Wheel Of Fortune (Harry Styles Story)

Demetria and Harry have been best friends since they were very little. At age 12 Harry moved but promised to keep in touch. Now she is 18 and is about to graduate and he only sent one letter to her. He comes back to Cheshire to visit and meet again at her graduation party. They reunite and their feelings for each other grows stronger and stronger each day but will one person who likes Harry do whatever it takes to get him?


1. Demetria Cummings

Ello guys! I'm Demetria Cummings but most people call me Demi. Born and raised in Cheshire, England.

I'm is 17 years old and was born on June 10th. 

My favorite color is Purple and I really like sparkles

I am a really nice person and I rarely get mad. I love my family and my best friend Kimberly and my old friend Harry Styles. Yes I know he's from One Direction. He moved from Cheshire when we were 12 and I miss him terribly. I also love to sing and dance

Well I got to bed, big day tomorrow! 

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