Wheel Of Fortune (Harry Styles Story)

Demetria and Harry have been best friends since they were very little. At age 12 Harry moved but promised to keep in touch. Now she is 18 and is about to graduate and he only sent one letter to her. He comes back to Cheshire to visit and meet again at her graduation party. They reunite and their feelings for each other grows stronger and stronger each day but will one person who likes Harry do whatever it takes to get him?


4. Chapter Two

Before I start I am going to show picture of what the house looks like:


House: plu.edu/~allenka/img/House_Front.jpg

Backyard: shootfactory.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/191.jpg

Living Room: 0.tqn.com/d/budgetdecorating/1/0/6/5/-/-/3.5x5.PaulBurns.Get...

Bathroom:  showerremodel.org/2150/bathroom-tile-designs-for-small-bathr...  

Kitchen: momendeavors.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Kitchen-After.jp... 

Demi's Room: uniquebedroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Pink-Sixteen-Te... 

Movie Room: charterworld.com/images/yachts/CAMELEON%20B%20-%20Media%20Ro... 

Music Room:  hofa-studios.de/media/studioPix/aufnCJW03,10B600.jpg (just pretend its bigger and has a bunch of instruments in there) 


Okay now the start of the story 


I woke up knowing that only 2 more days until I graduate and today is the a day before school ends and they are announcing which people is pending for valedictorian today. I got up and went downstairs and saw my mom up cooking breakfast.

“Morning mum” I said and started grabbing plates since you she was almost done making breakfast

“Morning Hun” She said smiling at me and put the food in the middle of the table

“Morning mum” David said sitting down at the table 

“Morning everyone” Ellen said setting Nathan down in his baby seat 

“Pancakes!” Christopher said and grabbed like 4 while everyone else had two

We all started eating and talking until my mom looked at the time.

“Oh no, I have to get ready.” My mom said taking one more bite and started heading upstairs and I followed her

“Why do you have to get ready?” I asked her

“Anne’s son Harry is coming back today tonight with his bandmates and I have to clean their house so after school can you watch the kids for bit?” She asked

When she said they were coming back I was happy. My best friend is actually coming back. I hope I get to see him and hopefully he remembers me. I still a little bit mad at him for not sending letter like he promised he would but I can’t stay mad at him forever he is my best friend. 

“Sure” I said and went to my room and started getting ready.

I looked in my closet to see what I can wear and picked this:




I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair one more time and went downstairs to see David, Ellen and Christopher ready to go to school

“Bye Mum” We all said and started walking to school. It was about a 30 minute walk to the school. We stopped by Christopher’s school and dropped him off and then We stopped at Ellen and David’s school and dropped them off and now i’m all by myself walking to school. When I got there i immediately got greeted by people until I got to my locker and someone squeezed the sides of my stomach which made me jump and squeal a little and I immediately knew who it was.

“Kimmy stop doing that” I said smiling and grabbing my books

“Sorry love, can’t do that” She said smiling. (This is what she was wearing: polyvore.com/untitled_38/set?id=40978688She is the greatest person ever. She understands me like Harry does but not even her can replace the friendship I had with Harry, our friendship was special.

I rolled my eyes smiling and closed my locker and we started walking to our first class Algebra/Geometry my least favorite class. I get good grades in that class and I understand Algebra/Geometry very well but I just don’t like that class. After Algebra/Geometry was over, we walked to homeroom. That is where out homeroom teacher which people is pending for valedictorian. Kim and I took our seats and then class began.
"Morning Class." The teacher said
"Morning Mrs. Stewart." The class said in their exciting voices
"So first of all I would like to announce the two candidates for valedictorian" She said
The whole class paid attention. Everyone in that class suspects me being one of them because out of them I actually do my homework and I always get an A in every class. 
" Our first candidate is..... Demetria Cummings." She said clapping her hands followed my the class smiling at me and Kim saying "I told you so".
"Our second candidate is........ Brittany Wilson." She said clapping her hands followed by the students. Brittany Wilson is pretty and rich but she is very mean. Every time I am competing something she suddenly shows up and starts competing also trying to beat me but I would mostly win.  Hopefully I can win valedictorian because I really need the scholarship so I can go to school. 
( I will give you info about Brittany Wilson later). The rest of the day went pretty slow and now school is over and I am on my way to Harry's dad house to clean and hopefully I can meet them tonight but I also have to get ready for my graduation party tonight. I know it's tonight but too many honor students are going on vacation that day so we had to do the party tonight but our graduation isn't till 2  days. 



