter.”

Cass turned to growl at me. I just shrugged. The corner of Ryker’s lips twitched ever so slightly up.

Cass latched her hands onto his frame and tried to pull him up with her werewolf strength- all to no prevail. He’s an alpha- they’re horribly stubborn. I smirked. She turned to me. “Hey, if you think you’re so clever why don’t you get the kid to move?”

“He’s your kid not mine!” I raised my eyebrows and folded my arms.

She humpthed in turn. “Ryker. Get out of our way- NOW.” She yelled at him. Alpha-Luna voice on. Check. Still no reaction.

I made a lurch for the door handle but he hissed and swotted me away with his hand. Cursed? Pfft. Cursed to irritate me to the end of my days. I sighed and knelt down onto my knees staring into his eyes. His eyelids folded down over them in the same stance you’d configure before a staring competition.  

It would be a miracle if Dale hadn’t gone off by now at this rate.

“Hi.” I watched as a muscle twitched under the skin of his cheek. His blue eyes were now as grey as a typical English rain cloud. I saw the crackle of electric flash in and out of my vision –a furious blue, striking down all around. The slant of his eyebrows told me he was somewhat irritated. “Ryker my dear. Move.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly glancing at my lips (going cross eyed) before letting out a big huff and standing up, pulling me up with him, his small stout hands latched onto the front of my chequered shirt.

I mused his long hair with my fingers. “Hey buddy, your first tantrum!” I took a side-glance at Cass. “You should be proud! Your baby’s growing up!” I tugged at his tubby cheek with my forefinger and thumb. “Who’s a good boy?”

The wolf growled and bared his teeth at me playfully snapping at my fingernails. Cass tugged him to the side swiftly. “You better not get him angry Kai.”

The warning caused my breath to catch in my throat. Oh yeah. Alpha anger management issues.

The last time Avery had been provoked- by me no less- after I’d eaten the last of the coco-pops (though there also may have been other external stress factors) he’d practically been hospitalised. Jake (Cass’ brother) had to stop him from hyperventilating and through that viscously turning, flesh twisting inside out to reveal a vengeful wolf. Not a pretty sight.

Especially when he turned back- NAKED. NAKED. N.A.K.E.D. Hmmm… a much more pretty sight. Ok. Get a grip. Avery was cute yeah- but he has a mate. Your best friend on all accounts.

I finally let the trapped air that was bubbling in my throat (threatening to launch itself out in the most unattractive way) out through my lips. Disaster averted.

“Fine! Lets just open the damn door then!” My hand latched onto the handle and swung it open.

A flustered and anxious looking Dale stood there with one hand threading through his long dark hair. The sun streamed on out of the clouds above, making the sweat on his toned forehead glisten and his skin set ablaze. Rich dark and chocolaty looking. Delicious.

Cass let out an intake of air. “Sheesh… you’ve done well sister.” She stuck her hand on her hip. “So you must be the infamous Dale?”

“Ha, well, yeah- I guess I am.” He lifted out a hand and Cass shook it, looking at me at the same time. She mouthed- ‘Wow, he’s gorgeous’ at me. I grinned and mouthed back ‘down girl’.

Ryker’s eyes bored through Dale as he swept me out of his way with an arm. He stepped out of the house, his hands on either side of the doorframe, sniffing the air suspiciously. “Human.” He growled, nose turned up in disgust.

Dale gave him a funny look and then turned to me raising his eyebrows.

“Well duh-” I exclaimed, flustered, fanning my face with a hand. “He’s such a strange kid.” I nodded to Ryker, pushing him out of my way as I made my way over to Dale. I curled into his chest, breathing in his scent. Ryker clenched his teeth.

“I’m not a kid.”

I glared at him. He was right- he wasn’t a kid. He was barely 7 and a half weeks old. He should be a baby barely managing to toddle down the stairs and play with a train set. Not an obnoxious 8 year old with too much wit.

He sniffed the air again. “You smell of her.” He chest rumbled.

Weird werewolf noses. Dale gave the boy another suspicious tilted head look.

“Oh! Would you look at that!” I shook my head uneasily pasting a fake (letthegroundswallowmeupplease) look and pointing up at the sky. “It’s almost dinner time and it’s looking like its gunna rain any minute.” I tapped my watch with my fake press on Barbie pink nails. “So… we better get in.”

I urged everyone in with my hands- shooing them in like a sheep dog (irony- again) herding a trove of (would you guess it?) sheep into their pen. Rain started to scatter down from above. The heavens opened. Darn English weather.

What a great start to the ‘welcome to the family’ set up. Why can’t it all be like you see in the films?