"Come on you guys!" I said excited
"Why are you in a hurry?" Niall said 
"Because I want to show you guys around Cheshire before it gets dark" I said trying to make an excuse but the boys saw it through my eyes that I wanted to see someone else 
"I'm sure that is why you are in a hurry" Louis said winking at me. I just rolled my eyes and gave the security guard my suitcases so it can go on the private jet we had. I gave the worker at the airport my ticket and went into our private jet and sat down next to the window. I felt someone sit next to me. I turn my head to see Louis smiling at me.
"What?" I said
"Are you nervous about seeing her again?" He asked. I didn't answer him I just looked down which meant yes I was nervous.
"Don't be nervous Hazza, i'm sure that she will be happy when she sees you" Louis said trying to cheer me up
"But what if she is mad at me?" I said nervous.
"I doubt that. Why would anyone want to stay mad at you?" He said causing me to chuckle a bit.
This is the first time in 6 years since I contacted with my best friend Demi. I hope she's not mad at me for not replying to her. I started having feelings for her once I left for London with my mom. 
"The plane will now be moving" Our flight attendant said. Then the plane started going up. I put headphones on and started falling asleep thinking about Demi.

(Skip the plane ride)

I was awoken by Louis shaking me.
"What?" I said sleepy
"Were here!" Louis said with a smile on his face.
I smiled and unbuckled my seatbelt and my little carry on that I brought with me on the plane. I got out and saw the security guard with my suitcases. I thanked them and headed out to the door with the boys following close behind. I looked around the airport and saw my dad. I smiled and walked up to him. 
"Hey dad." I said and hugged him
"Hey kid how are you?" He said smiling at me
"I'm good, by the way this is my bandmates Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis." I said 
"Nice to finally meet you guys." My dad said shaking their hands
"Nice to finally meet you too Mr. Styles." Liam said

"Please call me Edward."  (Idk what Harry's dad real name)  My dad said smiling. He like the boys already. They all smiled and nodded.
We walked to my dad's car and drove to his house
(This is what the house looked like:  housepopularity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Swimming-pool...  )
I walked into the house and it has changed a lot. 
"Hi Harry! " My stepmom said dropping the laundry basket down and giving me a hug
"Hi Stacy" I said to her. I actually like her as my mom. She is so nice.
"How was America?" She asked me
"It was good." I said smiling.
"That's good, excuse me I have to give this laundry to Linda so she can wash these" She said smiling. Demi's mom was named Linda. A smile appeared on my face
"Dad Linda still works here?" I asked
"Yeah she does." My dad said smiling. 
"Here Stacy I will give the laundry to Linda. " I said grabbing the laundry basket from her
"Why thank you Harry, you haven't changed one bit." She said smiling
"(Whispers to the guys) Guys I want you to meet someone." I said and they nodded their heads
We walked outside and started walking towards the little room which is the laundry room. I open the door and see Linda doing laundry .
"LInda?" I said and she turned around and a big smile appeared their face.
"Harry? is that you?" She asked happily. I nodded and she gave me a big hug
"Oh my you've grown" She said letting me go
"I have, by the way this is Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis." I said pointing at the boys
"Hi boys, lovely to meet you guys." She said and they all just hugged her
"Don't hug me i'm dirty and sweaty from doing work." She laughed
"We don't mind, we love hugging people." Liam said letting go of her go along with he rest of the boys
"So how are you Linda?" I asked
"I'm doing good, how have you been?" She asked
"Doing great! how's Demi?" I asked her smiling
"She's doing really great. She graduating in 2 days from now." She said excited.
"Really? She must be excited." I said happily
"She is and you can come to the graduation if you want?" She said to me and I looked at the boys who nodded their head saying that they want to come to the graduation.
"Sure we would love to go to her graduation." I said smiling
"Great I bet she will be excited when she......." She was about to say something which I hear a squeaky girly voice call my name
"Harry?" She said and I turned around and saw my other friend Brittany. She was pretty but I didn't like her like that, only as a friend. 
"Hey Brittany." I said not wanting to hug her and shake hands but too late she ran up to me and gave me a hug
"Long time no see." She said happily in her squeaky voice which annoyed me
"Yeah it's been a long time." I said to her and looking at the boys who seemed annoyed by her too.
"Why are you in the laundry room?" She asked quietly
"I was saying hi to Linda..... and Demi." I said smiling. Every time I hear her name or think about her I smile.
"Oh..... really? Well you want to know what my home room teacher told me?" She asked
"What." I said kinda annoyed
"She told me that i'm....... the valedictorian of the class!" She said happily. I smiled
"Wow congrats!" I said and I look over at Linda who looked like she was about to cry. I was about to talk to her again but then Brittany dragged me out of there, leaving the boys to talk to her. While I was being dragged I was wondering what she was upset about.
"So Harry I was wondering if you would like to go to the Graduation Party with me tonight?" Brittany asked me
"Graduation Party? Does all graduates have to be there?" I asked her
"Yea they do." She said and a smile appeared on my face
"So will you come?" She asked with puppy dog face. 
"Sure." I said smiling. 
"Really?" She said excitedly 
"Yea i'll go" I said an she hugged me tight.
But she doesn't know that the only reason why I am going is so I can see Demi.


I looked at the clock and it was 6 p.m. and then the doorbell rang. I walk to the door and there stood my Kimberly
"Hey ready for the graduation party?" She asked and I nodded
"Let's get ready." I said and we both ran up to my room and we started getting ready.
"Hey did you hear that Brittany got valedictorian?" She asked. 
"No I didn't." I said in a sad tone
"I'm sorry." She said
"It's fine." I said a little sad
We both did our hair, makeup and dresses and this is what the dresses, hair and makeup looked like:


After an 1 1/2 of getting ready we looked at ourselves one more time in the mirror and then walked downstairs and saw my mom waiting downstairs for both of us but she didn't looked to happy.
"Hey mom are you okay?" I asked her and she looked up and smiled.
"I'll tell you later but you both look gorgeous" She said and hugged Kimberly and I.
"Thank you." Kimberly and I said to her
"If it is about valedictorian I know mom." I said and she just hugged me and cried
"It's fine mom, i'll be okay." I said and she nodded
"I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast." My dad said to me
"I can't believe it either dad." I said and hugged him and he hugged me back and then took pictures of Kim and I and then we started heading out the door
"Bye you guys. Have fun!" Both of my parents said and closed the door. 

We got to Kim's car and drove to the party. We got there and it looked liked this:


We saw our group and friends there and were talking to them and then we started talking about Brittany
"Did you hear that Brittany bribed her way into getting valedictorian?" Mary said 
"Yeah why would she do that, she barely does her homework and yet she won valedictorian." Rose said
"You don't know that, maybe she does her homework. Don't judge a book by it's cover." I said and then Brittany came in front of me
"What is this rumor you are spreading Demi?" She said in a rude tone
"Brittany I didn't come to pick a fight with you and I didn't start any rumor." I said nicely to her
"Liar!" She said 
I just ignored her comment and my friends and I started walking and then I tripped and a plate of food landed on me
"Clumsy, watch where your going next time." She said with her 2 friends laughing at me.
I ran into the bathroom with my friends following behind cleaning the stain the food left on my dress
"I shouldn't have come." I said whipping the stain off my dress which is not working
"Hey don't let her get to you." Kim said to me making me feel better
"Kim can I go to your house so I can get the stain off please." I said 
"Sure love. Are you sure you don't want to stay?" She said sadly
"I'm sure. I'll walk to your house and you can stay." I say and walk out of the bathroom fast.
"DEMI!" I hear Kim said but I ignored her and kept walking until someone grabbed my arm
"Kim I said......" I turned around expecting to see Kimberly but instead I saw someone I haven't seen in a very long time.
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