Oh, yeah. They’re a bunch of abominable werewolves.

An awkward silence infiltrated the dinner table like a selection of double crossing spies in those suspense films you get on TV.

Cass had made us dinner, in a very Luna like fashion- striving to cook and serve a banquet big enough to feed the whole pack (when she only needed to feed well- 5) with extravagant delicacies and nibbles- beef, sausages, pork- the lot. And in an equally un-Luna like fashion- failing miserably. I held my breath and ignored the sharp grazing sound of a lump of deeply caramelized beef obliterating my back tooth. My gum ached. New fillings for me then soon. Add it to the never-ending amount of bills I am receiving every month.

Avery and Ryker obliviously munched on their food like well- hungry wolves. As to be expected.

I glanced at Cass, who was in turn staring sheepishly at me- she raised her eyebrows at me as if to encourage some kind of eligible sound to emit from my desecrated mouth to ignite conversation in the dull room.

I opened my mouth back and forth like a fish but nothing came out.

Avery was the first to talk. Trying to take charge. “So… Dale?” His mouth was full of crunchy stuffed chicken that turned his teeth coal black. “What do you do for a living then huh?”

Dale poked at his meal with a knife, trying to hide the frown that convulsed under his skin. “I’m a director at Daymont incorporated.” He urged a slice of bread down his oesophagus and cleared his throat. “We’re a moisturiser manufacturer.”

“Oooh. Moisturiser.” Avery tapped the edge of table with a spoon. He didn’t look impressed. “Business doing good these days?”

 “Yes. Very good- we’re employing more and more every day.” He nodded to me. “Kai Repetto, one of our more recent employees has been helping manage our approach to advertising…”

“Kai? Advertising?” Avery scoffed. “She barely has GCSEs.”

“Avery!” Cass glared at him across the table. Avery shrugged her glare off.

“Ow!” I kicked him in the shins and he sent me a glare in turn. As if it had hurt him!

“M-mummmy?” Ryker gripped his knife and fork, his knuckles going white. “Why is Kai working in advertising?” He fastened his eyes on Dale. “Does she dance in those videos Isaac keeps under his bed?”

Cass looked at her son helplessly. Her mouth agape slightly, eyes blinking. “Well- no, not exactly…”

Dale looked shocked. “Wait? You mean? You were…?” He lifted his eyebrows up suggestively over big oval shaped brown eyes.

“No! Of course I wasn’t!” I ground my teeth. Why did Ryker always have to make my life difficult? “I was just a bit of a ballet slash modern dancer when I was younger.”

“Still are.” Avery interrupted, gulping down a glass of coke in one fair swipe. “You know I found her yesterday forcing Ryker to dance with her in the laundry room when she was sorting out the whites and darks?” He smirked. How dare he? The bastard was lucky he had a friend like me to do his washing! “The poor tyke had to cope with her yelling at him for two hours afterwards saying, ‘Can’t you feel the beat? Listen to the beat Ryker!’ like some kind of mad, bad ass witch-”

I delivered a fatal blow to his carves and missed- clipping the edge of Dale’s toned legs. Dale yelped, nearly falling over backwards.

“Shit! Seriously? What was that for Kai?” He rubbed his ankle.

“Opps. Sorry. That wasn’t meant for you.” I bit my lip, trying to hold in a giggle that wanted the escape. He looked really quite amusing red and flushed, pulling his ankle up to the table like a gymnast. Sadistic girl.

“I never knew you were this violent.”

I took a sip of wine. God knows I needed it. “It was an accident.” I settled my drink down and crossed my arms.

“Right.” He bit his tongue.

“You make that weird creamy stuff mummy plasters on her face to stop her going wrinkly?” Ryker asked Dale pointedly. I tried not to laugh. I could practically see the steam flowing out of Cass’ ears.

“Well yes, kind of.” Dale smiled sympathetically at him- the way you’d look at a cute little helpless kitten or teddy bear stranded out on the road alone with nobody to look after them. Watch out- bear has claws. “Not personally.”

“You make Kai make moisturiser for you?” He frowned. “That’s not very gentlemanly of you.”

“Miss Repetto is my receptionist,” when he saw my scowl he rushed to continue, “and most trusted advisor in advertising of course. She has a great eye for- hmmm… colour.”

Was that the best he could do? Colour?

“What? She has two jobs?” His head quirked to the side. “You must have to double her pay then.”

“Ryker.” I hissed. “SHUT UP.”

“Well, no- not exactly.”

“Aunty Kai is a dancer.” Ryker’s food had suddenly vanished from in front of him. I caught a glimpse of sauce splayed across a cheekbone. “She’s no receptionist. Or advertiser woman person.”

Dale looked awkward, fidgeting in his seat and pulling on his collar as if his tie was strangling him. “Yeah well…”

“Kai likes to dance. Being stuck in an office all the time is like sticking a flower in an upside down plant pot, unable to see the light. Or pulling a dolphin onto the shore and making them eat sand, like…”

“Ryker.” This time it was Avery to stop him. His blue Mediterranean eyes blazed into Ryker’s not fully developed ones, piercing them with the Alpha gaze. “This is not the time or place.”

I wondered what he meant by that.

Dale’s cheeks were still as bright and rosy as snow white’s apple. “Hey, Avery, it’s alright. The kid’s only worried that I’m going to take his favourite aunt and godmother away from him.”

“No it’s not alright.” Avery’s gaze fixed on Dale, making him squirm around in his seat uncontrollably.

“Wait,” Cass tilted her head to the side, black locks swaying. “Did you just say ‘godmother’?”

“Yeah, why?” Dale muttered.

Oh great. I curled up in my seat slightly. Brace yourself for the shit storm.

“Kai’s not Ryker’s godmother.” Cass lifted her eyebrow up suspiciously.

Dale frowned at me. “She told me she was now.”

“She did, did she?”

Even with my ‘deaf’ human hearing I could hear the wails.

They were endless and permeated the air like the fatty saturated butter you find lurking at the back of the fridge coercing you into spreading it all over your bagel in the morning. I swept up onto my feet from my bed (having stayed the night at the pack house) tucking my toes into a pair of Cass’ too large for my feet, fluffy pink slippers before stowing away to find the source of the dreadful sound.

Ryker’s room.

He laid there shivering on the cold wooden floor, having fallen out of his bed. Beads of sweat quivered on his brow before diving off and plunging off his cliff like cheekbones to the floor with a resounding splash. His ligaments crunched and snapped in and out of place as I stood back in horror. His forehead was sticky with black fringe.

“Cassidy!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, backing up. “Ryker’s changing into a wolf!”

No reply. Not entirely surprising considering the late nights Cass and Avery had had in the past days- they must be zonkered- you could see it in the long dark sweeping shadows that dragged at the bottom of their eyes like weights.

I heard a rustle from the hallway. Two tartan slippers and a red bed robe peeked in. “Mrs Hendred?” I blinked in surprise.

“What the hell must be wrong to wake me up at this time of the night?” Her messy blond hair shot up, static compelling it to defy gravity. “Or should I say,” looking at the clock that suddenly chimed 2 o’clock. “morning.”

Her usually prim and sophisticated look had vanished and wrinkles formed on her brow as she noticed the squirming Ryker on the floor. “Oh. The mutt.”

Her new look took me off guard so I didn’t react to her condescending remark for a good few seconds. “Mutt?” I grounded my teeth together, my look softened when I heard another yelp from behind me.

I fell down onto my knees to wrap my arms around Ryker, shivering as his skin met mine. Fireworks. He lashed out, causing me to leap back.

“You better stay back.” Mrs Hendred stiffened, pulling back to her full height, nearly taking up the whole doorway. “His body is changing.”

“H-he’s, h-h-he’s b-becoming a wolf?” I stuttered, staring at Ryker as two teeth dramatically drilled through his gums out and then back into his fleshy gums- unsure as to whether or not they wanted to stay for tea. What or who was on the menu?

“No.” Mrs Hendred said sharply. “He’s just growing.”

“He does this…” I whispered. ‘…because he’s growing?” She nodded. “Does Cass know about this?”

Hendred nodded again, her greying blond locks teetering around her thin jawbone. “That’s why she’s being so unbearable lately- biting her nails, digging her claws into perfectly acceptable furniture and smashing antique, my antique, teacups. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour- especially for a woman of her position.”

“Do we know why it’s happening?”

She looked at me as if I had just asked why the sky was blue. “He’s damn well cursed. Must have done something bad in a past lifetime. Now he’s making us all pay for his mistakes.”

I had a good mind to pounce over there and slap her silly. I took a deep breath and tried to control my aching limbs. Protect. Protect. Protect Ryker.

“The witch,” she glanced at her lilac nails absent-mindedly. “said he’d stop- when he first changes when he is ‘16’,” she buckled her fingers, “years old.”

“What if he doesn’t?” I laid a hand on his forehead- somehow even in the thick of illness, he managed to send shockwaves cartwheeling through my system. “What if he never does?”

“Then he’ll die.” Mrs Hendred clucked her teeth, a short episode of grievance taking hold of her features for a couple of seconds- then like a flash of lightening- gone. Perhaps forever.


Then he’ll die.


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